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Update: The Vampire Saga TWILIGHTED has been removed from the site. I'm sorry for any problems this may cause.

Welcome to my gay fiction site. You'll find various genres of gay fiction here on my site. I know it isn't all for everyone so I won't be upset if you don't like something. I assure you there are stories for everyone (well almost everyone) here on the site. Many of the stories on this site contain scenes depicting homosexuality, sex and some violence, blood and murder as well as paranormal activity. If you are offended by this type of material or it is not legal for you to read this type of material in your place of residence please leave this site now. For all others the story icons below are links to the stories. Enjoy.

All stories on this site are copyrighted material. Remember if you violate the copyright curses will be heaped upon you! Thief you have been warned!

I had been using two Yahoo groups to update and discuss the stories and chapters with readers. Yahoo shut me out of those groups, so you can all leave them now. I did create a new group to do those things once again. Click Here and sign up for the new group.

Very soon all brand new multi chapter stories, novels and series will be published via eBook with previews of said material found on this website. The links to purchase the eBooks will either be on this site or a website of my choosing. Please understand that the copyrights still apply to both posted and sold stories.

No story, series or novel that has already been posted to the site will be sold in eBook format unless new content has been added. Stories like Remix: Celebrity Retold, Charmed: The New Power of Three and The Lexus Chronicles cannot be sold via eBook. These are fanfiction and the rules are clear about fanfiction. You can now connect with me on Facebook as well. Read my blog. I started this blog off site to post random things about stories, life and other odd happenings in the universe. More ways to connect with me are coming in the future.