Julien Gregg's Poetry

The Flower

It started as a seed that was planted by someone to care
Someone to give it life, someone who'd have feelings to share
Then in blossomed into a beautiful thing and the caring seemed to be dying
The flower stood proud and tall, but realy it was crying
Crying for love and crying for care
It longed for that missing love
It longed to be up above
Then the petals began to shed, the stem to wilt, the beautiful thing was dry
The flower stood motionless and got its wish to die
It asked itself one simple question, why?


Through you my eyes are open to see
Within your arms I know again what love can be
New though this is I know it to be right and true
Simply because I know I'm in love with you


This isn't easy for me
Reading all of the things you say
Understanding that this isn't a yes
Still I think we're on our way
Trust is something you earn - it doesn't come free

Bitter Goodbye

With sand in my eye and sun in my face
I watched you walk away with a gentle grace
Too many times we've come to this part
So may times you've broken my heart
Never again will I let this begin
There's just no way at all to win
Walking away was the wrong thing to do
There was just no way for me to talk to you
I'll tell our friends that fault was mine
I won't let them know you aren't devine
My final gift to you is silence and lie
I'm still wondering why
With you affection was a roll of the dice
When love has conditions pain is the price
I'll pretend to not notice the smirk or the stare
It's time for me to see that you just don't care