The Storyville Chronicles
Warning: This story includes a scene involving incest between two minor brothers.  If such material offends you, or if you are under the age of eighteen, please do not read this story.

Life sucks!

Yeah, yeah. I know what you're going to say, so just save it. In my case, life really does suck. My name is Billy Campbell, and I had the perfect weekend planned. My best friend, Danny Sass and I were going to have his older brother, Eddie, take us up to the lake and drop us off for the weekend. We had our tent and sleeping bags all packed up and stored in Danny's garage. Our parents weren't going to know a thing about our trip, either. It would have just been me and Danny on our own with no brothers or parents to tell us what to do for an entire weekend!

Everything was going fine. Danny bribed Eddie into taking us and keeping quiet about it. He would have had to mow the grass for the whole summer, but I would have helped him. My mom and dad didn't suspect anything, and Danny's mom was going to be out of town for the weekend at some conference. Everything looked great.

Then disaster struck. I was sitting in my room, doing my homework and mentally cursing the teachers of Compton High School for assigning so much homework on a Friday. My parents wouldn't even let me out the front door until my homework was done. I was just about finished when my little brother, Chad, burst through the door and started to talk a mile a minute. I didn't understand much of what he was saying, but I did catch the words weekend and hospital.

"What are you talking about, Chad?" I asked. "Calm down."

"I was telling you that Grandma Edna is in the hospital," he said after taking a deep breath. "Mom and Dad are going down there for the weekend to help Aunt Maude. They're taking me with them."

"You're excited about going to stay with Aunt Maude for the weekend?" I asked, screwing my face into my patent smirk.

Aunt Maude was one strange woman. She was my mother's oldest sister, and she'd never married. I doubt that there was a man on Earth that would have her to begin with. She was freakishly tall, probably the tallest woman in the world. I don't know to this day how tall she was, but I know that she was taller than any man in Storyville. She had long dusty brown hair and dull brown eyes that always seemed to be full of nothing when she looked at you, but she was definitely thinking behind those eyes. She always had something strange to say about everything, too. She said the freakiest things every time I saw her. She was heavily into the occult, and she told everyone that she was a witch. My brothers and I were scared of her, if you want the truth, but we'd deny that if anyone asked us.

"Chris is going to be there!" cried Chad, jumping up and down. For a thirteen year old, Chad was a bit over the top.

"You spent last summer with Aunt Jill," I reminded him. "When you came home, you said Chris was mean to you all summer and you never wanted to see him again."

"Yeah, I know," he said, losing some of his former enthusiasm. "I talked to him on the phone before I came in here, and he said he couldn't wait for me to get there."

"Why?" I asked sarcastically. "So he can beat on you again?"

"Whatever," scoffed Chad, his excitement unbreakable.

"So why are you in here jumping up and down in front of me?" I asked, remembering that he'd said something about home for the weekend.

"Mom says that you can't stay with Danny this weekend," he said, shooting an arrow through my weekend and shattering it to shards. "She said that you and Harry have to stay here all weekend."

"WHAT?" I cried, bolting off of my bed and leaving Chad standing in the middle of the bedroom that Harry and I shared with him. "Mom!"

"Billy, why are you screaming?" demanded my mother when I got downstairs. She and my father were sitting in the living room probably laughing their asses off over ruining my plans.

"Why do I have to stay here all weekend with Harry?" I asked. For God's sake, the boy was fourteen years old. It wasn't like he couldn't stay home by himself!

"Your grandmother is in the hospital, William," said my father. "We have got to go down there to help Maude with everything. You know she's not good with people. Jill has to work all weekend, and Maude is taking care of Chris. She needs help."

"But I had plans for this weekend," I complained.

"Oh, so you think its wrong of your grandmother not to wait until you were ready for her to have stroke?" asked my mother sarcastically. "Is that what you're saying?"

"No," I replied. "I just don't know why Harry can't stay at home alone or with a friend."

"Harry's friends all have plans for the weekend, William," said my father in his irritated voice. "And Harry doesn't like being home all by himself. You know that."

Life sucks! Just like I said.

I was beaten, and I knew it. Their precious Harry couldn't stay home alone, because he was scared of the dark. My brother Harry was fourteen years old and still scared of the dark! GOD! Why couldn't he just grow up? My weekend had to be ruined, because Harry wouldn't stay at home alone. He could have slept with the lights on for crying out loud.

I went back up to the bedroom to call Danny on mine and Harry's private line, but when I got there, the little creep was lying in his bed with the phone glued to his ear. He was babbling about Mom and Dad being gone all weekend and inviting his friend, Clay, to spend the weekend. Was he crazy? Did he think I wanted to be saddled with babysitting him and his pest of a best friend? I was going to put a stop to that right then and there.

"No one is spending the weekend here, Harry," I said, walking over to his bed and glaring down at him. "My weekend is ruined because you can't stay home alone, so you're not going to have any special crap, either."

"That's not fair!" he cried, probably breaking Clay's eardrum.

"It is fair," I replied. "If I can't stay with Danny, then Clay can't stay here."

"I have to go, Clay," he said into the phone. "I'll call you back."

Then he jumped up from his bed and ran out of the room. I could hear his heavy footfalls as he stomped down the stairs to plead his case to Mom and Dad. I wasn't going to back down on this one, though. Danny and I had planned this weekend and gone to great lengths to get everything ready and make sure that our parents didn't suspect anything. If my weekend was ruined, Harry's weekend would be too.

I called Danny while Harry was downstairs to tell him what was happening. He was just as upset as I was about it. If I wasn't going, there was no use in him going, either. I promised to call him after the rents left, and I was hanging up the phone when Harry marched back into the room. He flung himself on his bed and glared at me.

"This is all your fault," he hissed.

"What? Mom and Dad told you that we can't have company over?" I asked satisfied with myself, because I knew the no company rule was always in effect when Mom and Dad were both out of the house.

"You know they did," he said. "They wouldn't have even known he was going to be here, Billy. You're just being an ass, because you can't hang out with your boyfriend."

"What did you say?" I growled, grabbing him by the collar of his shirt and lifting him to his feet. My face was inches from his, and he stared back at me defiantly.

"That's right," he said. "I know all about you and Danny Sass. I see the way you two look at each other. You always find reasons to be alone in here when Danny stays over, and you're always at his house if he isn't over here."

"I ought to kick your scrawny ass," I breathed.

Almost all of what he said was the truth. Danny and I were inseparable, and we had been since grade school when we met. What wasn't true was the part about me and Danny being boyfriends. Oh, how I wished it could be the truth, though. I had been secretly lusting over my best friend's body for years. But how could Harry know about that?

"I didn't mean it, Billy," he said, and I could see the defiance in his eyes change to fear as I glared at him hatefully. "I was just mad about you not letting Clay stay this weekend. Honest, Billy, I didn't mean it."

"Whatever," I grumbled, letting go of his shirt and turning away from him.

"Billy, I swear I didn't mean it," he said. "Don't be mad at me, ok?"

"Fuck off, Harry," I said, grabbing my school books and heading downstairs.

I went into the kitchen and sat at the table, spreading my books out in front of me. Mom was cooking supper, and she eyed me a few times without saying anything. I knew she didn't like us doing our homework on the table while she was getting food ready, but I was too pissed at Harry to finish my homework in our room.

"I'll let you get by with this today, Bill," she said without looking at me as she cooked. "I know you're upset about not being able to spend the weekend at Danny's, but Harry really can't stay home by himself. I'll make it up to you, ok?"

"Its ok, Mom," I said. "I'll get over it."

I tried to concentrate on my math homework, but what Harry had said was really getting to me. Was I obvious about the way I felt about Danny? Had I let something slip in words or actions to show that I was in love with him? This could be disastrous if Mom and Dad found out. What if Chad had seen something? He would surely tell our parents.

Being afraid of being outed to my parents wasn't enough to keep me from thinking of Danny instead of doing my homework, though. All I had to do was mentally say his name and an image of his perfectly shaped, smiling face came right to the front of my thoughts. Like me, Danny is fifteen years old. We're both sophomores at Compton High, and we'll both be getting our driver's licenses when we turn sixteen this summer; just six days apart.

I'd always known that Danny was good looking, but I hadn't really started to drool over him until last year when he joined the freshmen swim team. Being his best friend, I was at every practice and every meet. I don't know what it was that was so different. I'd seen him in bikini briefs on countless occasions when we'd spend the night at one or the other's house, so it wasn't the amount of skin he was showing as he dove into, or climbed out of the pool. Something about seeing him in his electric blue speedos with water dripping off of his swimmer's body just got my hormones pumping and my dick hard like instantly.

In the looks department, Danny and I are as different as night and day. Like the rest of the males in my family, I have dark hair that's almost black and green eyes that are the color of money. I stand at about five feet and eight inches tall, and my body is nicely developed from helping my dad on the weekends and most days during the summer. I keep a pretty good tan during the summer, and my skin isn't exactly pale in the winter, either.

Danny is a little taller than me. He's at least five feet ten inches tall. He has dark blond hair that gets to be a shade lighter than light brown in the winter and almost the color of wheat in the summer. His eyes are as blue as the sky, and the features of his face are so perfect, he looks like he was carved by Michelangelo. His body is lean and sleek from his laps in the pool, and I can tell you about every curve and crevice. He has the sexiest lips I've ever seen on a human being, and his chin has this sexy little cleft in it. You know the kind, not too deep or prominent, just enough that you can see that its there.

When he smiles, his entire face lights up, and he has the sexiest dimples I've ever seen. I know, dimples aren't sexy, but his are! His skin, like mine, tans perfectly in the summer, but unlike me, his is completely pale when its hidden from the sun in the winter. It was pale right now, too. That was part of what we had planned for the weekend. He'd be in his sexy blue speedos, and we'd be swimming in the lake, soaking up the sun and tanning ourselves. That wasn't going to happen now.

"Earth to Billy," said my little brother Chad, snapping his fingers in front of my face.

"Huh? What?" was my articulate reply as I shook my head and looked at him.

"Mom asked you to set the table after you put your books away," he giggled. "What were you thinking about?"

"Oh, nothing," I said, looking down at my math homework and realizing I hadn't solved one equation since I'd sat down at the kitchen table.

I started to clear my books and folders off the table as Harry came into the kitchen. He gave me a worried glance, but I ignored him as I walked over to the sink to get plates out of the cabinet above it. I avoided his gaze the entire time I set the table, and when I had to sit across from him, I kept my eyes on my empty plate.

All through supper, Chad kept talking about spending the weekend with Chris at Aunt Maude's house in Keokuk. Harry and I were both silent as our little brother excitedly told the same two stories twice. By the time I was finished with my food, he was about to go into the story about the day Chris took him fishing for the third time.

"Sweetie," said Mom. "If you don't eat your food, we can't leave."

That got him to shut up, but I about choked when he literally started to shovel his food into his mouth with his fork. My mom admonished him to slow down and taste the food, and my father chuckled under his breath. Even I got a kick out of seeing Chad so excited.

"You boys know the rules, right?" asked my father, ending any merriment that I was feeling at that moment.

"Yes, Dad," I said, looking down at my, once again, empty plate. "No one in the house. We can visit with friends as long as we tell each other where we're going and when we'll be home."

"Harold, I want you to listen to your brother while we're gone," said our mother. "And William, don't boss your brother around all the time, either. I'm leaving you in charge, but that doesn't mean that you are his warden."

"Yes, Ma'am," I replied.

"I expect to see all homework done when we get back on Sunday night," said my father, adding his two cents to the conversation.

"Yes, Sir," Harry and I said at the same time. We shot each other momentary looks, but he quickly looked away.

"Now, I suggest that you boys go finish your homework," said my father. "Chad, you need to go and get your stuff packed for the weekend."

Harry and I went back upstairs with Chad following right behind us. He went into his bedroom, and we went into ours. Harry and I sat on our beds, and I got my math book to finish my homework. I don't know what Harry was doing, because I didn't look at him. I was still both mad at him for saying what he'd said to me, and I was still worried that I'd been too obvious about the way I looked at Danny.

As I finished my math homework, I thought about how stupid I had to have looked to my mother to be sitting at the kitchen table for so long when I'd only had four equations left to solve. This was getting serious. I had to keep it together, or everyone would soon know my secret. If Harry had already figured it out, then how long would it be before everyone else in the family started to see something?

"Boys," called my mother, breaking my train of thought. "Come down here. We're about to leave."

Harry and I both rushed downstairs to say goodbye to our parents. I was still upset about having my weekend ruined, but I understood that they had to go. Instead of griping about it more, I stood with Harry on the front porch, waiving at my mother, father and little brother as they drove down the street.

"Billy . . ." said Harry, but he stopped.

"Save it, Harry," I said, turning to go back into the house. "You can go to Clay's for a while if you want."

I went back inside and took the stairs two at a time, leaving Harry standing in the open front door. I didn't really want him around for a while. I had to think. First, I had to decide if I believed that he really didn't mean anything by what he'd said. If he really did know about me, then what was I going to do to make him keep my secret? Harry and I had always been pretty close, but that was no guarantee that he wouldn't blab to Mom and Dad about me if he got mad at me over something in the future.

Even with that fear in my head, it didn't take long for thoughts of Danny to come back to my head. That boy was the ultimate fantasy on two legs. Who wouldn't stare at him all of the damned time? I was surprised that more girls weren't throwing themselves at him than there were already. As it was, I was a jealous freak all of the time. Sure, I knew that I would never have him. Danny was undeniably straight as the proverbial arrow. Still, the thought of him with anyone else, especially a girl, was enough to drive me completely crazy.

He'd noticed a few times that something wasn't right. It was always when he had a girlfriend. He'd dated Kelly Moore for about three months a year ago, and I almost stopped being his friend completely during that time. He'd begged me to forgive him for whatever it was that he had done, and I couldn't tell him what was really wrong. It was a mess.

Right now, though, he didn't have a girlfriend. I was going to have two whole days to spend with him all alone at the lake. I would have been able to see his hot body in those painfully sexy speedos when we went swimming. Hell, maybe I could have convinced him to go skinny dipping. I doubted that, though. There would have been no hiding the effect seeing him naked would invariably have on me if we were both nude. Still, I would have loved seeing him naked without so many other naked boys around for once. The only times I'd ever seen him naked were in the showers in school.

Danny and I had been friends since the second grade when his mom divorced his father and moved to Storyville. They lived two blocks from us, and Danny and I had gone to the same elementary school and were even in the same second grade class. Even then he was a cute little guy. Sure, at that age, I didn't know the difference, but his and my parents were all very keen on photographs. We'd become fast friends and became inseparable very quickly after becoming friends. So naturally, there were many pictures of me in his mother's photo albums, and there were many pictures of him in our family photo album.

The only picture out of all of them that I didn't really like to look at was the picture of both of us with our dates for the Homecoming Dance in October. He looked so amazing in a tux, and I would have probably stared at the picture forever if it hadn't been for Tara Barns hanging off his arm in all six of the pictures in the album. Heather Chandler had been my date. My parents have an eight by ten framed photograph of me and Heather from Homecoming on the wall in our living room.

My mother had hoped that me and Heather would really hit it off, but we were never more than close friends. She was the only person in the entire world that knew about me, and that had happened by sheer accident. Well, it had happened just the way that Harry had put it together, if he actually had. She'd caught me mooning over Danny a time or two and called me on it one day.

I freaked out and nearly had a panic attack over it, but she was really cool with it. She told me that her cousin, Steve, was gay and she loved him very much. She said that my being gay was sad, because she really liked me, but she wouldn't hate me for it. She promised to keep my secret, and she told me that she understood how I felt about Danny. She just hoped that I didn't get my feelings hurt.

Heather had been the one I could talk to when Danny had a girlfriend. I was always afraid that one day she'd get tired of me harping about Danny, but she never did. She listened when I let it all out, and she even held me while I cried when I thought that he and Tara were getting really close. She'd warned me about getting my hopes up again when he'd dumped Tara after a month.

When Harry came into the room and interrupted my thoughts, I was shocked to find that the sun had gone down completely. He didn't say anything to me, though. He just stripped down to his boxers and crawled into his bed. I went to bed a little bit after he did, and even though my mind was still swimming with thoughts of Danny, I drifted off to sleep pretty quickly.

It started raining some time during the night, and by the time I woke up the next morning, it was really coming down. I found Harry sprawled on the couch in the living room after my shower, and he informed me that the local television channel was flashing a storm warning every twenty minutes. I wasn't all that interested in that. My hunger was taking up all of my brain's ability to think.

I was half way through my bowl of Frosted Flakes, watching the rain hammer the kitchen windows when the phone rang. I waited to see if Harry would answer the phone, but he seemed inclined to let it ring. He never answered the main line, but he was always jumping to answer the phone in our room. I put down my spoon and reached behind me to the phone on the wall.

"Campbell residence," I said.

"William, this is your father," said my father's voice. I never understood why he always told me it was him when he called. He had a voice that you could never mistake for someone else's.

"Hi, Dad," I said. "How's Grandma?"

"Your grandmother is doing as well as can be expected," he said. "I'm calling because of the storm."

"Its only raining here, Dad," I said, glancing out the window at the downpour.

"Well, the news is saying that it will be a thunderstorm before six tonight," he said. "I want you and Harry to stay inside today. I don't want either of you outside for any reason."

"Sure, Dad," I said, rolling my eyes. "We're both a little old for playing in the rain, anyway."

"I'm serious, William," he said in his irritated voice. My father was even more protective of us than my mother was. He constantly worried that we were going to do something stupid and hurt ourselves. "This storm is supposed to be very bad. Now, I want you to and Harry to stay in the house. Tell your friends that they should stay home with their families if they want to come over. I don't want anyone in the house with you."

"Ok, Dad," I said.

When I got off the phone, I chuckled at how overprotective he was. Sometimes it was a real pain, but most of the time, it was just funny. I finished my cereal after the phone call, and I was going to tell Harry what Dad had said, but when I got into the living room I found him asleep. The boy could sleep his life away. If he wasn't outside, he was usually asleep somewhere in the house.

He was lying on the couch with his head resting on the arm. His left hand was under behind his head, and I could see his armpit hair through the short sleeve of his shirt. His dark hair was longer than mine, and it sort of fanned out around his head. I thought about going back to the kitchen to get a glass of water to pour on him, but that was a bit too rude for even me. Instead, I went back upstairs and left him where he was.

There was no more homework for me to finish. I'd seen all of the movies in our collection, and there was a block on our computer that prevented us from doing anything really fun. I thought about calling Danny, but he couldn't come over, because of the rain. I ended up just lying on my bed. I grabbed one of my Fangoria magazines off my night stand and flipped through the pages for a while.

Do you have any idea how boring it can be being stuck in your house for an entire weekend when you're a fifteen year old boy? Well, let me tell you! I spent the better part of two hours that morning just folding the corners of the pages of each of my magazines that had articles that I someday planned to read. However, I was just too bored at that time for reading. I only stopped doing that when I smelled pizza.

'Harry must be awake,' I thought as I jumped out of bed, throwing the magazine I'd been browsing back on top of the pile on the floor and heading down the stairs.

"Still mad at me?" asked Harry as I came into the kitchen. He was just taking a pizza out of the oven.

"I'm not mad at you, Harry," I said, sitting down at the table.

"Want some?" he asked as he picked up the pizza cutter.

"Sure," I shrugged.

We sat there, eating our pizza quietly for a while, and I could tell that he wanted to say something. He kept his silence, and I embraced my own silence. It wasn't like us, though. As I stated before, Harry and I had always been pretty close. We weren't best friends, but we always talked things out when there was a problem. This time, though, things were a bit different. I didn't exactly trust my litter brother anymore.

After we'd consumed the entire pizza, I cleaned everything up and loaded the dishwasher while Harry went back to the living room. I was just pushing all the right buttons on the dishwasher after putting in the exact amount of detergent when the telephone began to ring again. I was sure it was my mother calling to reiterate what my father had already told me. Yeah, yeah, a storm was coming. I heard it. I answered anyway and was pleasantly surprised to hear Danny instead of my mother.

"Hey, Dork," he said cheerily. "Check out the wet stuff."

"Drowned city," I agreed, looking out the window.

"Guess our weekend would have been a wash anyway," he said. "Stop mentally bitching at your parents."

"Thanks for the advice," I replied, chuckling. He knew me, ok?

"So what are you doing?" he asked.

"Being almost more bored than I've ever been in my life," I said honestly. "You?"

"Same," he said. "Eddie went off with his friends to some lodge or something, so I'm all alone."

"That sucks," I said, wishing I was over there with him instead of stuck in the house with Harry.

"Well, if it wasn't so damp out, I'd come over, and we could be bored together," he said.

"Yeah," I sighed. "Perfect weekend weather, huh?"

"I'm appalled," he laughed.

"Dad called and said its supposed to get pretty bad," I told him.

"How's the grandmother?" he asked.

"Alive," I replied not knowing what else to say.

"Awesome," he laughed. "So what are you and Harry going to do tonight? Are you going to hang him from his toes?"

"I thought about it," I laughed. "But as always, the rain is making me lethargic."

"Yeah," he agreed. "I'm thinking about just inspecting the couch and listening to the television while I stare at the backs of my lids for the rest of the day."

"Sounds like a great time," I said.

"Oh, a blast if I ever had one," he giggled. "You didn't call last night after your people took off."

"Sorry about that," I said, remembering exactly why I hadn't called him. "I got into a little spat with Harry about something."

"Cut the kid some slack, Dork," he said. "His weekend is pissed, too."

"I guess," I sighed.

"Well," he yawned. "Later."

"See ya," I replied before hanging up.

I went into the living room and fell into the recliner that my father usually sat in. Harry was surfing through channels, finding nothing that he found interesting. We were both quiet for a while, and I wondered if we should actually discuss what had happened yesterday. I really needed to find out exactly what he knew and didn't know. What he speculated about could be far worse than what he knew to be fact.

"Can we play a game or something?" Harry asked, breaking the silence between us. "There's like nothing on television."

"What game do you want to play?" I asked, thinking that it would be a good way to pass time. For once in my life, I was actually wishing it were a school day, so I'd have something to do.

"We could play Monopoly," he said. "That takes a while."

"Sounds good," I said, getting up. "You grab the game, and I'll get us some sodas."

"Can we have nachos?" he asked.

"We just ate!" I chuckled. "Later."

"K," he said.

So for the next two and a half hours, we played Monopoly, trying desperately to bankrupt each other. We laughed and teased each other, and everything was like it always was between us. I even forgot about what he'd said the day before for a while. There was no time for us to think of anything else but the game. Campbell men are very competitive, and even a simple game of Monopoly was a serious deal for us.

It was almost five when he finally beat me. We both stood up and stretched the kinks out of our bodies, and then he put the game away. I noticed through the window that the sky had gotten very dark. The rain was coming down hard as ever, but now and then I could see lightning in the sky. It was distant, but the storm was really coming.

I turned on the television and turned it to The Weather Channel. It took a little while, but they finally got to the storm that was headed toward Storyville. The weather guy said that it was actually three storms coming in from different directions. It was expected that the storms would merge, and it would be quite a storm.

Thunderstorms made Harry nervous. Ordinarily, they meant nothing to me but bad weather. This one, though, made me a little nervous. If three different thunderstorms were headed for us at the same time, that could be a really bad storm when they met up and converged. I didn't know if I should warn Harry about this or not. I didn't want to have to soothe his fears before the event took place.

"Let's play cards," he said as he bounded down the stairs. Apparently, he wasn't too worried about the storm so far.

"Alright," I agreed. "This time we can even have those nachos."

"Cool!" he cried. "Can we have chili with them?"

"Sure," I said. "That'll just be our supper."

"Yeah," he said. "Which card game do you want to play?"

"Well, there's only two of us, so Uno is out," I said. "We could just play Rummy."

"Yeah," he agreed. "It would be nice if Clay and Danny were here to play with us, though."

"Yeah," I mumbled. He'd mentioned Danny, and that brought me back to thinking about what he'd said the day before.

I didn't say anything about it, though. I just went into the kitchen to get the nachos ready. He came in with a deck of cards and a pad of paper to keep score. If he noticed that my mood had changed with the mention of Danny's name, he showed no sign of it. He just sat down at the table and stared to deal the cards as I put the cheese and chili in the micro-wave.

Once the nachos were done, I made two plates and handed one to Harry before taking my seat at the other end of the table. We played three hands of Rummy and ate most of our nachos before the power went out. Harry got the candles, and I found two flashlights. We lit the candles and went back to playing cards, but I could tell that Harry was already getting nervous.

"Going to be a bad storm," he said.

"We'll be fine," I told him. "We're inside, and the windows are all closed."

"I know," he said.

We continued to play cards, but Harry neglected his nachos. He was putting on a brave front, but I knew that he was getting jumpy. The thunder started while he was dealing the fourth hand, and he stopped for a second to look at the ceiling above him. I knew what he was thinking. It was the same with every thunderstorm.

"Calm down," I said. "Nothing's going to fall on the house."

"Can we sleep downstairs tonight?" he asked.

"You can sleep on the couch if you want," I told him.

"I don't want to sleep alone, Billy," he said. "Can't you sleep down here, too?"

"Where do you expect me to sleep?" I asked. "The recliner is not comfortable, and I'm not about to sleep on the floor."

"We used to sleep on the couch together when we were little," he said.

"I was five and you were four, Harry," I reminded him. "Even then it was too small. We'd have to practically sleep on top of each other."

"What about the air mattresses?" he asked excitedly.

"They're in the garage," I said, bursting his bubble. "Do you want to walk through the back yard to get them?"

"No," he said as his shoulders slumped.

We went back to playing cards in silence, but I could tell that he was still thinking. I supposed that we could make pallets on the living room floor. My back would hurt all day after sleeping on the floor, but I didn't want him to lay awake scared all night long, either. If he was awake all night worrying about the storm, then I'd be awake all night trying to calm him down.

"We can both sleep on the floor in the living room," I said. "We'll make pallets or something."

"We could use our sleeping bags," he said.

"Mine isn't here," I said slowly. I'd forgotten all about that. My sleeping bag was in Danny's garage.

"Then what are we going to use?" he asked.

"We'll think of something," I said as more thunder rumbled over our heads.

We played the rest of the card game as I thought about dragging all of the blankets down the stairs. It wasn't something I was looking forward to. He wouldn't help me, because I was sure he wouldn't want to go upstairs for any reason. Lugging blankets and pillows down the stairs just didn't seem like fun to me.

"We could sleep in the guest bedroom," he said after a while.

"You want to sleep in the guest bedroom when it doesn't have anything but a roof over it, and you won't stay upstairs because of that very reason?" I asked incredulously.

"Well, upstairs, I'd be in my bed alone," he mumbled just above a whisper.

"If that's all you're worried about, then we can both sleep in our room tonight," I said. Why hadn't he just come out and asked if he could sleep with me? It wasn't like we'd never shared a bed before.

"The bed down here is bigger," he said.

"Yes, and it has no bedding on it," I reminded him. "That would still mean going upstairs and getting blankets, sheets and pillows."

"So, what do we do then?" he asked. "You at one end of the bed and me at the other?"

"So I can smell those dogs of yours?" I laughed. "Thank you. No."

"Well then we'll be like right next to each other," he said.

"We'd be right next to each other in a bigger bed or with you at one end of mine and me at the other," I pointed out.

"Yeah," he said. "So I can sleep with you?"

"Yes," I said. "All you had to do was ask, Harry. It isn't like we've never slept in the same bed before, you know."

"We were younger then," he said.

"Look," I sighed. "If its going to freak you out, I'll just drag everything downstairs."

"No, its alright," he said. "We can sleep in your bed."

We were quiet after that. We played another game of Rummy, but by the time we were done, the candles were all but burned to their bases. I wondered what time it was. I couldn't have been later than nine, and although it was unthinkable to go to bed so early on a Saturday night, I figured that there was very little we could do by flashlight. Besides, the batteries would be drained if we kept those on all night.

He must have had the same idea, and I think he was even tired, because he started to yawn as we put the cards away. Without saying anything, I went around the room, blowing out the candles, picked up my flashlight and headed out of the room. He followed me with his own flashlight a few minutes later.

We took turns in the bathroom, and then we both stripped down to our boxers. I told him that I would sleep against the wall, because he got up so often in the night to use the bathroom. Then we crawled into bed, and I covered us with the blanket. The storm was raging outside, and the thunder was even louder. Every other minute or so, the lightning would light up the room as it streaked the sky.

When we heard something crash outside, Harry nearly jumped out of bed. I put my arm around him, and he wiggled his body back against mine. It was nice to be able to calm him, but his moving around in the bed and rubbing against me was having a very bad effect on my crotch. My dick was getting hard, and I tried to think of math problems to make it go down, but Harry wouldn't quit shivering. My dick seemed to like that, and it became fully erect. I was sure that he could feel it, but he didn't say anything.

"We're going to be all right," I said. "Its just a storm, Harry."

"I know," he said, but his voice quivered.

"Why are you so scared of storms?" I asked.

"I don't know," he replied. "I just always have been."

We were quiet again after that, and I must have drifted off to sleep. The next thing I knew the sky was quiet. Rain continued to fall, but it didn't sound like it was pouring anymore. What had woke me up was the hand wrapped firmly around my erection. My dick had come out the fly of my boxers, and Harry had his hand wrapped around it! I thought he was asleep at first, but then he started to stroke me.

I opened my eyes just enough to be able to see, and what I saw was that he was propped up on one elbow, watching his hand move on my dick. I didn't know what to do at first. I didn't know if I should let him know that I was awake or not. If I did that, I was sure that would scare the shit out of him. Then I started to think about what he'd said to me the day before. Had he been serious when he said it? Was he trying to see if I would wake up and tell him to stop?

Well, I decided to see just how far he would go with this if I didn't wake up. I made sure to keep my breathing regular, and I closed my eyes completely. He continued to stroke my dick for a while, and then I got a cramp from the way my body was almost folded vertically against the wall, so I turned onto my side, trying to make it seem like I'd just rolled over in my sleep.

His hand left my dick, and I could feel him tensing up beside me. Maybe he wasn't trying to wake me up. I didn't trust that thought, though. If he was trying to trap me, I wasn't going to walk right into it. I made sure to keep my breathing normal, and sure enough, after a few minutes, he went back to softly stroking my dick. He was doing it in a way that was pleasant, but it would never bring me to an orgasm. It took a firm grip and more of a steady stroke to even make it feel good.

I wondered if he would continue if he never found out that I was awake. Would he try to get me off? This was unreal, and my head was spinning. Part of me believed that he really thought I was asleep, and he was trying to make sure I stayed that way so he could play with my dick without being caught. Another part of me still thought it was a trap that he was waiting to spring on me. Yet another part of me registered the fact that this was my younger brother with his hand around my dick. Shouldn't I have felt disgusted or something? The truth was that I found it kind of hot that he was doing this to me.

When I felt the bed start to move again, I was sure that he was going to let go of me and turn back over on his other side. When he didn't, I wondered what he was doing. Then I started to feel his other hand sort of tapping my thigh, and I knew exactly what he was doing. He was masturbating himself while he played with my dick! Harry wasn't trying to trap me, he was really playing with my dick.

I decided to just let him have his fun. After all, if he actually got me off, we'd both have had a great time, right? I didn't want him to think I was mad at him for doing this, so I didn't let him know I was awake. He got bolder after a while. His grip tightened, and his strokes became more steady. He'd let go of his own dick to jack mine, and I knew that if he kept it up, I'd cum. Then how was I going to pretend to be asleep?

Then I was disappointed when he let go of my dick. I thought he'd decided to just give up until I felt his hand touch my dick again. This time, it was wet, though. He'd licked his hand or something, and the sensation was awesome. What happened next, nearly blew my mind completely! He let go of my dick again, and I could hear him spit into his hand before he wrapped it around my dick again. Then, he let go again and fidgeted in the bed a little. I had no idea what he was doing until he carefully turned over to his other side, exposing his naked ass to me. I risked opening my eyes, and I was staring at the back of his head.

He reached over himself and grabbed my dick again as he slid his ass back toward me even further. My mind reeled as I realized what he was trying to do. My little brother was trying to get my dick in his ass! I couldn't believe it. After the way he'd said that about me and Danny, I would have had no clue that he was gay! I'd never even suspected anything like it. I knew that it was impossible to do it the way he was trying to do it. I'd never done it before, but I just knew that this wasn't going to work. I was going to have to let him know that I was awake, and I was going to have to help him out if this was going to work.

I just had to decide if I wanted it to work or not. I mean, this was my little brother that I was thinking about fucking in the ass here. Sure, I'd dreamed about doing this with Danny, but this wasn't Danny. Did I really want to have sex with my little brother? My dick was throbbing in his hand, and I was already starting to leak precum. I let my balls think for me.

"Wait, Harry," I said, wrapping my arm around his waist.

"Oh shit!" he said, tensing up again.

"Calm down," I breathed as I moved closer to his body. I kissed the back of his head. "In my drawer, there's a bottle of lotion. Get it."

"You mean . . ."

"Shut up and get the lotion, Harry, before I change my mind," I said quickly.

He quickly opened the drawer and fumbled inside it for the lotion while I shucked my boxers. If he was naked, then I was going to be naked. Now, I'm ashamed to admit that at fifteen, I knew absolutely nothing about having sex. I'd fantasized about it since the day I learned that if I touched my dick enough it would feel amazing, but that didn't give me any experience with another body.

"How do you want me?" asked Harry as I smeared lotion on my dick. "Stomach or back?"

"Stomach," I said, wondering just how Harry knew to ask which position I wanted him in.

"Cool," he said, flashing me a smile.

He got on the bed and shoved his ass up in the air. I climbed between his legs and pointed my slippery dick at his hole. As I looked down at his pink ass hole, I again thought hard about what I was about to do. I was about to fuck my little brother. I knew that it was wrong, and I knew that everyone would hate us if they found out. I also knew that I was too far gone to care about all of that. As soon as I felt the head of my dick touch his puckered hole, all thoughts about how wrong it was and what people would think were obliterated.

"Go slow," he said, but at the same time, he pushed his ass back against my dick as if he wanted it in him right then and there.

I put my hands on his hips and applied a gentle pressure, pressing my dick against his tight hot hole. I felt his ass give, and the head of my dick popped inside. He let out a moan, and I stopped dead in place. I listened to his breathing, and I waited for him to tell me to take it out. He didn't say that, though. He just smiled at me over his shoulder.

I pushed a little further into him. My dick was in Heaven inside his silky hole. It clamped down on me and I swear I thought I would cum right then and there, but some how I didn't. I watched as inch after incredible inch of my dick disappeared into his tight ass. When my pubic hair was mashed against the crack of his ass, I sighed and marveled at the feeling of being inside of him. We'd always been pretty close, but at that moment, I felt closer to him than I'd ever felt to another living thing on Earth. All thoughts of Danny and every other fantasy I'd ever had were gone in that instant.

All I could think of was how awesome his ass felt stretched around my dick. To be inside of him this way was incredible. I couldn't believe we were doing this, but I never wanted it to end. As I slid my dick in and out of his sexy ass, it took every bit of my willpower to keep from slamming my dick in and out of his ass.

"Oh God," I breathed as I slowly pulled back until just the head of my dick was in his ass. He whimpered in reply as I slid it back inside of him just as slowly until my pubic hair was mashed against his crack again.

"Fuck me, Billy," he breathed.

"I don't want to hurt you," I panted.

"You're bigger than Clay," he said, shocking me. "I can handle it, though. Just fuck me, Billy. Fuck me hard."

I slammed into him then, and he grunted and pushed his ass back on my dick, impaling himself. I couldn't believe how phenomenal it felt to fuck his tight little ass. I must have been doing something right, because he was bucking his ass and slamming his hips back against me as I plunged into him over and over again.

He gasped, and then his ass started to convulse. When he cried out that he was cumming, I felt my balls snap up to my body, and my I could feel my dick expand inside of him. Then I was pumping my own load of cum into his steaming ass, slamming into him with every explosion from the head of my dick.

Spent, I fell on top of him, and we rolled to our sides. My dick slipped out of his ass, and I wrapped my arms around my little brother, kissing his neck. We settled down and fell asleep in each other's arms after that. I guess life doesn't suck so much after all.

I was thrilled when I watched the car back out of the driveway with both of my brothers in the back seat, waving at me. I couldn't believe my luck. Both Billy and Chad were leaving with my mother for the entire weekend to help Aunt Jill get her house ready for the reception. See, Aunt Jill's oldest daughter, Sarah, was getting married. I didn't know the guy she was marrying, but my mother gushed about him constantly. I didn't really care about the guy one way or the other. At that moment, all I cared about was the fact that my father and I would be alone in the house all weekend.

Now don't get any goofy ideas! Just because I had sex with my brother, Billy, that one time doesn't mean that we're a family of incestuous freaks. It was nice having sex with Billy, but we both agreed that it would never become habit for us. It hasn't, either. We still share a room, and I see him naked all of the time just like he sees me. We just don't pay any attention to each much anymore. Sure there was a little awkwardness between us, but that was a year ago. We only help each other out occasionally.

Ok, ok. My name is Harry Campbell, and I'm fifteen years old. I have dark brown hair that almost looks black and money green eyes. I'm all of five feet seven inches tall and I probably weigh around one thirty or something. I never worry about that kind of stuff. I'm a little thin, but I'm working on it now that Billy isn't being such an ass about his weights in the basement. He lets me work out with him usually. That's just one of the changes that have taken place since our weekend alone.

Another big thing that's happened since that weekend, and what had me so excited about being alone in the house with just my father for a weekend is that Danny, my brother's best friend, showed him how to get around the block on our computer! Of course Danny and Billy looked at disgusting pictures of girls all day, but that just wasn't for me. I would be alone in the house virtually. Dad never pays any attention to what's going on around him when Mom isn't here to make him, so I might as well be alone when its just the two of us. Dad usually spent his time in the garage tinkering with his boat.

You know what that means? That's right, goodbye block, hello porn! I was going to read filthy stories, look at every naked guy I could find and probably jerk off a million or so times. It was going to be a good weekend. I thought about inviting my best friend, Clay, over. He and I had been having sex since the day puberty struck. Then I remembered that Clay was with his dad that weekend.

See, his parents had gotten a divorce, and now he had to spend every other weekend with his dad. He said they had fun together, so I guess it worked out. I wouldn't know what to think if my mom and dad split up. The idea is crazy.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, my weekend virtually alone in the house. Well it turned out that I would have no such luck. Remember the guy I was talking about that my cousin was about to marry? Well my mom gushed over him all of the time, and I guess I should have known that something crazy would happen when Mom announced that she was taking my brothers with her for the weekend and leaving me alone with Dad.

That's right! Something crazy happened.

My mom and Aunt Jill decided that there was no reason for Zach, the guy my cousin was about to marry, to spend the weekend in the hotel when he could stay with me and my dad all weekend. Isn't that just great? I about died when my dad told me that Zach would be there for the weekend. Yeah, Dad said he'd be there any time!

"And I want you on your best behavior," he said. "Go up to your room and make sure that all of the laundry is put away and picked up. He isn't going to be staying in your little brother's room. He can stay in Billy's bed."

Just great! Not only did I have to worry about someone else being in the house, he was going to be in my room! I should have begged to stay with Clay for the weekend. Not that they'd have let me go. I was supposed to be helping my dad all weekend. Well, he wasn't going to get much help out of me now! I couldn't believe it.

Like a good boy, I picked up all of the dirty clothes off of the floor. For me and Billy, there wasn't much to pick up. We were both a little on the neat side. I did make sure that all of our secret magazines were put away as well as other incriminating evidence. Our parents rarely ever came into our room, but now that Zach was going to be staying for the weekend, I had to be sure that everything was put in very good hiding places.

The beds were made already, and the desk was clean. As I already pointed out, there wasn't much for me to do to make sure the room was presentable. I waited for a few minutes to make my dad think that I was actually working on the room, though. I wasn't sure that he was actually paying any attention, but I wanted to be safe. The last thing I wanted was for him to march up the stairs to investigate. I'm sure he believed that Billy and I were both slovenly pigs. He was always leaving things around the house. Mom was constantly telling him to clean up after himself. Chad was one of the messiest boys I'd ever known. I guess Dad just expected all of his sons to take after him.

I was half way down the stairs when the front door opened. I stopped dead in my tracks as Aunt Maude walked through the door. She wasn't a sight that would stop traffic or anything, but the guy behind her was! I could barely see him because of Aunt Maude's huge bag. She carried that thing everywhere she went. The other fact about her that was hard to get around, and making it hard for me to really see Zach, was her weird height.

"You hoo, Jason," she called as she came through the door. "He's around here somewhere. He's a really charming man, really. You'll like him, Zach."

"I'm sure I will, thank you," replied Zach. His voice was deep like my father's. I wondered how old this guy really was. He sounded as if he was trying to keep from laughing, and that I could understand. He'd come all the way here with Aunt Maude.

"Oh, Harold," she said when she saw me. "Come quick and meet Zach."

"Hello, Aunt Maude," I said as I came down the rest of the stairs.

Zach stepped around her a bit, and I got my first look at the guy. He was absolutely hot! He had dark hair with the bluest eyes I'd ever seen, and he smiled when he saw me. That smile was amazing. If it hadn't been for the look of relief in his blue eyes, I might have just stared at him forever like an idiot. That just wouldn't have been a good thing.

"Hello, Zach," I said, reaching for his outstretched hand. "I'm Harry."

"Nice to meet you, Harry," he said. That smile never left his face.

"Harold, where is your father?" asked Aunt Maude, tearing my gaze away from Zach. "He knew we were coming."

"He's probably in the garage, Aunt Maude," I replied. "I'll go find him."

"No need to look for me," said my father, coming out of the dining room. "Maude, its good to see you, and this must be Zach."

"Oh, Jason," said Aunt Maude with what would have to pass for a smile. "Traffic was completely bonkers today, and I'm afraid we're a bit late."

"Nonsense," said my dad. "You're here. Maude, why don't you join us for supper? Lindy left a casserole for us, and it should be hot in a few minutes."

"Oh, I wouldn't intrude," said Aunt Maude. "I was asked to drive Zach, and I've done that. I should really get started on my way back."

"Now what kind of brother in law would I be if I sent you off hungry, Maude?" asked my dad. "Really, there's plenty. If you don't eat with us, we'll have leftovers for three days."

She appeared to consider, and for a moment I hoped that she'd go ahead and leave. I don't know if Billy told anyone or not, but Aunt Maude is one weird lady. For a second, I thought she would insist that she get back home. Then she passed that excuse for a smile again, and I knew that my hopes were dashed.

"Well, I'll stay for a bite," she said. "Besides, Zach doesn't know you or Harold. It might be nice to stick around for him."

"Thank you," Zach said politely.

"Harry, show Zach where he can put his bag, and the two of you should wash up for supper," said my father, dismissing us without another thought.

I motioned for Zach to follow me, and I could hear Aunt Maude telling Dad about all of the wedding preparations that were going on as we headed back up the stairs. It suddenly struck me that I was about to be alone with Zach. He was a really hot guy, and I would have to be extra careful of what I said and where my eyes rested when he was in the room.

"Your Aunt Maude is very nice," said Zach as we went upstairs.

"She's something," I said before I could stop myself, but I heard him chuckle from behind me.

We went on to my room, and when I turned to face him, he smiled. I showed him Billy's side of the room and told him that he would be sleeping in Billy's bed. He put his bag on the foot of the bed and turned back to face me again. I let him go into the bathroom that Billy and I shared to wash up first. While he was in there, I had to think of a million different things that I didn't like to make the erection that was starting in my pants go away.

He waited for me as I washed my hands and face, and then we walked back down the stairs together. I could hear Dad and Aunt Maude talking about traffic and wind, of all things. Like I said, my Aunt Maude is weird. She gave us that dull smile as we came into the dining room. Dad was just putting the casserole on the table.

"Oh, gentlemen," she said. "I was just telling Jason that the weather report calls for a windy Monday."

"I'm sure we'll be fine," said Zach as he took a seat across the table from me. "The wedding is going to be held inside, and if its too windy for the guests outside at the reception, we can always move it into the church basement."

"Dreadful things, basements," she said. "I still don't see why no one was interested in using the hall for the reception."

I'd heard about this part from my mother. Well, I'd overheard her telling Aunt Jill on the telephone what she thought of using The Hall of Magic for a wedding reception. As far as I could remember, none of us had ever been inside that place in the past. We had no idea what went on there, but Aunt Maude was on some sort of council there. She'd offered the hall for the reception when the wedding was in its first stages of planning. Everyone had rejected the offer as far as I knew.

"Well its too late to get everything ready for the hall now, Maude," Dad said. "Besides, the kids wanted their reception held outside. I'm sure the wind won't be a problem."

We were all quiet for a few minutes after that. Aunt Maude was frowning at my father, and Zach was looking at his plate. Dad didn't seem to notice that Aunt Maude was frowning at him, and as he dished portions of the casserole, he spoke to Zach.

"So tell us a bit about yourself and your family, Zach," he said, and I cringed. Leave it to my dad to pry into someone else's life. It wasn't as if Zach was marrying Dad's daughter.

"Well, my father is Chief of Staff at Mercy General," said Zach. "My mom is a housewife. We actually live right outside of Storyville."

"Oh, a doctor," beamed Aunt Maude. "Will you be following in your father's footsteps?"

"No, ma'am," said Zach. "I just don't have the brains to become a doctor. I'm working at the plastics factory over in Marcead."

"A fine job," said my father, nodding at Zach. "Didn't Sarah start working there not long ago?"

"Yes, sir," said Zach. "She's a secretary in one of the offices."

"And does she like her job?" asked Aunt Maude. I couldn't believe her sometimes.

"She seems very happy to be working there," said Zach. "She's making a good wage, and we've saved quite a bit of money for our house."

"Jill was telling me that the two of you were looking at houses," said my father. "Have you found one you like?"

"Yes, sir," said Zach, smiling. "Sarah has fallen in love with a house right here in Storyville."

"That would be closer for her to get to work," said Aunt Maude. "I can't fathom why she would want to drive so far every day to go to work."

"Well, she's been rooming with my sister since she got the job," said Zach. "They've been sharing a small apartment just down the road from the factory."

"Jill never mentioned . . ."

"What about a bachelor party, Zach?" asked my father, cutting Aunt Maude off. I think he was trying to spare Zach a lecture about taking care of Sarah properly. Aunt Maude is one weird lady with very strange ideas.

"Well, Sarah was very firm about not wanting either of us to participate in anything like that," said Zach. "I decided to forget about a party to keep her happy."

"As well you should have," said Aunt Maude, nodding. "Those parties' are absolutely horrid."

"Now, Maude, let's not berate the boy," said my father. "He's just said that he isn't having one."

"As well he shouldn't," she said, clearing her throat. "In my day . . ."

"Tell us about the house, Zach," said my father, cutting her off again. For this he gained a reproachful look from Aunt Maude.

"Oh, its a great place," said Zach, smiling. "Its two stories tall with three bedrooms. Sarah wants to have four children."

"We tried for four," said my father, shocking me. "Lindy wanted a girl, but it just wasn't in the cards for us. After Chad was born, we found out that there would be no more."

"I'm sorry to hear that," said Zach as Aunt Maude prepared to say something.

"Oh, don't be sorry," said, Dad before Aunt Maude could get a word in. "We did just fine with the three boys we have. Perhaps one of them will give us a granddaughter."

All eyes turned to me, and I blushed. How was I supposed to handle that one? It wasn't as if I could just tell them to count me and Billy out. At least they had Chad. There was still hope for him, I guess. I didn't like the way they all looked at me, though. Thinking fast, I tried to come up with something to say that would neither tell them they were looking at the wrong son or give them false hope.

"We'll do our best," I finally said, making all three of them laugh. Then it got worse.

"I'm sure you have a nice girlfriend," said Zach, and I wanted to spit my food at him.

"No time for girls," I said uncomfortably. "All I have time for is school and sports."

"Sports? You're not even playing baseball this summer," said Dad. I just wanted to disappear.

"No, but school is out, and the only girl that I see on a regular basis besides Mom is Kim Pruitt," I said, wrinkling my nose at them.

"He's young yet," said Zach as he and my father laughed.

Aunt Maude was looking at me closely, and I have to admit that her look made me very uncomfortable. She was weird, but what if there really was something to the hocus-pocus that she went on about all of the time? Could she see something in me that others couldn't? Did she know why I didn't really have time for girls? I was ready for her to leave. I wished they would all just eat.

Luckily, they did eat after that. Dad and Zach talked back and forth about Zack's job at the plastics factory, more about the house, Sarah and of course, the wedding. Aunt Maude continued to look at me, though. I grew more and more uncomfortable as supper continued. I found myself staring at my plate and hoping that no one, other than Aunt Maude, noticed my red cheeks.

When supper was over, just like a good girl, Aunt Maude made her exit. Unfortunately, she asked me to walk her to her car. I was terrified then. I was sure that she was going to tell me that she knew my secret. What if she told my parents? I wished Billy was there. He was always better at dealing with crazy Aunt Maude.

"They made you uncomfortable in there," she said as soon as we were outside. "Don't worry about your father, Harold. He'll understand when the time comes for you to tell him your secret."

I was stunned. She did know about me!

"What do you mean?" I asked with a shaky voice.

"Oh, don't play with me," she laughed. "You and your brother are both very transparent for anyone who chooses to really look. Don't worry, I won't tell your secret. Just know that if you ever need to talk, I'm only a phone call away."

"Thank you," I said unsure of what else to say.

"Oh, I know what you and your brothers think of me," she laughed again. "You think of me as your crazy aunt, but I assure you there is more than fluff in my head, boy. When the time comes, you will call me. After all, we all have to stick together."

She scowled at the shocked look on my face. Was she telling me what I thought? Was Aunt Maude a lesbian? She never had married, but Billy and I had just assumed that no man would have her. Wow! I didn't know what to say.

"Don't tell me that you're blind," she said as a book fell out of her bag. She paid no attention to it, and I was too stunned to bring it to her attention.

"Well," I said when I finally managed speech. "Maybe I just don't pay attention."

"You're a good boy, Harold," she said, smiling at me. For once the smile seemed real. "One day, you will make a fine man."

She hugged me, and I managed not to panic. When she released me from her embrace, she got into her car and started the engine. She waved at me from the end of our driveway, and I actually waved back. I watched her car until she turned at the end of the block, heading toward the interstate that would take her back to where she'd come from.

Then I remembered the book that was lying on the pavement. I picked it up and read the cover. It was one of her occult books, and my first instinct was the throw it down. After reading the title of the book, "Love Spells For the Modern Witch," I had second thoughts. Maybe the book wasn't just occult nonsense. What if there was something to all of this occult stuff? I had no need of it that I could think of at that moment, but I always liked to think of myself as one who was always prepared for any given situation. I stuffed the book into my jeans, using my shirt to cover it and went back into the house.

When I got into the house, Dad had Zach in the living room, watching some report on baseball. Normally, I would have been glued to the set, but I had a package to hide. I stayed out of the living room and went straight upstairs. Once in my room, I put the book with the other "special" books that me and Billy had stashed in various places.

Clay called a little later to tell me about his day with his dad. They'd gone to see a movie and out to eat. I told him in our own special code, we'd developed it over the years to be able to talk around other people about secret things, about Zach. I told him that he was really hot and that my dick sure seemed to like him. Of course, also in code, Clay told me to jump him while he slept. We laughed about that for a while, and that's when I started to really think about the book that was hidden in my room.

Could I? Would it work?

For the rest of the evening, Zach and I were virtually alone. Dad went back to the garage, and that left me and Zach in the living room. We watched a television movie, and we talked a little. He was kind of cool. Gone was the attitude at supper. Around Dad and Aunt Maude, Zach acted like any other adult when they're faced with a teenager. Alone, he treated me like one of the guys. He even told me all about the first time he met Sarah. I wasn't particularly interested in all of that, but I listened intently and commented in all of the right places.

Everything was going fine until it was time for us to go to bed. I let him take a shower first, and he came back in just a pair of boxers with a towel draped over his shoulder. He told me the shower was all mine as he sat on the edge of my brother's bed and toweled his hair. OK, now I know that he had no idea what he was doing to me, but come on! I was lucky that I was still wearing jeans, and he had his head inside that damned towel. My dick was hard as stone over this display.

In the shower, I tried so hard not to touch it. I was washing my hair, and that got me thinking about seeing him perched on the edge of Billy's bed in a pair of boxers with little drops of water glistening in his chest hair. In this instance it seemed that my memory was photographic. I could recall every inch of him that I saw from his perfect biceps to his washboard stomach. His legs were nice, too. Sarah was one lucky girl. I saw the bulge in his boxers. She'd be a satisfied girl for many years.

Lucky bitch!

I kept thinking about those drops of water in his chest hair as I found my soapy hand wrapped firmly around my dick. As I slid my hand up and down my dick, my mind provided so many images of him naked to keep me hot and bothered. Sure, I'd only seen him in boxers, but my imagination was clever. The bulge in those boxers was replaced by a healthy dick and balls that, in my mind, I explored with both my hands and my mouth over and over again.

When I thought that I'd spent far too long in the shower, I sped up my soap slicked stroking and emptied my little swimmers into the drain. "From me to you, Storyville," I thought with a chuckle before I resumed washing my body and rinsed off. When I was completely dry and dressed in a pair of shorts, I went back to the bedroom to find that I could have stayed in there for as long as I liked. Zach was sleeping.

I stood there in the doorway, looking at him for a few minutes before I remembered the book again. Once again, thoughts I wondered if I could actually do it. I wondered if I should actually do it, and finally, I wondered if it would actually work. Billy and I had always been really certain that anything to do with the occult was just fluff, but now that I had the book, and Zach was sleeping in Billy's bed, I was starting to hope against hope that Aunt Maude was more than just weird.

I walked over to the desk and took the book out from under the middle drawer, being careful not to pull the magazine out with it. With only the desk lamp on, I scanned the pages of the book. I have to admit that the little hairs on the back of my neck kept threatening to stand up as I scanned those pages. What I was about to do was finally sinking in. I was too far into it to stop there, though.

I found a spell that seemed to fit what I was looking for, and I read the whole thing. It said that I needed one white candle, something very personal from both me and my intended (hair is what it actually called for), cloves, an apple and honey. The good thing about this particular spell was that to break it, all I had to do was destroy the apple when I wanted the effect to end. It was perfect.

Luckily, Zach had left the towel that he'd dried his hair with draped over the footboard of Billy's bed. I carefully took it, thinking that if he woke up, I could just tell him that I was putting it in the hamper in the bathroom. I did take it into the bathroom where I could have more light to investigate the towel. For once, I was glad that my mind was occupied when I got out of the shower, because my own towel was lying on the floor.

I searched and searched his towel for hairs, and I was starting to think that he had really strong follicles when I found what I was looking for. One dark hair was in that towel, and I carefully plucked it out of the fabric. Instead of hunting through my towel, I just pulled a hair out of my own head. I don't know why it took me that long to think of just pulling a hair out of my head.

Once I had both of those, I retrieved the book from the desk and went downstairs to find the other item I'd need. It wasn't until I got to the kitchen that I started to hope that my mother had cloves in the cabinet. I knew there were apples in the pantry, so I only needed honey and cloves. Candles were in the drawer next the sink. Knives were in the drawer on the other side of the sink.

At the table, I wrote the words of the spell on a piece of paper: "As the air of night is to that of day, I bring them into line for a heart to sway. These ashes entwine our hearts in passion. This honey sweetens our minds after a fashion. Guardians of love and passion, hear me. I call to thee to let my magic be. As darkness becomes light, so mote it be."

As the book said to do, I placed both hairs on the paper before folding it four times. With that in my hand, I gathered all of the other tools I needed and went out to the picnic table. There was a metal bowl in the center of the table that usually held a candle that repelled bugs. It was empty and perfect for what I planned. I was starting to get really excited. Maybe this would work.

I cut the top of the apple off and carefully cut out the core, leaving a space in the center of the apple. Then I put honey inside and dropped in nine cloves. In the bowl for the bug candle, I burned the paper and lit the candle so that it could burn for a bit. I pulled the bowl out of the hole in the table and poured the ashes into the honey mixture. Last, I let the wax of the candle drip into the honey mixture. Putting the top of the apple back in place, I wrapped the entire thing in wax paper.

The book said to put the candle under the bed of my intended, and in the morning, the spell would be complete. I went back upstairs and put the book back in my hiding place before carefully slipping the wrapped apple under Billy's bed. I thought for a second that maybe the spell would only work on Billy, but I thought that the fact that Zach was in the bed at the time, the spell would work on him.

After cleaning everything up again, and hiding the burned candle, I crawled into bed and tried to sleep. I kept looking at the spot where I'd put the apple. It was dark, so I wasn't sure that I was actually looking at the candle, but that's where my eyes went over and over again. I must have fallen asleep eventually, because the next thing I knew, sunlight was blinding me as I opened my eyes. A quick glance at the bed across the room told me that Zach was already up.

I wondered if the spell was working. The only way to find out was to get up, get dressed and find out myself. I was nervous as I got dressed. I made my bed like I do every morning, but this time I did it slowly, making sure that everything was perfect. I knew that I was just stalling, but I couldn't help it. I really was nervous. Finally, I had nothing left to keep me from going downstairs. My stomach was grumbling with hunger, and I wasn't going to quiet it by standing in my room. I went downstairs and headed straight for the kitchen. "Act normal," I kept silently telling myself. I didn't know if that was going to be enough to keep me from freaking out when I saw Zach or not, but I was going to get it over with.

Fortunately, Zach wasn't in the kitchen. The house was completely silent as I sat down to a bowl of cereal and toast. I wondered if Dad had dragged Zach off to the garage. A glance at the driveway told me that Dad wasn't even home. Perhaps he'd taken Zach with him wherever he'd gone. I relaxed a little bit as I ate my cereal.

I kept wondering what Zach would do or say when he saw me. I had no idea how I would know if the spell worked or not. There was no footnote to the spell that said how the intended would act after the spell was complete. I hoped that he wouldn't declare love for me in front of my dad or anything. That wouldn't be good at all. Besides, the spell wasn't exactly a love spell. At least, it didn't say the word love anywhere in it. It said passion.

I didn't have long to think about all of that, because Dad pulled up as I was rinsing my bowl. I turned around as they came through the side door, and Zack's eyes were instantly on me. He smiled at me, and I thought that the smile was warmer than it had been the day before, but that could have been nothing more than wishful thinking.

"Hi, Harry," he said, smiling brighter. "You were sleeping when I got up, so I went with your dad to the hardware store."

"That's ok," I said nervously. "What did you guys get?"

"Just some stuff for the boat," said Dad. "I don't know what you did to this guy, but he hasn't shut up about you all morning."

"Oh?" I asked, suppressing a gulp.

"Seems he wants to know all about you," said Dad with a chuckle. "You must have made an impression."

"I don't know what I could have done," I said, trying hard to act like nothing was out of the ordinary.

"Well, you can entertain him for a while," laughed Dad. "I'm heading out to the garage."

With that, he went back outside. Zach and I just stared at each other, and he still held his smile. I didn't know what to say or do. My stomach, now full of cereal and toast, was quivering. What was I supposed to say to him? I couldn't exactly ask him if he liked me or anything. That would just be wrong. I could see him pummeling the crap out of me if I was wrong about why he kept smiling and asking my dad all kinds of questions about me. I needed solid proof.

"So what do you want to do today?" I asked him, trying hard not to stare at him. He was doing a fine job of staring at me, though.

"I don't care," he said. "We can do whatever you want to do, Harry."

"Around here," I said, trying not to think about the meaning of what he'd said, "we're competitive. Want to play Monopoly?"

For about two hours we played Monopoly while he asked me every question from what my favorite color was to what it was like for me to live with two brothers. I noticed that he was asking every question he could think of that wasn't painfully personal, and I wondered if he was doing that on purpose. I answered each of his questions and countered them with questions of my own.

I have to admit that we got to know each other pretty well while we played, and he kept me so distracted that I didn't even notice that he'd bought half the board. He beat me pretty quickly, and we were laughing at each other as we put the game away when Dad came inside for lunch. I noticed that he stood there, laughing as he watched us.

"I see you two are having a grand time," he said after a few minutes of listening to us playfully insult each other on how we played. "What would you boys like for lunch?"

"I'll eat just about anything," replied Zach.

"Pizza sound good, Harry?" asked my dad. "I don't feel like cooking."

"I'll cook something for you guys," said Zach, gaining a shocked look from both of us.

"Nah, pizza sounds good," I said. "No need for anyone to cook anything."

Dad ordered pizza while Zach and I headed to the living room to watch television while we waited for it. If there was any doubt in my mind that the spell worked, it was gone when Dad went back to the garage after leaving instructions to let him know when the pizza arrived. Zach sat so close to me on the sofa that we were actually touching. He hung on every word I said as I answered more and more questions, and twice he caught himself before his arm was around me.

"I can't believe you're only fifteen," he said, looking me in the eye.

"Well that's something you haven't told me," I said. "How old are you?"

"I'm twenty-one," he said, smiling at me. "I know I'm a few years older than you."

"That's ok," I said. "It doesn't bother me."

"Cool," he said, beaming another smile at me. "So why is it that you're too busy for girls?"

"Well, I spend almost all of my time with my best friend," I replied. "He's visiting his dad this weekend, so I can't hang out with him."

"Well I'm glad," he said softly. "If you were with your friend, I wouldn't have met you."

"Thanks," I said, smiling at him. I knew that he was only saying these things because of the spell he was under, but it was nice to have someone pay that much attention to me. I wasn't looking forward to breaking the spell.

"I don't think I've ever met anyone like you in my life," he said seriously. "There's something about you that I can't put my finger on, but I like you a lot."

"I like you, too," I said honestly. "I'm glad that you like me."

"Well how much do you like me?" he asked.

"I'm not sure I understand what you mean," I kind of lied. I was still being careful. I didn't know exactly how the spell would play itself out, so I didn't want to say the wrong thing.

"I'm a little embarrassed to admit this, but I like you almost more than I like your cousin," he said, blushing. Even that was sexy!

"But you love Sarah, right?" I probed.

"Oh, of course," he said. "But there's something about you. I probably shouldn't be telling you this, but I've had a hard on since I woke up this morning, and all I can think about is you."

"I wouldn't say that you shouldn't say that to me," I said. "I just would be thankful if you didn't say it in front of my dad."

"Oh, I wouldn't!" he breathed. "That kind of thing could get me thrown in jail."

"Well I doubt that they'd throw you in jail for merely saying something to me," I assured him.

"No, but they would throw me in jail if I did to you what I keep thinking about," he said, smiling and blushing.

"Well why don't you tell me what it is that you keep thinking about doing to me," I suggested.

"Are you sure you want to know?" he asked. "You might think I'm a freak."

"I'm sure I want to know, and I won't think you're a freak, Zach," I said.

"To be honest, I don't really know exactly what I want to do with you," he said, looking down. "I've never had sex with anyone in my life."

I couldn't believe my ears! He was a virgin? This couldn't be right. He was twenty-one years old, engaged to my cousin and a virgin? I was quiet for a few minutes as I digested that little bit of information. Actually, it made me want to take him upstairs right then and there. I silently cursed my father for not going with my mother and brothers. A virgin!

"Well, what would you like to try?" I asked.

"Everything," he said, smiling at me again. "I'm not sure exactly how I feel about you fucking me, but I'd like to try it anyway. Its really strange, though. I've never thought about having sex with a guy before."

"Are you repulsed by the idea?" I asked. The last thing I wanted was for him to have serious issues after the spell was broken.

"No," he said. "I've never thought about it one way or the other. I was just surprised when I woke up thinking about it this morning."

"If thinking about it makes you uncomfortable, we don't have to do anything, Zach," I said. I couldn't believe those words were coming out of my mouth. I'd gone to all of that trouble the night before specifically to make something like this happen, and now I was telling him we didn't have to do anything.

"It doesn't bother me that I want to do this," he said. "It just surprises me."

I slowly reached over and took his hand. I was a little surprised when he squeezed my hand slightly and beamed at me again. Could this be true? I was still a little convinced I was dreaming. I could barely believe that any of this was happening. Holding his hand sent little electric bolts though my entire body, and my dick was rock hard. I was really going to be sad to break the spell.

He started to rub my index finger with his thumb, and I tried to imitate what he was doing. That made him smile at me again, and I was blown away by the look in his blue eyes. He looked so focused on me at that moment that it almost made me uncomfortable. It put butterflies in my stomach again. I was almost convinced that he felt this way about me for real. The spell book should have warned me about this. I didn't expect to feel the way I did. Maybe casting the spell had been a mistake. How would I ever be able to bring myself to break it?

"What's wrong?" he asked, twisting on the sofa to look at me. There was so much concern in his blue eyes that my heart nearly broke.

"Nothing, I was just thinking," I said.

"You're worried that after the wedding, I won't want anything to do with you," he said, looking down at our clasped hands. "Don't. I love Sarah, but I think I love you, too. I don't know how it will work out, but I promise that I won't forget about you, Harry."

After that statement, we were both quiet. We watched the television, but I couldn't tell you what was on it. I was still blown away by what he'd said. I hated myself for even considering letting the spell keep going after the wedding. I was actually very tempted. I'd had no idea how great it would feel to have someone look at me like he had. He sounded so sincere when he spoke to me that it was almost too hard to remember that he was under the spell. I had to get a handle on it. If I wasn't careful, I might start to actually return genuine feelings for the feelings the spell made him display.

The pizza came, and we separated. I actually felt a little better when he was seated across the table from me with Dad there to keep his thoughts occupied. As Dad talked to him about the wedding more and more, Zach didn't stare at me nearly as much. He still stole quick glances at me, but I would just have to live with that. For a little bit it was like I hadn't cast the spell at all. I was actually thinking of going upstairs and getting rid of that apple.

After the pizza was eaten, Dad asked Zach to help him with the boat. That left me alone to think about things for a while. I was having trouble with the thought that maybe I'd gone too far with the spell. I mean, sure Zach was a hot guy, and I liked the attention, but was casting a spell just to get him to have sex with me really right? He was showing far too much emotion toward me for comfort. I knew that I wasn't in love with the guy. I mean I really barely knew him. I knew pretty much all about him now, but I still didn't really know him.

At the same time, he didn't really know me, either. It was clear that everything he was feeling was coming from the spell. I actually felt kind of dirty for even casting the spell. It was one thing to lust after someone, but it was another to force that person to think they loved you. If I had known that casting the spell would make me feel that way, I would have just given the book back to Aunt Maude when she dropped it. I had some serious thinking to do.

But I didn't want to end it yet. That was the real bugger of it all. Was I that selfish? Did I crave that much attention? I had Clay, and he and I had been having sex for quite some time. Sure, he never looked at me the way Zach had been looking at me all day, but at least what I had with Clay was real. There were no spells between us. But I just couldn't make myself go up the stairs and destroy the apple. In the end, I figured out that I was just as weak as everyone else.

Over supper, Zach gushed about the boat. That look was still in his eyes, but he wasn't talking about making sure that I never felt left out after he married my cousin. Dad even talked more during that meal than usual. Zach was talking about a subject that Dad was interested in, so the two of them kept a steady flow of conversation going the whole time. I just had to comment here and there.

After supper I got dad to play cards with us. I could see a confused look cross Zach's face, but at that moment, I really wasn't ready to be alone with him. Dad and I slipped into competitive mode, and my mind was occupied by the game. Zach played his hand very well, but his heart clearly wasn't in the game. His eyes rarely left me the whole time.

When Dad announced that he was heading off to bed after the card game, I knew that there was no getting around being alone with Zach. This time, though, I was kind of excited about it in a sick way. After all, this was what I'd cast the damned spell for in the first place. I was also nervous. I couldn't see myself fucking Zach. With casting the spell and forcing him to feel the way he was feeling, that just seemed like another violation.

"We're finally alone," he said once we were upstairs and in my room. He walked over to me and put his arms around me, and I had to admit that it felt so good to be in his arms like that.

"Yeah," I said stupidly.

"I want you to know that we don't have to do anything you're not comfortable with, Harry," he said when he broke the embrace. "I'd die if I hurt you."

"Well, the only thing I'm not really comfortable with is fucking you," I said, letting my lust take over again. "Anything else is fair game."

"Ok," he said, putting one hand on the side of my face with his thumb under my chin.

He tilted my face up and brought his lips to brush against mine. The effect was electric, and I nearly got off right then and there. I knew there was no way I was going to be able to back out of any of it now. I wanted him, and that was all there was to it. With his next kiss, I felt my knees go weak. He put his other arm around my waist as his tongue touched mine, sending electric pulses through my already sexually charged body.

"I've been wanting to do that since I woke up this morning," he said. "You looked so sexy while you were sleeping."

"I wouldn't have minded being woken up that way," I told him.

"Well, I wanted you awake when I kissed you for the first time," he said, smiling at me again.

"Yeah," I said. "I'm glad I was awake to feel how nice that first kiss was."

"I don't know what to do now," he said, his smile turning a bit uncertain.

"That's all right," I said, leaning up to kiss him again. "We'll just take it slow and do what comes natural."

Being much more forward than I thought I'd have been able to, I started to unbuckle his belt. He didn't seem to mind, though, because he pulled his own shirt over his head and dropped it to the floor. I pulled him by his jeans to my bed and sat down with him standing in front of me. Once I had his jeans unbuttoned and unzipped, he sat beside me on the bed and kissed me again.

I switched tactics and turned over in the bed. Once I was virtually on top of him, I started kissing his neck and worked my way down to his chest. When I let my tongue graze his nipple, I heard him suck in breath. I remembered then that he was a virgin, and while that fact completely stunned me still, I made up my mind to give him a night to remember.

I left kisses down his torso and patiently tugged at his jeans and boxers when I got to his navel. He lifted his hips to allow me to pull them down his legs, and I broke contact with him to untie and remove his shoes so I could get his pants and boxers off of him. Once that was done, I went back to kissing his stomach and listening to him purr.

His dick was hard and leaking precum onto his furry belly just under his navel. My imagination hadn't been too far off on his size, and I smiled as I thought about that. I teased he head of his dick with the tip of my tongue and heard him whimper as I did so. I was harder than I'd ever been at that point, and I had to really concentrate to keep my hands off of my jeans covered crotch. This was about him now, and I wanted to give him my complete attention.

When I wrapped my hand around his dick, he moaned and his head rolled back and forth. His eyes were shut, and his mouth as open with his tongue licking his bottom lip. I stroked his dick slowly, milking pre-cum out of his balls. I marveled at the size of it and wondered how I was ever going to accommodate him. What I was certain of was that I was going to do it. The idea of being his first fuck had my own balls churning pre-cum up through the shaft of my dick, leaving a wet spot on my jeans.

When I brought the tip of my tongue to his balls, his moans got louder. For a minute I thought about asking him to be quiet. I was worried about my father hearing us. Then I remembered that my parents' bedroom was in the back of the house. My room was in the front over the living room. There was no way Dad would hear us unless we started screaming. I just kept bathing his balls with my tongue. I was surprised that his balls were completely hairless. The rest of his body was covered in a fine dusting of hair that I thought was so sexy.

I stroked his dick while I licked his balls, and all I could think about was the fact that no one had ever even done this much to him. I was really excited about being his first. I hoped that I could give him the best night of his life. He wouldn't need a bachelor party after this. If I gave him enough pleasure, maybe even my cousin couldn't top this night.

With that thought in mind, I trailed my tongue over his balls and up the underside of his shaft until I got to the head of his dick. With a whimper and a moan for my effort, I trapped the head of his dick between my lips and let my tongue flick back and forth over the head of his dick. He started raising his hips off of the bed in an effort to drive more of his dick into my mouth, but I was firm and held my ground. This was going to go slow, and he was going to enjoy it. I didn't want him to cum too fast. I still had to get him inside of me.

I slowly took more and more of his dick into my mouth until I felt the head bump that back of my throat. It took a lot of concentration, but I got him into my throat, and when he felt that, I thought he was going to go into convulsions. His body bucked, shoving a bit more of his dick into my throat than I was ready for, but I held on like a trouper. When my nose touched his pubic hair, I was more proud of myself than I'd ever been in my life. He was moaning non stop by that point, and when I backed off just as slowly, he hissed through clenched teeth. When I heard that sound, I almost forgot to hold my breath.

I did that three more times, and when I had only the head of his dick in my mouth after the third time, he put his hand on the back of my head. He didn't apply pressure. He just laid his hand on my head. I went back to flicking my tongue over the head of his dick, and his moans became pants that were separated by only seconds.

"I'm going to cum," he announced a little louder than I was comfortable with.

I immediately took my mouth off of his dick and my hands away from his body. His eyes snapped open in that instant, and I had to smile at his expression. He clearly had been expecting me to get him off, and he was absolutely confused over why I stopped all contact with him when he said he was going to.

"I want you to calm down," I explained quickly. "I don't want this to be over yet."

"Come here then," he said as understanding flickered in his azure eyes. "I don't know if I can do what you did, but I'd like to try."

I slid back up his body, being careful not to stimulate his dick on the way up. When I was face to face with him, his mouth devoured mine, and his arms were around me. He held me so tight I could barely get a breath. Then he just held me, and his grip loosened. We stayed like that for a few minutes as he caught his breath, and I let breath back into my lungs. It was so nice to be lying in his arms like that.

When he pushed against me, I rolled off of him onto my back. He turned until he was almost on top of me and started to kiss me again. His kisses almost took my breath away, and I thought that if I suffocated from it, I would die happy. Then he let his kisses trail over my chin and down my neck. He imitated everything I had done to him on my way down his torso until he was tugging at my jeans and boxers like I had his.

I raised my hips to allow him to pull my pants off just the way he had done for me. Unlike him, I wasn't wearing shoes and socks, so his job was a bit easier than mine had been. In seconds, I was completely naked, and he was traveling back up my body, leaving kisses up my thighs. The sensation was strange to me. No one had ever kissed me like that before, and I reveled in it.

When he got to my balls, he did exactly what I did to him. The feeling of his tongue on my sensitive scrotum was unreal. I was the one moaning now, but my head wasn't rolling from side to side. My eyes were open and glued to the top of his head as he bathed my balls with his tongue. His hand wrapped around my aching erection and he stroked me slowly. With the pressure he was applying, I knew that I would cum in no time. Fortunately, he didn't keep it up long.

He dropped my dick, letting it smack against my stomach and licked up the underside of the shaft just like I'd done to him. Only when he reached the head of my dick, he didn't tease it as I had his. He put his lips around me and started to slowly sink his way down my length. I was about to warn him when I felt the head of my dick touch the back of his throat, but he just backed off a bit on his own. He started a steady rhythm, bathing the underside of my dick with his tongue on each in and out stroke.

I was shocked when I felt him wedge his index finger between his lips and my dick, wetting it thoroughly. Shocking me even more, he rubbed that finger over my waiting ass hole, sending electric pulses straight through my ass to my balls. When he applied pressure, I sighed. I nearly lost my battle with holding off my orgasm as his finger sank into me up to the second knuckle. I couldn't believe how quickly he took to it. I'd thought I would have had to coach him all the way through this part, but he slid his finger in and out of me in time with his gentle suction, and I was in a state of euphoria.

All good things have to come to an end, though, and after what seemed like only minutes of his attentions, I told him it was time to back off. I didn't think that he wanted a mouth full of cum the very first time he'd ever sucked a dick. He didn't protest, though. He just started kissing his way back up my body until our mouths were locked together again.

"You're amazing," he breathed between kisses. "I had no idea it would be like this."

"It gets better," I said, trying to keep up with him. "I want you inside of me."

He stopped moving completely and looked into my eyes. I wondered what was going through his head as he looked at me, but I was quiet and tried to put as much determination into my own look as I could manage. I wanted him inside of me. That was what this entire thing had been about. There was no way I was going to let this end without having his dick in my ass.

"I'll hurt you," he said finally.

"It will be ok," I assured him. "I want this."

"If you're sure," he said, but I was already rummaging through Billy's bedside table drawer for lubrication.

Zach watched every move I made, and when I was finished moving around, I told him exactly what I needed him to do. I didn't ask him to rim me, because I thought that just might be pushing too far. He lubed his finger and slowly eased it back into me, though. He kept his eyes on mine to watch for any signs of pain, but I reminded him that he'd done this much while he was sucking my dick. That set him at ease until I asked him to add his middle finger.

His dick was at least three fingers wide all the way around. I had to get him to loosen me up to take that much. He was certainly bigger than Clay, and Billy was close but not quite as thick. We'd only had sex one time, so I knew that I wasn't ready to take on Zach without a little help. I assured him that he wasn't going to hurt me, and he finally listened. He slowly slid his index and middle fingers in and out of my ass. He watched me again just like the first time, and I knew that I had no way of convincing him that there was no need.

His eyes looked like they might pop out of his head when I asked him to add his ring finger, and I had to explain why. After I'd gotten him to compare the first three fingers of his other hand to the girth of his dick, he understood. The feeling was tight, and there was some pain, but it went away after a few seconds. Then all I felt was full.

"I'm ready," I said softly as he looked into my eyes. "I want you inside me now."

"If you're sure," he said again as he flashed me a shy smile.

I wanted to just climb all over him when he smiled at me like that. It was going to be so hard to give him up after this. It was crazy, but I felt like we belonged together or something. Every time he smiled at me, my heart beat a little faster. Every time I looked into his awesome azure blue eyes, I could swear that there was a connection between us that no spell could have fabricated. I knew that I had to break the spell before the wedding, but I didn't know if I could actually do it.

He kissed his way back up my body, making all of those thoughts scramble in a whirlwind of pleasure. When we were face to face again, he kissed me softly and continued to look into my eyes as I opened the bottle of lube and spread it on his dick. I wrapped my hand around it and stroked him a few times to distribute the lubricant, and then I lifted my legs. I'd never started out that way before, but I didn't want to lose eye contact with him for any amount of the time he was inside me. I helped him guide his dick to my hole and smiled at him to let him know that I really was ready for it. He needed no more encouragement. He slowly began to apply pressure as I pushed back against him to open myself up to him. His eyes went wide as the head of his dick passed through my sphincter. There was a moment of pain, but I masked it by biting my bottom lip.

He seemed to understand the gesture, though, because he stopped right where he was and waited for my face to relax again. Then he slowly sank his dick into me, and all I could think about was the fact that I had him inside of me. I swear it was like fireworks went off in my head, and I hadn't even climaxed yet. It didn't help when his dick rubbed against my prostate, either. That sent a whole different kind of pleasure rippling through my body. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled his face to mine so I could kiss him.

When his balls touched my ass, I knew I had all of him. I felt so full at that moment, but I didn't care. Zach was inside me, and I had exactly what I wanted. He waited a minute or two, filling the time with soft kisses and whispered words, and then he started to pump his dick in and out of me slowly. He picked up speed once he saw that I was having just as much fun as he was. Soon, he was thrusting in and out of me at a normal pace, and each time he thrusted into me, his dick hit my prostate.

I was in heaven that night with Zach inside of me and his eyes radiating love as he looked into mine. The feeling of his dick inside of me was incredible. Coupled with the assault on my prostate, he had me riding the brink of an orgasm almost all the way through the fuck. I knew I wouldn't last long. I had no idea how close he was to cumming, but I knew that I couldn't wait to feel him shoot inside me. I think it was that thought that sent me over the edge.

I started to wiggle my ass back and forth as he thrusted in and out of me, and all of sudden, my balls exploded the biggest load of my young life. I could feel my cum shooting between us, but Zach didn't stop. His furry belly rubbed against mine with my cum to lubricate it, and my dick was trapped between us. All I could do was whimper and moan as he sped up his thrusts, but we never lost eye contact.

"Oh God," he moaned as he slammed his pelvis against my ass, burying his dick inside me to the root. I felt it then. His hot cum shot into me, and I could feel the warmth spread through my ass. I clamped my arms around him and held him tight as his body shook with his orgasm.

When his balls were empty, he laid his head on my chest and we both took the time to get our breathing at least partially back to normal before we looked at each other again. Then there were more of those soft kisses and tender looks, and I seriously almost cried when he looked at me with so much love in his eyes. I kissed him over and over again to help fight off tears, and then I knew that we had to at least try to clean ourselves up a little. We were both covered in my cum, and I knew all too well what it felt like to be glued together when it dried.

"I'll get a couple of wet towels," I said when he let me up.

In the bathroom, I saw my reflection, and I couldn't help smiling. I grabbed two towels and got the corners of both of them wet before turning to go back into the bedroom. I cleaned his chest and stomach while he tried to clean me up, and then we collapsed back onto the bed in each other's arms. He kept running his hand up and down my back as he looked into my eyes.

"That was incredible," he said softly. "I never knew it would feel like that."

"It was amazing," I agreed. It was all I could think of to say. Suddenly, my mind filled with the thought of breaking the spell, and I pulled his head down for a kiss before I could start crying.

We kissed and touched each other for a long time before exhaustion finally set in. The last thing I remember before closing my eyes that night was actually hearing Zach tell me that he loved me. I just hoped that he wouldn't hate me after the apple was destroyed. I didn't think I'd be able to live with it if he hated me.

The next morning, I felt him slip out of the bed and head off to the bathroom for his shower. As much as I wanted to just go back to sleep, I knew what I had to do. The clock on the bedside table told me it was barely eight in the morning. It was Sunday, and I knew that my father would sleep until ten, so I got out of bed, grabbed a pair of shorts and pulled them on, and then retrieved the apple from under Billy's bed.

In the kitchen, tears finally found me as I poured the contents from inside the apple into the garbage disposal. I tore the apple into pieces and stuffed them down into the disposal as sobs wracked me. I couldn't believe how much it hurt to destroy the apple, but it felt like my heart was ripping in two. When I was finished, I did my best to stop crying, ran water over my face before starting the disposal, and then crept back upstairs.

Zach was still in the shower when I got back to my room, and I nervously sat on the edge of my bed to wait for him. I didn't know what to expect out of him when he came out of the bathroom, and my mind dredged up the worst possible outcome. By the time the shower stopped, I was ready to pull my hair out from nervousness, but when he opened the door, he smiled at me.

He was standing there naked with a towel slung over his shoulder, and he smiled at me. I was confused for a second. I knew that I destroyed the apple, but I could still see the same tenderness and love in his blue eyes as he smiled at me. I didn't know what to expect, but I would never have expected him to feel the same way without a spell to make him.

"You should have climbed into the shower with me, Harry," he said as he came over and gave me another of those soft kisses that made my knees weak. "If I had known you would wake up while I was in there, I would have waited."

"I'm sorry," I breathed after a moment of silence, and then my head dropped. I don't know if I sighed out of relief or happiness, but he lifted my chin so that we were looking each other in the eye.

"What's wrong?" he asked, and concern washed over his sexy face as he looked into my eyes.

How did I tell him? What was I supposed to say? I couldn't tell him that I'd been worried that he'd hate me after I broke the spell that I'd put him under to have sex with me. I couldn't tell him that in the course of that spell I believed I fell in love with him. He would either hate me or think I was insane if I said any of that.

"Are you all right with what happened last night?" I finally asked him.

"Hey," he said softly as he sat beside me and wrapped his arm around me. He pulled me closer to him and kissed the side of my head. "I loved last night, Harry. I don't want you to worry. Even though I'm marrying Sarah, I'll always love you. I don't know how we'll do it, but if you're willing, I don't want last night to be the end of us."

"But," I said, and I couldn't say anything more. Sobs shook me again, and tears gushed from my eyes. I was so relieved and happy that he didn't hate me, and I couldn't believe that he said that he'd always love me.

"Harry, I know I'm a bit older than you," he said, sliding off of the bed to kneel in front of me. "I know that no one can ever find out about us, and if you're worried that I will get tired of hiding it, or that I'll tell someone, don't. Harry, I want you in my life any way I can have you. I don't know how it happened or why, but I love you very much, Harry Campbell. I hate that you're upset, and if you just tell me what to do to make you happy again, I'll do whatever it takes."

I flung my arms around him and held on tight. He dragged me to the bathroom, and we got into the shower. I passively let him wash my body and my hair, and in the middle of it all, he just kept telling me that he loved me. I thanked my lucky stars for every time he said those words, and I couldn't believe that he really loved me. There was no spell making him say those words to me, and he kept saying them for the rest of the day.

He married Sarah the very next morning, and I was at the wedding. I sat next to my brother, Billy, and watched him say his vows to my cousin. I saw all of it, but all I could think of was that he loved me. Billy kept asking me what was up with me after the wedding and all through the reception, but all I could say was that Zach and I had gotten along really well over the weekend. He shrugged and let it drop after that.

He asked me again a few times while Zach and Sarah were on their honeymoon, but I just kept putting him off. When Zach and Sarah got back, no one thought it was strange that Zach called me to tell me all about their trip. He said he couldn't wait to see me again, and I smiled for the rest of the night after that call.

He loved me.

OK, so you've already heard from me once. Do you remember me? My name is Billy Campbell. Doesn't ring any bells? Come on! I'm not that forgettable am I? OK, I'll give you more hints. I told you about what happened between me and my brother, Harry, on the night of Storyville's huge thunderstorm. Remember me now? Right, you only remember me having sex with Harry. Don't lie. I know how you all are. Well, I've got another one for you. Get your filthy minds out of the gutter! It doesn't have much of anything to do with Harry this time.

Harry and I shared one night together, and even though it was awesome, it never happened again. We developed a really amazing comfortable relationship afterward, but nothing sexual ever happened between us again after that night. We'd snuggle together sometimes, but we never had sex. Disappointed? Perverts! All right, all right, calm down. I didn't mean it that way! It isn't that I didn't want to have sex with Harry again. The chance just never really presented itself again. Those nights when he'd climb into my bed to snuggle, all he ever talked about was this mystery guy he was seeing.

Now, I have tried and tried to find out who stole my little brother's heart, believe me. At first I thought it was Clay, but after talking with him, I learned that he was scrambling to figure out who the lucky bastard was, too. So, Clay wasn't the one, and he wasn't getting any sex out of Harry, either. Of course, he has no idea that Harry and I ever did anything at all. I surely didn't tell him, and I know Harry never told him. He didn't even know that I am gay.

Actually, I think Clay might be a little slow on the up-take in that department. I'm surprised that, being gay himself, he never picked up on the fact that I never had a girlfriend, always hung out with Danny and never took part in the playful banter that all the guys got into about big tits and sexy girls. For that matter, I wonder why Danny didn't pick up on it. I mean, I've lusted after him for so many years. You'd think he'd have figured it out at some point. He hadn't though, and that's what this whole thing is about.

Danny is like the coolest guy in the universe. No, I'm serious. After you read this, if you don't agree that he's Mr. Cool, then I'll kiss your ass for you. Seriously, if you don't think he is after reading this, come to Storyville and look for me. I'm not one to go back on my word, so don't worry about that. Let me get to telling you all about what happened, though. Here we go.


*            *            *


The sun was shining in my face as I opened my eyes, so I turned onto my side to give my eyes time to adjust to the light. I fully expected Harry to be in the bed across the room from me, but he wasn't. His bed was made, and I was alone in the room. He was always up earlier than me lately. I didn't think much about the fact that he wasn't there that morning. I had other things to tend to.

First, I pulled the cord to drop the blind on my window, blocking the sun. The clock on my bedside table confirmed that it was only nine o'clock. My youngest brother, Chad, was spending the summer with our cousin, Chris. My mother was probably at work, and my father was either at work or in the garage.  Either way, I was alone in the house. I'd been dreaming about Danny, so my morning erection as a bit more insistent than usual. I reached under my sheet, into my boxers and wrapped my hand around it. I shivered as a pulse of pleasure spread outward from my crotch.

Thinking of Danny's sky blue eyes, his golden hair and his lithe swimmer's body, I pulled my erection through the fly of my boxers and wrapped my hand around it again. Danny occupied my thoughts just about every time I masturbated. I'd never fantasized about sex with him, though. I don't know why, but I just couldn't get my mind to produce images of us tangled together in twisted sheets, touching each other, wrenching pleasure and lust filled cries from the other. All I ever thought about were his hypnotizing eyes, his perfect smile and his sexually frustrating voice.

Danny had no idea what his voice could do a person when he spoke. Even when he said something simple or things he says all of the time can make my dick swell up to the point that it kind of hurts. He's got this sexy voice that just drives me completely wild. Am I in love with him? Probably. Do I have any chance with him? Doubtful. But I can still love him from afar, right? I'm going to.

Its not so bad, really. The only times I really want to cry myself to sleep is when he has a girlfriend.  That really hurts. I know I'm a lovesick freak, but I can't help it. Believe me, if you knew Danny Sass, you'd be in love, too. What makes it worse is that he's completely clueless when it comes to how I feel about him. Sure, we're closer than most best friends, and he's even been known to use me as a pillow from time to time (this completely drives me crazy), but he doesn't understand that when he has his head on my stomach, I have to really concentrate on something else to keep my dick soft and my hands off of him.  It's one of those things that are just totally amazing and completely horrible at the same time.

I pumped my fist over my erection slowly, thinking about that smile of his that makes my knees weak. I used the other hand to massage my balls as I thought about all of those horrible amazing times that I had his head on my stomach as we lounged in his tent either in his back yard or the lake. If only we'd ever made it to the lake without supervision, maybe I would have had the balls to at least tell him what having his head on my stomach was doing to me. You don't believe me? You're right. I'm a filthy little coward.

Sometimes he says things to me that just blow me away and terrify me all at the same time. For instance, he always says things like, "Let go of your dick and get over here." I mean, what's that? Does he know that I jack off and think about him at least twice a day? Nah, I don't think so. I mean, he'd surely say something about it if he did, right? I mean, what straight guy do you know that just takes it in stride when he knows that another guy thinks about him when he masturbates? Exactly.

I mean, how awesome would it be if he actually called and said something like, "So, your hand is wrapped around your dick, right? Please tell me that you're thinking about me, Billy. Tell me that you're wishing that it was my hand on your dick, making you feel good. Tell me that, please."  Hell, just thinking about that was enough of a mind game to cause a spontaneous eruption as my balls propelled cum up through the shaft of my dick and soaring high in the air above me to come down and splash onto my chest three times before the torpedo action slowed to a trickle, and my fingers and pubic hair is covered in that sexy smelling goo. 

My body actually shook with each blast of cum from my balls, and my entire body felt like I'd fallen into a huge vat of ecstasy. I nearly screamed out that I was cumming when it happened. That would have been really good for old man Hartman next door to hear, right? I mean, he's like a retired Baptist minister, so wouldn't it just be a sign from God for him to hear his seventeen-year-old neighbor screaming in the throws of a self induced orgasm? Ha! He'd tell my parents that I'm a pervert and demand that the devil be whipped from my body with switches. This, I'm certain of. Don't argue with me, either. I mean, he's a Baptist!

Spent, I pushed thoughts of the evil Baptist minister and switches out of my mind as I did the best I could to clean myself up with the t-shirt I'd left on the floor beside my bed for just this purpose. Thank the stars that Mom doesn't do our laundry anymore! What a thrill she'd get from a cum stained t-shirt! Might as well hang out a sign for her, right? "Mom, I masturbated this morning, and it was fantastic!"

Anyway, I got out of bed, checking the sheets to make sure I didn't make a mess on them, and deposited the shirt in the laundry hamper. The sheets were unmarred, so I didn't have to do more than remake my bed before I crossed to the dresser and got a clean  pair of boxers and a pair of shorts. I was aware of the fact that my dick was still standing at attention when it should have been satisfied with the geyser that had erupted from it minutes before.

In the shower, I quickly soaped up and used my slippery hand to bring myself to the second orgasm of the day, coating the shower wall with another load of cum. Yeah, yeah, I hear you all. Get over it. I'm seventeen years old, and I'm a horny guy. Are you going to attempt to tell me that the rest of the seventeen-year-old guys in the world can't get off more than once in less than an hour? I didn't think so.

Stepping up the mirror in the bathroom, I checked my face. No need to shave that day, and I only glanced at the little hoop earrings in my ears. Those had caused quite a conversation when I'd come home from the mall the day Danny and I had decided to poke holes in our ears and fill them with metal. Let me tell you, my dad was completely un-thrilled with the concept. The reality had him saying words that I rarely ever hear come out of his mouth. Mom was better about it, but she wasn't exactly enthusiastic when she said that all boys did things their parents would never understand.

I couldn't stop myself from smiling as I thought about the heated conversation that we'd had that night as I walked out of the bathroom and started sorting through the t-shirts in my closet. I was pulling one over my head when the phone started to ring. I didn't have to be psychic to know who was calling. Harry wasn't home, and Clay rarely called him anymore, so that only left Danny.

"Hey," I said, answering his call.

"Dork," he said. "Get your hand off your dick and get over here."

"For your information, I'm putting my shoes on as we speak," I laughed. Told you he'd say something like that!

"Oh, your fascination with your pubic region is over for the day then?" he teased. "Get your butt over here."

"Again, shoes," I reminded him. "I'll be there as fast as I can."

"You have the car? I can come and get you if you want," he said.

"That's all right," I replied. "The car is here, and I'm sure Dad will let me have it for the day."

"When are your parents going to buy you a car? Hell, Harry will be sixteen in a few weeks, and then you'll both be fighting over the car," he laughed.

"Nah, Harry has Zach to drive him around when he wants to go anywhere," I said. "He's over at Zach and Sarah's most of the time anyway."

"What is up with that? I see Clay all the time, but he's always alone these days," said Danny. "Poor guy looks lost half the time."

"I don't know," I admitted. "Clay's supposed to be Harry's best friend, but lately, he's stuck to Zach and Sarah like glue. Maybe they're letting him get away with a bunch of crap he can't get away with at home or something."

"Whatever," he said. "Just get over here."

I hung up the telephone and bounced down the stairs.  Grabbing a bottle of Sunny D from the fridge, I grabbed the keys to Dad's car off the pegboard and headed for the garage. Dad was sanding more wood for his boat when I walked in, but he stopped and smiled at me. He'd been working on that boat since I was fourteen years old. I wondered if he thought he'd ever get it finished.

"Hey," he said. "Your brother left with Zach around eight."

"Yeah," I said. "I was wondering if I could use the car for a while today."

"Sure," he replied. "Just make sure that you and Danny put gas in it before you come home."

"Will do," I said. "Thanks, Dad."

Ten minutes later, I was pulling in the driveway as Danny came out of the house. I saw Clay sitting on his front porch across the street, and I felt sorry for him. He really looked lonely. I was going to have to have a talk with Harry when I saw him next.  The kid was ignoring his best friend, and that wasn't right. I'd thought that they would always be inseparable.

"Hey, Dork," said Danny as I got out of the car. "Eddie just left to hang out with Charlie, so we have the house to ourselves."

"Where's your mom and dad?" I asked as I followed him back to the house.

"Work," he replied, stopping in front of the door. "Why don't we just have Clay hang out with us for a while today?"

"Sounds fine with me," I said, thinking that with the two of them, I'd be on sensory overload all day long.

Clay was a sexy little guy, and I couldn't understand why my brother was ignoring him. He was about as tall as me with buzzed blond hair and chocolate brown eyes. He always kind of looks sad, but when he smiles, I swear his whole face lights up. Its really sexy. I could feel my dick threatening to wake up again just thinking about his sexy smile.

"Hey, Clay," yelled Danny. "Why don't you come over here for a while? It beats the shit out of sitting there by yourself."

He hopped off his porch and trotted across the street, and I about fell over when I noticed the lump moving back and forth in his soccer shorts as he ran. The kid wasn't wearing underwear under the shorts, and his dick was really having a time. He had on a tight t-shirt that showed off his muscular torso, too. I had to look away from him, because my dick was really threatening to stand up and say howdy to him.

He thanked us for inviting him over, and for the next hour or so, we sat in Danny's living room. We watched MTV and drank almost all of the soda in his kitchen.  Occasionally, Danny would comment on a woman in a video, and Clay and I would smile at him, but neither of us said anything about any of the people in the video. I noticed that Clay was watching me while he thought I wasn't paying attention, and I had to try really hard not to smile or look at him.

"Where's Harry today? I haven't heard from in a few days," he said finally.

"He's at Zach and Sarah's today," I said, turning to look at him.

He put his head down slightly, and I could easily see the disappointment in his eyes. I was really going to have a talk with Harry when I saw him. The poor guy really missed him, and I didn't think it was right for Harry to blow him off all of the time. Clay had never done anything to deserve this treatment, and I found myself feeling sorry for the guy.

He excused himself a little while later, thanking us for hanging out with him. He said that he had to be ready for his dad to pick him up, so I didn't try to talk him out of leaving. I was sure that he was leaving because he was upset about Harry, but I didn't mention anything. I did notice that Danny watched him leave and didn't say a word until the door was closed with Clay on the other side of it. He looked at me and sighed.

"Dude, what's Harry's problem?"

"No clue," I shrugged. "But I'm going to find out. That's supposed to be his best friend."

"If you ever do some shit like that to me, I'll pound you," threatened Danny.

"I'd never do something like that," I said. "I go nuts if I don't talk to you at least once a day."

"Lovin on me?" He laughed with a silly grin on his face. For a second, I felt like a trapped animal facing a predator.

"Pervert," I laughed nervously.

"I seriously would come unglued if you pulled some shit like that with me, Billy Boy," he said, getting up to go back to the kitchen for more soda.

"Do you tease me on purpose?" I asked before I could stop myself. I hadn't even realized that those words were even in my head. I was terrified of what that question would spark. A conversation that I'd sworn I would never have with him was what I was fearing was coming.

"What do you mean?" He asked, stopping in the doorway and turning to look at me.

"You always tell me to get my hand off my dick," I replied, confusing myself as to why I was still talking. Was I really going to come out to him? "You're always saying something like that to me. You make it sound like you think I'm in love with you."

"Billy, I . . ." he stopped. He walked back into the living room and sat down on the couch beside me.

We were both quiet for a few minutes. I don't know what was going through his head, but I was scared to death. I knew that this conversation was far from over, and he was going to want to know why his comments bothered me so much. I knew that he wasn't trying to tease me. At least, I thought I knew he wasn't trying to tease me. Did he know the truth about me? Were his comments only masked as playful banter when they were really an attempt to get me to tell him the truth? Was he actually trying to trick me?

My heart was racing in my chest, and I kept wiping my sweaty palms on my shorts. The more I thought about it, I did kind of believe that he knew about me and was trying to get me to tell him. I couldn't believe that he'd do something like that, but that's what it seemed like as I thought about it. It was completely irrational, but I didn't think of that at the time.  All I could think about was that my best friend in the whole world was trying to trick me into outing myself. It made my skin crawl.

"You know, don't you?" I finally asked, breaking the silence between us.

"Know what, Billy? I didn't know I was making you uncomfortable. We've talked like that to each other since we were twelve. What bothers you about it all of a sudden?" he asked.

"If you know already, then why don't you just tell me, Danny?" I asked, getting angry. This was getting out of hand, and I didn't know how to stop it. I'd been afraid of him figuring out that I was gay for so long, and paranoia was making me nuts. Even as that thought ran through my head, I couldn't stop. "Just tell me."

"Tell you what, Billy?" He asked, turning his body so that he was facing me. "What did I do?"

"I've been trying so hard not to slip up in front of you for so long," I said. "Every time I caught myself before I said something that would give my secret away, I was so scared that you would hate me. This whole time, I've been trying so hard not to let you find out, and you have known all along?"

"Known what?" He asked, and I could hear genuine confusion in his voice, but I couldn't stop my mind from going into overdrive.

"You think this is funny, don't you?" I demanded, turning to look at him. "You do it to pick on me, right? Pick on the fag. I get it, Danny. I understand now. What I don't understand is why you even have anything to do with me at all if you think I'm such a pervert."

"Whoa," he said, putting his hand on my arm, but I jerked away from him. "Billy, did you just say that you're gay?"

"Don't try to change the subject," I snapped, completely unaware of what I was saying or why. "You knew all this time, and instead of telling me, you decided to make fun of me. Did you think I would never figure it out? I'm slow sometimes, Danny, but I'm not stupid. I can't believe you would do that."

"Do what?" He cried. "Billy, I don't have any idea what you're talking about. I didn't know about this. I swear. I'm a little blown away by it, but I swear I would never make fun of you for anything, Billy. You have to believe me."

"I'm leaving," I said, getting up off of the couch and walking to the door. "I can't believe I've been so stupid all this time."

"Billy, wait," he said, getting up to follow me as I walked out the front door. I was just shutting the car door when he walked up to the car. "Billy, please."

On some level, I knew that I was being completely retarded, and I could see the confusion and fear on his face. He really hadn't known. I'd just made a complete idiot out of myself, and now I was embarrassed beyond belief. I had to get out of there. I had to get away from him, and fast. I sped out of the driveway, nearly crunching Clay's dad's car in the process.

I sped off while Danny stood there watching me leave. I couldn't believe that I'd done it. I'd outed myself, because I let one stupid little thought fester in my mind until it opened a whole rotten trench of the same kinds of thoughts. I'd just accused my best friend of taunting me, and he'd had no clue. I drove home mentally kicking myself. I'd probably just completely ruined my friendship with Danny, and it was because of my own stupid mind going off the deep end.

I thought about all of the things I'd accused him of while I put gas in the car. How I even remembered to stop at the gas station is beyond me. I guess I wasn't that far off in mental Hell to forget my dad's request. I was such an idiot. I couldn't believe I'd said all of that. What a way to come out of the closet! If he decided to spread the word about me, I'd only have myself to blame for it.

When I pulled into the driveway at the house, I was stunned to see Danny's truck sitting in front of the house. He was sitting behind the wheel, staring at me as I parked the car. He didn't get out of the truck until I got out of the car. I didn't know what to say to him, and I didn't understand why he was there. I'd just basically accused him of being the biggest asshole on the face of the planet, and here he was.  Had he come to yell at me? If he had, I deserved it.

"Don't ever do that to me again," he said hotly when we were standing in front of each other. "You can't just lay something like that on me and then run off like that, Billy."

"Look," I sighed. "I understand if you hate me, and I won't bother you or anything. I'm going to go in the house. You can leave, and you never have to talk to me again."

With that said, I turned on my heel and went into the house. I was shocked beyond what electricity could do to me when he followed me into the house. My dad was sitting in the living room, and he smiled at us when we came in. I handed him his keys and prayed that Danny wouldn't say anything in front of him. I knew I'd been a scummy friend, but I really would die if he told my dad that I was gay.

To make matters worse, my mother came out of the kitchen. She'd come home from work while I was at Danny's, and the first thing she did when she saw us there was ask questions. I thought for sure that Danny would blurt it all out at any moment, and I was about to freak out.

"Where were you?" She asked me. "Danny's been sitting out there for a few minutes. Your father told me that you went to Danny's."

"I stopped to put gas in the car," I replied quickly.

"I just headed straight over here and waited for him," added Danny, and I nearly fell over when he spoke. I was so sure that he would just out me then and there. 

"Well, at least you remembered to put gas in the car," she said. "Danny, are you staying for supper?"

"No, Ma'am," he replied. "I have to be home when my folks get home."

"I'm going to my room," I said, thinking of escaping what I thought would quickly become a war zone if I stayed in front of my parents much longer.

"Thanks for inviting me, Lindy," said Danny as he followed me up the stairs.

"Why are you still here?" I asked when he closed my bedroom door after we'd reached the room. "I told you that I won't bother you anymore."

"Billy, shut up," he said, shoving me back until I sat on my bed. He sat down on the edge of Harry's bed and glared at me. "I'm pissed at you, you know?"

"Look," I said, "you don't have to worry . . ."

"I said, shut up," he said. "I have a few things to say to you, Billy, and you're going to listen. First, I have never tried to tease you for anything since we've known each other. If I ever did tease you, it was always in fun. I never tried to make you uncomfortable, ever. Second, that was a lousy way to tell me that you're gay. I'm your best friend, and I think you could have come up with a better way. To think that you thought I already knew and would use that against you just shows me that you're not thinking.

"I don't care about you being gay," he continued.  "What I care about is that you actually thought I was teasing you about it. I didn't know, and even if I had suspected, which I didn't, I wouldn't have teased you about it. I thought you knew me better than that."

He was quiet for a while, and I waited to make sure that he didn't have more to say. Everything he said made me feel like an idiot. Of course I knew that he didn't know, and he would never try to tease me. At the time, I was going insane from thoughts that he'd figured me out, though. I scared the crap out of myself, and I took it out on him like a real freak.

"Look," I sighed when I was sure he was finished, "I'm sorry about all of that, Danny, I really am. My mind went north for a little while, and I freaked out."

"But have I ever done anything, said anything, to make you think that I would taunt or tease you? I have never even said anything about gay people in my life. Until now, I never knew any," he said.

"So, you're not disgusted because I'm gay?"

"Jesus, Billy, are you listening? I just said I don't care about that," he said. "I'm a little worried about why you thought you couldn't tell me until you thought I was ripping on you, though."

"I was scared, Danny," I replied.

"Scared I buy," he said. "Just don't hide anything else from me."

"OK," I sighed, thinking that if I was in for a pinch, I might as well be in for a pound. "I have something to say to you that you're probably not going to like."

"What?" He asked. "Remember, I don't care about the gay thing."

"But you might care about this," I said.

"Don't try to think for me, Billy," he said. "Just tell me what's going on."

"I think I'm in love with you," I blurted, and I immediately wished I could take the words back. So many things crossed his face after I'd said the words. He looked confused for a second, scared the next and then he just looked sad. That was the look I hated. It was as if I could see our friendship ending in that look. He couldn't handle it. He'd demanded that I not keep any more secrets from him, but when I'd told him the only secret I had left, he looked sad.

My stomach tried to fold in on itself as he looked at me with that sad look. I wished that he would say something. Anything would be better than that silent, sad stare that he gave me. He could handle the fact that I'm gay, but he couldn't handle the fact that I thought I was in love with him. He could have at least said that much. Instead he just gave me that look, and I wanted to crawl into a hole and die for making him look that way.

Just then, Harry barged into the room. He seemed oblivious to the way that Danny was looking at me as well as to the glare I gave him for intruding on what should have been a private conversation. Not that we were actually saying anything at that moment. It was more like a staring match. He had that sad look, and I know I had a pleading look on my face.

"I've got to go," Danny said, standing up so fast that I cringed. "Harry, you should really call Clay and hang out with him some time. The boy really misses you."

"Yeah, thanks, Danny," said Harry as he pulled his t-shirt over his head and dropped it into the hamper beside the dresser.

"Later, guys," said Danny. "Billy, I'll talk to you on Saturday."

And then he was gone. I just flung myself back on my bed and sighed. I couldn't believe that any of this had happened. I'd just killed my friendship with my best friend. Danny was the one I told just about everything that ever happened. He was the one I spent all of my time with. Why did I have to open my mouth and screw everything up?

"What's with you?" asked Harry as he stared at me.

"Nothing," I sighed, getting up again. "I think I just killed my friendship with Danny."

"You told him, didn't you?"

"I told him that I'm gay," I said and then started to laugh. "Well, I accused him of already knowing that I'm gay and teasing me about it."

"Smooth," laughed Harry. "Next you'll be telling him you've got a thing for him."

"Yeah, about that," I said slowly.

"You didn't," he breathed. "You're crazy, you know that? What did he say?"

"He said for you to call Clay, and then he left," I replied, feeling like complete crud. "That's what he said."

"Oh, man," breathed Harry. "That really sucks."

"Yeah," I sighed, sitting down again.

"Well, Mom wants us downstairs for supper," he said, pulling another shirt over his head. "See you in a bit."

He left me alone after that, and I could hear him bounding down the stairs shortly after the door closed. I sighed and ran my fingers through my hair as I sat there on the edge of my bed, thinking about what I'd done. Why did I even start thinking about any of that to begin with? It wasn't like he'd said anything that he hadn't said a million time before.  I'd always known he wasn't teasing me then, so what made today different? I had no answers. All I knew was that I'd lost my best friend because I couldn't keep my mouth shut.

When I got downstairs for supper, my day got worse.  Before I even realized what I was walking into, I was confronted with Aunt Maude. What was she doing there? She was supposed to be in Carbondale for some occult thing. What was even more unreal was that Harry was seated at the dining room table beside her, and they looked like they were having a grand conversation.  Harry had always been kind of scared of Aunt Maude.  What was going on?

"William," she said when she looked up and found me standing in the doorway, "come and sit. Your mother has made us a feast."

"Hello, Aunt Maude," I said, trying my very best to pretend to be happy to see her. The truth of the matter was that the woman still gave me the creeps.

"I've stopped to pick up Harold and Chadwin," she said as I took my seat across the table from her. "They'll be staying with me for a few days. Harold has been kind enough to offer to help me clean out my attic. Isn't that wonderful?"

"That was very nice of Harry," I replied. "Chad is going to help, too?"

"Oh, Chadwin is going to spend some time with Christopher," she explained. "The two are getting along famously."

I looked at Chad, who was sitting on her other side, and he beamed a smile at me like he was pulling one over on me or something. Like I cared that he and our cousin, Chris, were getting along. At least I wouldn't be trapped in a car with Aunt Maude for several hours. When I looked at Harry, he seemed to be excited about his pending time with Aunt Maude.  The two went right back to whispering to each other. This went on throughout supper, and no one, other than me, seemed to notice anything out of the ordinary.

My mother asked me what I'd be doing over the course of the next few days, and I told her that I'd probably be sticking close to the house. She asked about Danny, and I nearly choked on my roast beef. I remembered at the last minute that Danny would be off with Eddie, his brother, until Saturday afternoon. I told her that. In truth, I didn't even know if Danny and I would speak to each other on Saturday. I really did think that he was finished with me.

After supper, we all said goodbye to my brothers and Aunt Maude. I wasn't shocked to hear that the other person who offered to help clean Aunt Maude's attic was Zach. The fact that Harry spent just about every waking moment with Zach wasn't lost on me, either. I wondered just what was so special about that guy. He was married to our cousin, Sarah, and ever since they'd moved into the house two blocks away, Harry had nearly dropped Clay completely and stopped spending more than nights at home.

I didn't dwell on that, though. As soon as they were gone, my parents announced that they were going to a movie. I was left alone in the house, and I had nothing to do to celebrate it. Not that I wanted to celebrate anything in the mood I was currently in.  Instead, I went upstairs to my room and sat at the computer. I turned on all of my messengers and then went to Nifty to read a few stories. I thought they might take my mind off of things.

I read a story that sounded a lot like what happened between me and Danny that day, and the story turned out to have the two friends in bed having sex. It made me feel better at first, but then I felt depressed as I thought that this would never happen between me and Danny. I left the story site and joined the "secret" chat room I'm usually in when I'm alone.

I noticed a bunch of names in the list, but no one was really talking. That wasn't out of the ordinary.  People rarely said anything in the main room. Most of them were off in private messages. Then I found a name in the list that struck my attention. The name was ClayBoy16, and I immediately thought of my brother's best friend, Clay. I clicked on the user's profile and was shocked to see Clay's face looking back at me. I decided that after coming out to Danny, my straight best friend, it wouldn't be any worse to come out to Clay, Harry's kind of ex lover. I clicked on his name and a window opened.

"Boo," I typed and waited for his response. I was sure that he would check my profile and discover who I was. My picture was also on my profile.

"Who are you?" he replied.

"You didn't check my picture?" I asked.

"This isn't funny," came his response. "Harry, if this is you trying to use Billy's profile, he's going to be pissed when he finds out."

"I'm not Harry," I typed. "I'm Billy."

"Yeah, right," he replied.

"Harry is in a car with my Aunt Maude and Chad, bound for Carbondale for a few days," I typed.

"You know, this isn't funny," he repeated.

"Clay, you sat with me and Danny today and watched videos," I typed. "You asked me about Harry, and I told you he was at Zach and Sarah's."

"So, Billy told you I asked about you, and now you're making fun of me?" he replied.

"Clay, do you want me to come over to your house and prove that its really me?" I typed. "I don't have the car, but I can walk it and be there in like twenty minutes."

"Whatever," he replied. "I don't believe you any way."

Then I had an idea. I clicked on my settings and turn on my web cam. Once I was satisfied with the lighting, I told Clay to view the cam and see for himself that I was, in fact, me. He refused to view the cam for a minute and continued to ask me questions that he thought only Billy would know. I didn't know what else to do to convince him that I was really me.

"Just click on the cam, Clay," I typed. "I can't magically be someone I'm not."

He didn't respond for a few minutes, but I knew what he was doing. I got the message that someone was trying to view my cam, so I authorized him. It took a few minutes to load for him, and I wondered what he would say when saw that it really was me. I chuckled to myself as I thought about what his reaction to finding out that I'm gay would be.

"Holy shit!" he messaged. "Billy, do you know what room you're in?"

"LOL," I replied. "Yes, I know what room I'm in. Don't worry about that."

"Please don't say anything to anyone about this," he messaged, and I could just imagine the panic he was experiencing.

I hadn't thought about what he would think about me discovering that he was gay. I'd only thought about letting him find out about me. I had to think fast in order to come up with the right words to type to let him know that his secret was more than safe with me.  I started to type four times and had to backspace and get rid of my text before I finally just told him the truth.

"I already knew about you, Clay," I typed. "Harry doesn't keep secrets from me. Don't worry, though. If I told anyone about you, then you could tell everyone about me, too."

"You're gay?" he messaged.

"Yes, I am," I replied. "I don't know why Harry never told you that."

Actually, I did know why Harry hadn't told Clay about me. He hadn't told him, because he'd have had to tell him how he knew about it. Sure, he could have said that I told him, but Harry wasn't a liar. He would have had to tell Clay that I fucked him, and that's how he found out that I was gay. I could tell Clay that Harry told me about him, because he actually had told me about Clay. Well, he'd only said that he and Clay had been having sex.

Another thing about what I'd just told Clay bothered me. I told him that Harry didn't keep secrets from me. That was true until recently. Now he wouldn't tell me who this mystery guy was that he was so hooked on. I didn't want to tell Clay that. I was pretty sure that Clay had feelings for Harry that ran a bit deeper than friendship, so the last thing I wanted to do was break the guy's heart by telling him that Harry had found someone else.

"Oh, man," he messaged. "This is blowing my mind. I can't believe that Harry never told me."

"Well, now you know," I typed. "You're the third person in the world to find out about me."

"Who else knows?" he asked.

"I told Danny today, but it didn't go very well," I typed.

We chatted back and forth for a while, and I told him all about what had happened with Danny. He told me that Danny probably just needed some time to think about what I'd said. The only part that I'd left out was what I'd said to Danny about the part where I told him that I thought I was in love with him. I was a little too embarrassed about that to tell Clay about it.

We got to talking about how much he missed Harry, and he told me that he and Harry had been having sex. I admitted that I already knew that, but he didn't seem to mind that. I asked him if he had deeper feelings for Harry, and he admitted that he'd thought so at first, but now he just missed his friend. He told me that they'd always hung out together, which I knew, and now he just felt left behind.

I felt sorry for him and told him that he could hang out with me any time he wanted. In fact, I asked him if he wanted to come over and hang out that night. He asked about Danny, and I told him that Danny was with Eddie, and I was home alone for a while. I even told him to ask his mother if he could spend the night. I was sure that my parents wouldn't mind. They never said no to Danny or Clay when we asked for one of them to spend the night. They might wonder why I was suddenly spending time with Harry's friend instead of my own, but I'd deal with that if they asked about it.

"I can't believe that you're gay," he said when we were sitting in my room after he'd arrived. His mother had agreed to let him spend the night, and Clay had told me that he hadn't even mentioned that he was going to be staying with me instead of Harry. We were sitting on my bed with me at one end against the head board and him at the other.

"Well, I think I'm starting to get comfortable with other people knowing," I replied. "I mean, after Danny's reaction, things can't get much worse."

"What about your parents?" He asked. "Are you going to tell them?"

"I think I'll wait until I'm in college to tell my parents," I laughed. "I said I was getting comfortable with other people knowing. My parents are more than other people."

"I still can't believe that Harry never even dropped a hint that you were gay," he said. "Even after we'd talked about you and Danny both, he never said a word."

"What about me and Danny?" I asked, getting very interested in what Harry had actually said to Clay about me and Danny. I remembered when he'd called Danny my boyfriend, but he'd said he didn't mean it.

"Well, he thinks Danny's gorgeous," he replied. "I admitted that I had a little crush on you."

That statement threw me completely. Never mind Harry thinking Danny is gorgeous. He's completely right about that. Clay had just said that he had a little crush on me! That was the part of the statement that I was stuck on. Here he was, this hot sixteen year old boy with those sad brown eyes and that sexy smile, and he said that he had a crush on me. I didn't understand. I mean, I won't be all modest here. I look OK, but I'm nothing next to Danny. I could see Harry's attraction to Danny, but Clay was attracted to me? It just didn't compute.

I was shocked to find that my dick was excited about his confession. It wasn't hard, but it definitely wasn't soft, either. I looked at him for a moment as I thought about the fact that he'd always just been Harry's friend Clay to me. Until that very day, I hadn't even really thought about how attractive he really was. As I've already pointed out Clay has a very sexy smile, and his eyes always look so sad. Its the kind of look that makes you want to wrap him in your arms and make him feel better.

"Maybe I shouldn't have told you that," he said, looking uncomfortable as I stared at him.

"No, I'm glad you did," I said quickly. "It just took me by surprise."

"I didn't mean to make you think I was going to . . ."

"Clay, relax," I said, grabbing his hand. "Its OK, really. I was just surprised. I think you're a sexy guy, Clay. I was just shocked that you think I'm attractive."

"You think I'm attractive?" He asked, and there was a stunned look on his face.

"Hell yes," I said. "Clay, you're gorgeous. You've got blond hair that shines in the light. Your eyes always make you look like you're on the verge of crying, and when you smile, I can't even describe that smile of yours."

"Wow," he said, smiling. "Thanks."

"What I can't figure out, is why you think I'm more attractive than Danny," I told him honestly.

"What?" He laughed. "Come on. Danny's a nice looking guy, but you're way better looking."

"No, I'm not," I said, smiling at him. "Danny's got that killer body, blond hair and he's way better looking than I am."

"To you, maybe," Clay said seriously. "Billy, you've got an amazing body. Your body is way better than Danny's. Yeah, he's got blond hair, but I don't like blond hair. I like dark hair like yours. I can't tell you all the reasons why I think you're hotter than Danny. I just do."

"Well, I'm flattered," I said, smiling at him. "I think you're a sexy guy, yourself."

"But you don't want me, right?" He asked with a disappointed look in those sad eyes of his.

I didn't know how it happened, but I had so many thoughts running through my head after he said that.  I thought about Danny first, and I thought that the fact that I'd told him that I thought I was in love with him would make me feel guilty about the way that Clay was turning me on. I was a bit shocked that I didn't feel guilty at all. In that very moment I realized that I did love Danny. I loved him like the best friend that he was. I realized that I could never fantasize about anything sexual with Danny, because what I felt for him was nothing more than affection. I didn't want to have sex with Danny.

Clay, on the other hand, had my mind cluttered with images of what I wanted to do to him and have him do to me. I was almost completely blown away by the realization that I did want to have sex with Clay.  Even more shocking was that I didn't want it to be a one time thing, either. I wanted him all right. I wanted him exactly the way I'd thought I wanted Danny. It wasn't love. I'm not that stupid. No, it wasn't love, but I was sure that it could be one day.

Instead of answering his question, I leaned forward slowly until our faces were merely centimeters apart.  When I felt my own lips brush against his, I closed my eyes and put my arms around his body, dragging him closer. It was difficult with him sitting the way he was, but he didn't take long to understand what I wanted. Then we were on the edge of the bed as close together as we could be. My arms were still around him, and his arms slipped around my neck as he started to kiss me back.

Leaving one hand around his torso, I used my other hand to slip under his t-shirt and rub his abdomen and chest. When I got to his tight little nipples, I made sure to spend ample amounts of attention on each one.  He moaned against my mouth in response to the attention I was giving those nipples. I used my other hand to grip the back of his t-shirt as I slid the other back down his stomach and gripped the front. He understood as soon as I started to pull the shirt up his torso. He lifted his arms, breaking the kiss we were sharing to let me pull that shirt over his head and off of him.

I kissed his bare neck and left a trail of kisses from his neck to his chest. Using my tongue, I went back to paying attention to his nipples, one at a time. I could feel his body shake, and I could hear his heavy breathing as I pushed him with my head until he was lying back on the bed with me crouching over him, connected to his left nipple.

Once he was lying back, I decided that I wanted to see all of him. I never let go of his nipple, but I used my hands to grip the top of his soccer shorts. I slid them down as he lifted his ass off of the bed to allow me to slid them down his hips. Finally letting go of my assault on his nipple, I pulled his shorts down his legs and off of him. I was right about my earlier assumption. He wasn't wearing underwear under the shorts, and I got my first look at his dick and balls as he lay there, looking up at me.

I started kissing his stomach as I wrapped my hand around his erect dick and heard him sigh. I stroked his dick as I kissed my way around his navel in a circle. I slowly inched my kisses lower and lower on his abdomen until my nose was in his pubic hair. He smelled of soap and fabric softener, but when I let my tongue delve into the dense patch of hair, he tasted awesome.

Going completely by things that I'd read in stories on the Nifty Archive, I moved off of the bed until I was kneeling between his spread legs. I started with his balls, lightly running my tongue over them as I continued to stroke his dick. He was panting now, and I slowly and carefully took one of his balls into my mouth, trying to run my tongue around it. I repeated the action with the other before letting his scrotum fall from my lips as I ran my tongue up the underside of the shaft of his dick, moving my hand off of him.

As I reached the head of his dick, I used both hands to rub his stomach and chest as far as I could reach up his body. I trapped the head of his dick between my lips and lifted his dick straight up as I ran my tongue over the flesh between my lips. Here, he tasted even more amazing. He was moaning softly, so I knew that he was enjoying my efforts. I slowly inched my way down the shaft of his dick, applying light suction as I went. He hissed as the head of his dick bumped the back of my throat. I was no expert at the time, having never actually sucked a dick in my life, so I couldn't get him in my throat. Instead, I backed off just as slowly as I'd made my way down.

After repeating that action a few times, he started to pull at me until I let his dick escape my lips and slid up his body to bring my lips to his for another kiss. He hungrily explored the inside of my mouth with his tongue, trying to curl it around mine as he did so. I started to grind my pelvis against his naked dick, and he moaned into my mouth again, holding me tightly in his arms.

"I want you naked now," he whispered as he broke the kiss. "I want to suck your dick, too."

I wasted little time complying with his wish to have me naked, shucking my shirt with lightning speed as he watched. There was a new look in those brown eyes of his. No longer were they sad. Now they looked hungry and excited. I quickly peeled my shorts off, making sure to include my boxers until I stood before him completely naked. His eyes drank in the sight of me, and I felt my dick strain in the most amazing erection I'd ever had.

I crawled around on the bed until my crotch was in his face and his dick was staring me in the face. Pulling him over onto his side, I slid his dick back into my mouth. I nearly choked on him when I felt his mouth on my dick. I'd never had anyone suck my dick before, and this was amazing. My one sexual experience with Harry hadn't included oral sex, but I was sure that Clay was a pro by the way he had me on the edge of orgasm within seconds.

He seemed to know the effect he was having on me, because he let go of my dick and started to lick my balls. I let his dick fall from my lips to moan, and then another idea from Nifty occurred to me. I strained to get to his balls, and he spread his legs wider to allow me access, and I could hear his breath hitch when I passed his balls and began to lick the skin underneath them. I was inhaling the scent of him as I licked at his perineum, trying to ascertain if he was clean. All I smelled was soap and a musky scent that was him.

With no more worries, I let my tongue slide further along his perineum until it glided across his asshole. His body stiffened, and he gasped when my tongue made contact with his ass, and I felt him start shaking again as I ran my tongue over his hole again and again. I stiffened my tongue and tried to shove it inside his asshole the way I'd read on the net, and I could feel his hole loosen to admit my tongue. I can't even describe the way he tasted, but I will tell you that I loved it. I probed his asshole with my tongue for a while before he put his mouth back on my dick.

As I rimmed his ass, he sucked my dick. This time, he didn't pull me so close to the edge, though. He was moaning around my dick as my tongue pushed in and out of his hole. Going further into what I'd read about, I disengaged my tongue from his ass and stuck my index finger inside my mouth, sucking on it to get it wet.  When I put the tip of my finger against his asshole, he bucked slightly, impaling himself on my finger up to the middle knuckle. My dick fell from his lips as he moaned again and started to rock his ass back and forth as I slid my finger to the hilt inside of him.

"Oh, God," he hissed, and his ass continued to move against my finger.

I knew that I wanted to fuck him, but all I could think about was that Harry had told me that I was bigger than Clay. From the way that Harry had taken to having my dick in his ass, I was sure that he had been fucked before. What if Clay wasn't into getting fucked? What would I do then? I wasn't about to let him fuck me. Every time I'd thought of being fucked, I felt sick in my stomach.

"I want to fuck you, Clay," I said to find out what he would say.

"Just go slow," he replied. "Its been a while for me."

I wasn't done loosening his ass, though. My reading on the net had given me plenty of research to use in this instance. I knew that I had to loosen him up a bit more before I could even think about putting my dick in his ass. I didn't want to hurt him. I thought about what I'd read on Nifty in the stories about anal sex. Then it dawned on me like the morning sun.

"In the drawer next to your head is a bottle of lotion," I told him.

He needed no more explanation. He reached over and pulled the drawer open. He handed me the bottle of lotion and went back to licking my dick. It was hard to concentrate with his attention on my dick, but I got the top of the bottle opened and squirted a little of the lotion into the palm of my hand. I used my fingers to rub the lotion around and into his hole.  Using more lotion, I lubed my index and middle finger before putting my index finger back into his ass. He moaned against my dick as I searched for what the stories described as a little knot inside his ass. I must have found it, because he suddenly gasped and engulfed my dick to my pubes.

I moved my finger around a little until I could actually feel his prostate. Then I pulled my finger out and slowly inserted my index finger along with my middle finger. Clay stopped what he was doing and held still until both fingers were all the way inside of him. When I ran my finger over his prostate, he moaned on my dick again, and then he went back to sucking. I twisted and pushed my fingers in and out of his ass, making sure to rub his prostate each time for a little while before he took his mouth off of my dick.

"I'm ready, Billy," he moaned. "I want you in me."

I pulled my fingers out of his ass, and he got on his knees. He pulled me until I was on the bed again.  Then he told me that he wanted me to be flat on my back. He said that it was easier for him to get used to having a dick in his ass if he sat on it. I wasn't about to argue with him, so I lay back and handed him the bottle of lotion when he held his hand out for it.

He squirted some into his hand and then stuck his hand between his legs to rub the lotion into his hole before squeezing more lotion into his hand again.  This time, he wrapped that lotion slick hand around my dick and stroked me a couple of times to completely lubricate the shaft and head. I squirmed under this attention, and  he smiled at me before straddling my pelvis. I felt him lining my dick up to his hole before he slowly started to ease himself down onto it. His eyes shut, and his lips grew tight as I felt the head of my dick pass through his sphincter.

His hole was so tight around the head of my dick that it was almost uncomfortable. I wondered if he'd ever done this before. He'd said that sitting on it let him get used to it better, but I didn't know if he was being brave or if he'd actually had a dick in his ass before. He must have known what he was doing, because he slowly inched his way down until the cheeks of his ass were resting on my pelvic bone.

"Just let me sit here a minute," he said when I asked him if he was all right. "I have to get used to it. You're way bigger than Harry."

That answered my unspoken question. I lay there, patiently waiting for him to get used to my dick in his ass. He kept his eyes shut for a while, but then he opened them and smiled at me. He apologized for taking so long, but I assured him that I was doing fine. I was in awe of the feeling of his ass tightly gripping my dick. To  be so intimate with him was amazing. I hadn't stopped to think about it with Harry, but I didn't think there was anything more intimate in the world than what Clay and I were doing right then.

Then he moved around until his legs were no longer under him, gasping as he actually sat all the way down on my dick. He put his legs on my torso and told me to sit up. He warned me to be careful to keep my dick in his ass, but he wanted me to put him on is back with his legs over my shoulders. I maneuvered around until we were in the position that he wanted. It would have looked like a comedy in errors to anyone if they'd been watching, but we made it, and I'd only dislodged my dick from his ass about half way. When we were finally in position, the momentum of my body shoved it right back in to the hilt, causing him to gasp again.

"I'm sorry," I said quickly.

"No, its all right," he said, smiling at me. "Just kiss me."

I leaned forward, conscious of the fact that my action was pulling my dick out of his ass slightly. When my lips touched his, he ran his tongue over my bottom lip. I opened my mouth and kissed him for real as I slowly inched my hips forward, driving my dick back into him. He moaned as I pulled back again just as slowly as I'd inched into him. As soon as I got myself all the way back inside of him, I felt that same little knot of flesh inside his ass again. This time, I'd bumped it with my dick. He broke the kiss and threw his head back, panting for me to fuck him.

I continued to be as gentle as I could be, slowly and  tenderly pushing my dick into him and pulling it back out again until only the head was in his ass. I was still in awe of the way it felt to be inside of him that way, and from the look on his face, he was having the same reaction. His eyes locked onto mine, and I held his gaze as I slowly began to piston my dick in and out of his ass. I made sure to bump his prostate each time I pushed into him.

Putting my hand between us, I got as much lubrication as I could and wrapped it around his dick. As I looked into his sexy brown eyes, I continued to fuck him slowly as I imitated the speed on his dick with my hand. I squeezed his dick just enough to try and imitate the feeling of his ass on my own dick, and before I knew it, he was gasping and his body was shaking. His ass clamped down on my dick like a vise as his dick erupted in my hand. I stopped moving my hips as his orgasm swept over him. I stroked his dick until he pushed my hand away.

"Fuck me," he gasped, and that was all I needed to hear.

I was still being as gentle as I could, but I sped up my thrusts in and out of his ass. I never let my eyes wander from his, though. He looked at me with an expression of utter ecstasy as I fucked into him. All too soon, however, I felt the familiar tingle in my own balls, and my dick expanded inside of him. I gasped as my balls blasted cum through the shaft of my dick, bathing his anal walls. I still never took my eyes off of his as blast after blast of cum shot from my dick and into his ass.

As the last of my orgasm swept over me, I leaned forward again and kissed him. He kissed back, and he tried to get his arms around my neck again, but his legs were in the way. I pulled slowly out of him and let his legs drop down to the bed before moving back in to kiss him again. This time, he wrapped his arms around my neck, and I lay against him, feeling his cum between us.

"That was amazing," I breathed when we broke the kiss.

"God, was it ever," he moaned. "But we're going to get stuck like this if we don't clean up. Believe me, it isn't pleasant."

I laughed at that, but I stood up and took his hand.  I led him off to the bathroom, and he stood there all covered in cum as I started the shower and adjusted the water temperature. We climbed in together, and I washed all of the cum from his body before he reciprocated. I held his wet body against mine as I kissed him again. I couldn't believe that I had him like this. I just knew that I never wanted to let him go.

We dried each other off and went back to the bed. This time, we pulled the sheet back and slid in under it and back into each other's arms. Between kisses, we talked about what we both wanted from each other, and I made promises to him that night that I vowed in my heart to keep forever. He told me that I'd made him happier than anyone had ever made him before, and then I was inside of him again. It lasted longer this time, and I was careful to stay away from his prostate. This time I wanted to make him cum another way.

He was on his side with his back pressed against me as I pushed into him over and over again. Every time he reached for his dick, I pulled his hand away. I knew he was getting frustrated, but I really wanted to suck his dick afterward. I kissed the back of his neck and told him what I had planned, and he finally stopped trying to stroke his dick.

Being inside of him this time gave me the exact same feeling as the first time, and I reveled in it. Clay was mine now, and I was never going to let him go. I promised him over and over again as I gently made love to him. When my orgasm hit the second time, I shoved my dick as far into him as I could get it. My body actually shook with each wave of pleasure that flowed through me, and I clung to him until it was over.

When I caught my breath again, we moved in the bed until I was level with his crotch again. I took my time, licking and sucking the head of his dick before I went down on him completely. This time, I shocked myself when I noticed that my nose was in his pubic hair again. His dick was all the way in my throat, and I instinctively tried to swallow around it. This made him gasp and moan again. His fingers found my hair as I backed off of his dick and only let half of it back in my mouth a few times. Then I went all the way down again, and he gasped again as I swallowed around his dick.

"I'm going to cum," he moaned, but I didn't back off.

I continued to work my throat around his dick until I actually felt it expand. Then I could feel his cum going down the back of my throat. I pulled back until just the head of his dick was in my mouth, tasting his cum and swallowing every drop of the thick creamy base of him until I had all that his balls had left to offer me. I kissed my way back up his body to his lips, and he stuck his tongue in my mouth, tasting himself. We fell asleep in each other's arms that night.

In the morning, my parents weren't even the least bit shocked that Clay sat at the table for breakfast with me. They asked about his mom, and he told them that she had been dating someone that he hadn't met yet. I thought that they would have asked him about Harry, but neither he nor they mentioned my little brother even once. They did let me use the car to drive him home later that day.

For the rest of the week, Clay and I were together more than we were apart. I spent my first night in his house later that week, and I was a little skittish about having sex with him while his mom was just down the hall. We had an incredible night, though, and his mother never heard a thing. She didn't seem to think it was strange that I was hanging out with her son instead of Harry, either.

Danny called me Saturday morning, and it was like nothing had happened. He told me to get my hand off my dick and get over there. I was a little nervous about seeing him again after what I'd said to him. Clay had told me that I could tell him about us, and I planned on it. We just had to get past the part where I said that I thought I was in love with him before I could tell him about Clay. 

"Look," he said when I sat down in his computer chair in his room, "I've been thinking about what you said all week long. Billy, I love you, too. I just don't love you that way. Please understand. I'm not gay."

"Its all right," I said, smiling at him. "I thought about it all week, too. I figured out that I do love you, but I don't love you that way, either."

"Well, I want you to know that I'm fine with you being gay," he said. "I was a little hurt that you accused me of teasing you, but I thought about that, too. I think I understand where you were coming from now. I'm not going to change the way I talk to you, though. I only said those things in fun, Billy."

"Danny, its all right," I assured him. "I was just being retarded that day. I don't know what the Hell got me thinking that way, but once I thought about it, I realized just how stupid I was."

We talked about that for a while, and he told me that he really did understand where I was coming from. He said that he could only imagine how scary the whole situation would be for me, and although it had really hurt him, he understood now. He promised me that nothing between us would change. He even asked me to go camping with him the next weekend.

"Well, are you ready for another surprise?" I asked instead of saying whether or not I would go camping.

"That depends," he said slowly, eying me. "Does it have anything to do with me?"

"In an indirect kind of way it does," I said. "But not the way I think you're getting at."

"All right," he sighed. "Shoot."

"I'll go camping with you," I said, "if I can bring my boyfriend."

"Your what?" He asked, looking at me with wide eyes.  "Billy, I've only been gone since Monday. Who is your boyfriend?"

"He lives across the street from you," I said, smiling. "We hung out with him on Monday."

"Clay?" He asked with a doubtful expression on his face.

"We got together Monday night," I said, nodding.  "He's waiting for me to call him and tell him he can come over here. He knew that we had to have a private talk first."

"Does he know that you're telling me this?" he asked, and I could see the stunned look in his eyes. It actually made me laugh.

"Yeah," I assured him. "He knows. But I won't call him over here if you're not comfortable with us being together."

"Billy," he said, giving me an exasperated look, "I already said that I didn't care one way or the other about you being gay. Having a boyfriend, for you, is just like me having a girlfriend. Would you be uncomfortable if I brought my girlfriend to your house?"

"You've already done that before," I told him.

"Exactly," he said, smiling. "You're just going to have to learn to speed up here. I'm happy for you guys. It surprised me, but I'm happy if you're both happy."

After that, everything was cool between us. Clay came over, and Danny asked a million questions. None of them were too out of bounds, so we both answered him honestly and without any reservations. We went camping with him the following weekend, and we had a blast. Danny turned out to be the ultimate best friend, but Clay gave me a night in heaven.

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