By Julien Gregg

Book 1 - Chapter 10
The Battle At P3

"Guided spirits hear my plea. Unlock the new past so that we cousins three can see," said Drake and then he blew out the candle. Damon and Dean would understand. If not at least they would be happy with the knowledge that had been denied them by the little change they'd made in the past.

He got off his knees and blew out the rest of the candles before cleaning up all of the spell ingredients and putting them back on the shelves. He smiled as he turned off the attic light before closing the door. He wondered how it would happen. He supposed he'd find out soon enough. When he got to his room he crawled into bed and turned off the lamp. Sleep came over him faster than it ever had.

Then he was seeing the past as if it were a dream. He saw Laura and smiled in his sleep. Her dark hair fell in her face as she showed him her power. They were fifteen years old. He saw their first meeting with Jason and how Dean had thought he was a demon and tried to vanquish him. Then he saw the night that Cain's father had been killed by Lor, the demon that Dean thought he'd vanquished. He saw so many things in his sleep that night. When he opened his eyes the sun was streaming though the windows. He looked at the picture of his mother that stood on his night stand and smiled. His spell had worked.

More memories ran through his head as he showered. He remember the deaths of his his mother and aunt and uncle. Those memories weren't so pleasant for him but he knew that he had to take the good with the bad. He was just coming into the kitchen when Dean grabbed his arm.

"You did this!" cried Dean. He had tears in his eyes as he looked at his youngest cousin. "You cast a spell didn't you?"

"Dean . . ."

"You didn't think about what it would be like for us to remember the deaths of our parents," he said. "Drake how could you?"

"Leave him alone, Dean," said Damon as he stood. "Remembering their deaths is painful but at least we remember the same things everyone else does. I remember meeting Trevor and you remember falling in love with Lacy."

"It was still a shitty thing to do," spat Dean. "I'm going to the club."

They watched him walk out the door and then heard it slam behind him. Drake sighed as he looked at Damon. He hoped that at least Damon would understand. It had sounded like he had. It was necessary. After meeting Cain Miller a week ago and then finding out that they'd known him for years he'd seen that it was necessary. He'd agonized over it for a week! He'd thought of all that they would remember. He knew that it wouldn't all be pleasant but he knew he had to do it.

"You should have discussed this with us, Drake," said Damon as he sat back down at the table. "We'd have been better prepared for what we remembered."

"But at least we know who to trust and who not to," Drake argued. "Damon, please understand . . ."

"I understand why you did it," he said, cutting him off. "I'm not even mad about it anymore. I just wish you would have talked to us about it first."

"I didn't know what you would say," he said softly as he sat across from Damon.

"That's not all you're not talking about, Drake," said Damon. "We know that something happened when we were sent back from the past. You look at me and Dean with a sadness in your eyes that can only mean one thing. What do you know that we don't?"

"I can't tell you that," said Drake. "I've learned not to mess with the future."

"So you went to the future?" Damon asked, looking at him hard. "What did you see? What? Were we evil or something?"

"I saw my sons," Drake whispered. "I saw . . ."

"Your sons?" Damon asked, smiling. "What about Dean and I? Did you see us?"

"Damon I can't tell you about the future," he said. "You know what knowing can do."

"I see what knowing is doing to you," said Damon. "Whatever it is it can't be that bad."

He thought about just how bad it really was. He couldn't tell Damon that he and Dean were dead in the future that he went to and that Dean's sons were the Charmed Ones. He couldn't tell them anything. He'd already said too much. Just saying that he'd seen his sons had confirmed Damon's suspicion. How long would it be before Damon talked to Dean and they were both ganging up on him wanting to know about the future?

"I'm not telling," he said, getting up from the table. "Leave this alone, Damon."

He walked out of the kitchen and up the stairs to his room. He couldn't believe he'd said anything about seeing his sons. He'd been thinking about them a lot since he'd had the memory of meeting Laura. He was almost positive that she was the woman who would become his wife and the mother of his sons. Telling Damon about them had been a mistake that he wasn't sure he could recover from. Sooner or later Damon and Dean would both be asking questions and he wasn't sure that he would be able to hold them both off for long.

Damon watched him go as he thought about what he'd said. He'd see his sons but he didn't want to talk about anything else. Was there something wrong in the future that Drake didn't want them to know about? Was one of them dead? The thought chilled him but unless Drake told them there wasn't any way of knowing. He wasn't about to cast a spell to find out. That would be worse than what Drake had done.

"What's the matter with you?" Lacy asked when Dean had thrown yet another empty box across the equally empty club.

He looked at her and remembered times they'd shared together. These were times he hadn't been able to remember before Drake's spell. He remembered their first date and how their relationship had changed from friendship to romance. He remembered their first kiss and so many wonderful things about their past together. None of that would have been possible without Drake's spell.

Still he was angry with him for not discussing it with them before casting it. What if it had gone wrong? He couldn't stop being angry with Drake for running off half cocked and casting spells he knew nothing about. What would he have done if the spell had backfired?

"Talk to me, Dean," said Lacy when he remained silent.

"I'm upset with Drake," he replied. "It's between us. I'll deal with it."

"What has he done?" she asked, coming to stand beside him. "Whatever it is can't be so important that you'd destroy the club on the very night that Teela is supposed to play here."

"He cast a spell that unlocked all of our memories of the past," he sighed. "I know it sounds like a good thing, and it is on one hand. On the other hand it might have broken the rules."

"So you remember everything now?" she asked, putting a hand on his shoulder.

"Yes," he replied. "In perfect clarity."

"Why is that so bad?" she asked. He'd told her about the fact that he didn't remember the past after he'd returned from the asking his parents not to bind their powers. He'd been upset about that so often. She didn't understand why finally being able to remember the past was a bad thing.

"Remembering the past isn't the bad thing," sighed Dean. "Drake just needs to stop running around half cocked. He constantly leaps before he looks and it's going to get us all killed."

"But Drake has always been this way, Dean," she said, wrapping her arms around him.

"There's more to it now," he said. "When we came back from the past he wasn't with us. We were here for two days before he finally returned. He won't talk about what happened and he expects us to believe that the trip back for him was instantaneous. If it was then why did he return two days after me and Damon?"

"Because he went to the future," said Damon as he came down the steps and into the club with Trevor right behind him.

"How do you know that?" Dean asked, turning out of Lacy's embrace to face his cousin.

"I confronted him about the way he looks at us and the fact that he came back two days after we did," he said. "All I could get out of him about the future was that he saw his sons. When I tried to ask questions he got angry and told me to leave it alone."

"So he knows what's coming in the future?" Lacy asked. "But why won't he tell us."

"There's only one reason that I can think of," said Dean with a sigh. "Take the way he looks at us with that haunted look in his eyes. Then there's the fact that he gets so worried whenever one of us is hurt. I'm not saying that we shouldn't worry about each other but Drake goes a bit further. He's always trying to take the lead and step in front of either of us when we're threatened."

"You don't think we're both dead in the future he went to," Damon said softly, staring off toward the dance floor.

"It would explain his attitude," said Dean. "It would even explain why he was so desperate to cast a spell that let us all remember the past. He said we needed to know who we could trust."

"But if he knows how and when we die can't we change the future?" Damon asked. "I mean it can't be set in stone. We're the Charmed Ones for crying out loud."

"I don't know," said Damon. "All I know is that he isn't talking and he's very upset that we're angry with him for casting the spell."

"Why can't he see that he needs to discuss that kind of thing with us before he acts?" Dean asked. "What happens when he casts a spell the completely breaks some rule we don't know about and it affects us all?"

Damon could only look at him. He had no answer for that question. There were too many possibilities in the answer to that question that Damon didn't want to think about. Being dead in the future was another thing he didn't want to think about but he couldn't stop thinking about it.

They busied themselves with getting the club ready for the night. By the time the band manager had arrived with a crew to set up the stage Drake still hadn't been heard from. Damon wondered where he was and what he was up to. He really hoped that Drake wasn't casting another spell.

Damon crept up the stairs to the attic. Drake was somewhere in the house and he didn't want him to know what he was doing. He had to know for sure and this was the only way that he could think of to get him to talk. Dean would be furious with him for what he was going to do but he couldn't help that.

He turned the pages of the book until he found the spell he was looking for. This spell didn't require any herbs or candles. It was possible to cast this one with words alone. He needed to modify the words a bit to get the result he wanted but that was simple enough.

"When Drake speaks let the truth be revealed. Open his heard and make his secrets unsealed. From now until it's now again the truth this spell will gain," he said and waited to see what would happen.

He closed the book and turned off the lights. He hoped that there was no reaction to the spell that would give it away to Drake. The thought of that happening made Damon's knees weak. He didn't need his cousins angry with him.

"I didn't know anyone was here," said Drake when Damon finally reached the ground floor.

"I came back to change," said Damon. It wasn't a complete lie. He'd changed his clothes before casting the spell. "You're going to the club aren't you?"

"I hadn't planned on it," said Drake.

"You should," said Damon. "Teela is performing tonight."

"I know that," said Drake. "I just don't want to be alone with you and Dean at the same time."

His body stiffened when he said that and Damon watched him closely. He wondered if Drake knew what had happened. He supposed he didn't. If he'd realized it he would be screaming at him by now.

"Why wouldn't you want to be alone with me and Dean?" Damon asked.

"Because you'll both ask questions that I don't want to answer," said Drake.

"Dean wants us both there, Drake," he said. "And the club will be full of people. Lacy and Trevor are there. Believe me we won't ask any questions in front of them."

Drake considered what he'd said in silence for a minute and then nodded. Damon waited for him as he went upstairs to change his clothes. He wondered what would happen if they asked him anything about the future. Would the spell really prevent him from lying to them again? Would it stop him from being evasive? There were so many questions and Damon suddenly wished he hadn't cast the spell.

They took Damon's Jeep to the club and the ride was spent in silence. Damon was trying to think of just how to ask Drake about the future and Drake was tying to think of ways to keep his cousins from ganging up on him. He didn't think he could stand them both firing questions about the future at him. He'd crack for sure. When they were nearly there Drake decided that going to the club had been the wrong decision.

They parked and walked to the door, stopping to say hello to Maurice, the bouncer. He made small talk with them and Damon was thankful that he didn't ask Drake any questions. He didn't want Drake to discover that he couldn't lie just yet.

Once they were inside the club Drake was happy to see that the club was extremely busy. Teela wasn't on the stage yet, but the DJ had the crowd dancing. Dancing guests became thirsty guests and the bar was slammed with customers. He went straight to it so that he could help Dean while Damon helped Lacy and Trevor wait the tables.

The flow of customers slowed as the band took the stage. Then they circulated among the tables, filling glasses and emptying ashtrays. There was the occasional order to be filled and then it was all over. Customers were taking advantage of last call while Lacy, Damon and Trevor cleaned tables and collected glasses and ashtrays. Once the last customer was out of the club Maurice came inside and locked the doors.

"Take a load off, Maurice," said Dean with a smile as he slid a cold beer onto the bar. "You've earned yourself a beer."

"Thanks, boss," replied Maurice. The six foot, six black man was a huge body of hard muscle. He looked like a giant among men when he sat at the bar next to Lacy. "Great crowd tonight. No problems."

"That's always good to hear," laughed Dean.

"Lots of pretty ladies tonight though," he said with a grin, holding up his bottle. "Only have one of these. Got class in the morning, boss."

"I didn't know you were attending the university," Dean said as he washed glasses.

"No," laughed Maurice. "I have a class to teach at the gym."

"That's right," said Damon, smiling as he paused to talk. "You're one of the trainers at Bally's."

"Yes, sir," Maurice said. "Goin' on six years now."

"Well you have a great night, Maurice," said Dean, smiling. "Thanks for covering the door."

"Sure thing, boss," said Maurice, putting the now empty bottle in the tub on the bar. "See you tomorrow night. Same time."

"I'll be here," laughed Dean.

"The tables are clean," sighed Damon as he sat down after Maurice left. "Give me a beer?"

"Coming up," said Dean. "Drake, how are you doing over there?"

"Almost done," said Drake as he continued to stack cases of beer in the cooler under the bar. "These bottles of Guinness sold fast tonight."

"They were Damon's idea," said Dean. "He said they'd sell."

"And I was right," laughed Damon. "How many cases did we go through tonight?"

"Twenty," said Dean. "I've already got it marked on the order sheet."

"So, Drake," said Damon, thinking that the time was right for the spell to give him what he wanted. "What happened in the future that you don't want to tell us about?"

"I got there and learned that I have a brother and two sons," said Drake as he stacked cases. "I met Dean's sons, too. They're amazing. I also found out that my wife and you and Dean were dead . . ."

"What?" Dean gasped, turning a stunned eye on his younger cousin.

"Wait a minute," Drake said slowly. "What's going on?"

"I cast a spell," admitted Damon.

"You what?" Dean asked, snapping his attention back to the other side of the bar.

"We needed to know what happened, Dean," he said in his defense.

"So it's wrong for me to cast a spell so we can remember the new past but it's all right for you to cast a spell that lets you dig around in my head for things I didn't want to tell you about?" Drake asked in a deadly serious voice. "How's that?"

"It wasn't all right for either of you to cast spells, damn it," snapped Dean. "We have to talk about these things together before we go and cast spells."

"Well we found out what we knew was true," said Damon.

"That doesn't matter," said Dean as an ashtray sailed in front of his face.

Damon lifted his hands and froze the ashtray just inches from him and Drake threw another. "You had no right!" he cried.

"I have a right," snapped Damon, grabbing the frozen ashtray out of the air and placing it on the table. He flipped his wrist to unfreeze Trevor and Lacy. "You were keeping vital information from us, Drake. That wasn't fair."

"I have sons in the future?" Dean asked. His voice sounded amazed.

"Our children aren't the point," snapped Drake. "The point is that he had no right to cast a spell on me."

"You cast a spell on all three of us," argued Damon.

"To see the past!" cried Drake. "I didn't cast a spell to get you to tell me things you didn't want me to know about!"

"And why didn't you want us to know that we were dead in the future you went to?" demanded Damon. "We had a right to know."

"I didn't want you to know because I hadn't figured out how to stop it from happening," Drake snapped back. Then he threw another ashtray.

Before Damon could even think of freezing it Dean waived his hand and sent it sailing across the club, glairing at Drake the whole time. He couldn't believe what he'd heard. Being dead was something he'd already figured out but sons?

"And just how do you plan to keep us alive?" Damon asked.

"Right now I'm not so sure I want to," snapped Drake as Jason orbed in.

"You three have to stop," he said, looking at each of them in turn. "The Elders . . ."

"Oh, fuck the Elders!" snapped Drake.

"Stay out of this, Jason," warned Damon.

"But you don't understand . . ."

"I said stay out of it!" cried Damon as he turned, raising his hands as he did so. He froze Jason in his tracks and then went back to glaring at Drake. "I'd freeze you if I could."

"Oh yeah?" hissed Drake, coming to stand in front of his cousin. "I wouldn't advise using your powers against me, Damon."

"Enough!" screamed Dean, waiving his hand and knocking Drake to the floor. "Stop this. We can't fight with each other."

At that moment Jason unfroze and looked around at them. He saw Drake on the floor and Dean with his hand raised and knew it was too late. They'd already done it. Now he had to get them to make up and work together before it was too late.

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