By Julien Gregg

Book 1 - Chapter 13
Hating The Demon

Fire balls flew in every direction as Antony's rage boiled over the loss of the Halliwell Book of Shadows. Ash hovered in the corner of the cave, trying to stay out of the path of fire balls. He knew that now that he was virtually mortal he could be killed by one of them. He wished The Shadow would come and restore him. Antony hadn't been loyal after all. He was sure The Shadow would do something about it. He just wasn't sure that The Shadow wouldn't kill him for letting it happen in the first place. It was still better than what he had now. If only he could find a way to get his powers back from Antony. It would take the same athame but then they'd still be linked.

"Well there's no point in destroying my lair because they were powerful enough to snatch it back from us is there?" Antony said as the fire balls suddenly stopped. Ash got to his feet quickly. He didn't want to appear afraid. He'd never been afraid of anything before.

"We can get it back," he said, trying to keep his voice even. He felt like such a coward now.

"No, we won't get it back," said Antony. "They'll have that place locked down and demon proof by now."

"But will it be human proof?" Ash asked, trying to give Antony something to think about.

"You'll not be getting back in there," said Antony. "And I'm not stupid enough to let them summon me. Time to protect the lair."

He flung his arms back and forth and Ash could almost see the invisible layer of evil that he applied to every section of the cave, effectively barring any demon or witch or mortal entry. Nothing would get in and nothing would get out. Ash was fine with that idea. It would give him time to think about how to get his powers back. Being stuck with the sorcerer wasn't his idea of the best way to spend any amount of time, but it might just prove to be effective for him. He would bide his time and look for any breach that he could find that would allow him to stick the athame into Antony's body and get his powers back.

"And don't think I don't know what you're thinking," Antony said loudly, startling Ash so much that he jerked in surprise. Antony raised a hand and a large red disc appeared around Ash. "There. That'll keep you in line. It isn't small enough that you can't move, but it's small enough that you can't put any of your foolish ideas into action."

Ash looked around himself and knew instantly that he was trapped. He'd used these circles himself on countless humans and witches. He knew they were escape proof. His mistake was always making the circle too tight around his prey. If they were knocked off their feet they were out of the circle and free. Antony was smart. He'd made the circle large enough that Ash could lie flat and still be inside, effectively trapping him. He wanted to rip the man's throat out.

"Why isn't it working?" Damon asked, looking over the book at Jason. "What are we doing wrong?"

"Nothing," he sighed, looking back at them. "A sorcerer is a spell caster, Damon. He can protect his lair from intrusions. That means that summoning him won't work as long as his lair is protected."

"So we have to sit around, waiting for him to attack us again?" Drake asked. "I say we just go to the Underworld and find this sorcerer. We'll vanquish him and then kill Ash."

"If his lair is shielded you won't have any more luck getting in if you go to the Underworld and stand outside the entrance," said Jason. "Read the book."

Drake scowled at him for a moment and then went back to reading up on sorcerers and Ash. Damon watched him for a few minutes before getting up and walking out the attic door and down the stairs with a sigh. Dean followed him a moment later. Jason watched them go. He could almost feel the anguish rolling off of the pair of them. He had no idea what it was like to lose a girlfriend or to find out that the man you loved was actually the demon responsible for almost every death in your family.

Jason had been a witch before he died. He'd been a member of a powerful family but they were nowhere near as powerful as the legendary Halliwell family. He thought back to the days before his death and sighed. He'd lost many loved ones, but there had never been anyone special to him the way that Lacy had been special to Dean. He'd never allowed himself the luxury of love. He'd been too focused on vanquishing the demon that had killed his parents and his sister. Dean, Damon and Drake faced demons like it was second nature to them. All their lives he'd watched and worried over them. They had never let a demon become the focus of their lives. Even Ash, though they had many reasons to let vanquishing him consume them didn't take over their every thought. Dean was still able to grieve for Lacy and Damon was still able to feel the betrayal. Jason wondered if he would have been able to do either of those things if he were in there shoes.

He looked at Drake to make sure that he was still focused on the book. He was sure that nothing could hurt him while he was only doing research. He'd know if anything happened as long as Drake stayed in the house. Damon was the one that needed him at this point. He'd talk to Dean when he was sure of what to say to him. He found Damon in his room, sitting on his bed. He was staring at a picture of himself with Trevor that sat on his nightstand when Jason came into the room and sat down beside him on the bed.

"Come to have 'the talk' with me?" Damon asked, forcing a smile as he looked at Jason.

"I'm here to listen, Damon," replied Jason. "I know that what you're going through can't be easy.

"No, it isn't," Damon sighed, running his fingers through his dark hair. "I just can't believe I let him fool me for so long."

"He fooled all of us, Damon," reminded Jason. "Even I didn't know."

"About that," Damon said, looking suddenly determined. He turned his entire body on the bed so that he and Jason were eye to eye. "How is it that a demon can masquerade around as a human and fool even a whitelighter, who's supposed to know evil when he sees it?"

"Well there are several answers to that question," replied Jason slowly. He had to think hard about what he wanted to say. The last thing he wanted was to make Damon feel any worse. "Whitelighters do have a built in sense for their charges, and that sensing ability pretty much lets us know when evil is near. It doesn't work on sensing evil unless something evil is happening close enough to us to make us pay attention. You have to remember that a whitelighter is very focused on his charges. That means that sensing anything else around us on a conscious level is nearly impossible."

Damon looked at him with a strange expression on his face for a silent moment after that. Jason wondered if he even believed what he was saying to him. There was another explanation for why he hadn't sensed that Trevor was evil from the very beginning, but it was a reason that Jason didn't want to explain to Damon. It was a reason he'd tried to deny for years. Of course to Damon they'd actually only known each other a short time. Sure they'd gone to the past and changed everything and now, with Drake's spell Damon remembered the "new past", but from Jason's perspective he'd watched Damon grow up. He'd been his whitelighter since nearly the day he was born.

Jason had kept a closer watch on Drake over the years than Damon or Dean, and he'd told himself that it was all because of Drake's demonic blood and the constant pull it had on him. That wasn't the whole truth. It was part of the truth. There was no denying that Drake stood a greater chance than his two cousins of turning evil, but that still wasn't telling the whole truth about why Jason had focused more on Drake than Dean and Damon. There was another reason why he wasn't as focused on Damon as he was on Drake. With Dean the amount of attention spent on him wasn't really all that important. Dean was never in any serious jeopardy of turning evil. Of course all three of the cousins were born in the manor, which meant that the Nexus could turn them evil. However the Nexus could force them to do great works for good just as well as evil. So that wasn't really an issue. These guys knew all about the Nexus and what it could do and they stayed away from it for the most part.

The real reason that Jason didn't focus on Damon as much as he should had nothing to do with the Nexus or Drake's demonic blood. It hurt to focus on Damon so much. He'd told them the truth about Gregory being their whitelighter before him, but that wasn't the whole truth either. He'd watched him all his life. He'd been there when Damon had struggled with his awkward stages as he grew. He'd been there every time that Damon was tempted to use his powers against his classmates when the teasing got to be too much. Human children had a tenancy to be cruel, and with Damon being almost an orphan and coming from what they thought was one of the strangest families in all of San Francisco, they teased him quite a bit. Of course there'd been those times that Damon had given in to temptation and frozen this or that classmate, but always when they were alone. No one ever saw anything that they shouldn't have with any of the cousins. There'd never been any reason for Jason to go head to head with The Cleaners.

Jason had watched as the real Trevor Banks and Damon had met and become friends. At first Jason thought it was great that Damon had such a close friend. Dean had Cain at that time and Drake had many friends, but Damon had always been the loner. When he met Trevor even the Elders were happy about the friendship. Jason didn't worry about Trevor so much at first. He was sure that one day Damon would meet a girl that would turn his head. But when things changed between Trevor and Damon it had been hard for Jason. He'd had to face up to the fact that his feelings for Damon were much more complex than they should have been. The Elders had rules about witches and whitelighters pairing up romantically. Sure those rules had been set aside for the original Charmed Ones, but they were still very much in place.

So Jason had faced his real feelings and found several reasons not to tell Damon how he felt or act on any of them. He stood by and allowed the relationship between Trevor and Damon to continue. He'd even stood by when he saw the very first changes in Trevor's personality. Looking back at that time Jason was now sure that the human Trevor Banks had been replaced by Ash at that time, but he was working so hard not to act on any feelings he had for Damon that he'd completely ignored the signs. He couldn't tell Damon that now any more than he could have then. So he just looked back at the young man he loved with his entire soul and said nothing, hoping that Damon would accept his half truth and let it go.

"I figured it was probably something like that," Damon sighed after a while. "I just wish I'd known what he was."

"Damon, you have to know that Trevor Banks wasn't always Ash," said Jason. "When the two of you first got together, Trevor Banks was a human being. Ash killed him and his parents to take his place. He got shape shifters to pose as his parents."

"Do you know when that happened?" Damon asked.

"I have a rough idea when it occurred," Jason said slowly. They were back in uncomfortable territory for the whitelighter.

"I guess it doesn't matter," Damon said, looking away. "It isn't like we can bring back the real Trevor."

"No," agreed Jason. He sighed inwardly with relief that this part of their conversation seemed to be over. "We can never bring back the human Trevor."

"The Charmed Ones will vanquish you," Ash spat as Antony began brewing another potion. The sorcerer had brewed five already. Ash had no idea what they were or what the sorcerer expected them to do. He'd been with the Charmed Ones for eight years and knew how skilled in potions they were. He also knew from personal experience how resourceful they were. He was sure that they'd vanquish Antony. He had only to wait for it to happen.

"You count on that, do you?" Antony smirked. "Well first they have to get into this cave or summon me from it. They can do neither with my protective spells hiding it from any magical eye."

"You can't hide all the time," Ash sighed as he sat down in the red circle.

He'd tested it now and then but it was complete and unbroken. He was surprised at how quickly Antony had learned to use his powers. The circles were not part of any demon's arsenal The Shadow had given him that extra power to aid him in killing the Charmed Ones. Thinking of the Charmed Ones brought Damon to the front of Ash's mind. He'd told The Shadow that the opportunity to kill Damon Halliwell had not arisen because they were rarely alone in the house that Ash had been living in. That wasn't completely true. They'd been alone several times in that house. They'd had sex in that house, and that would have been the perfect time to kill him.

No the truth was much more dangerous to allow The Shadow to learn about. The truth was what had put him in this position with Antony. He'd allowed his human half to dominate his demonic half and fallen for Damon Halliwell. That was the dangerous information that The Shadow could never know was the truth. Ash was sure that it was suspected, but if The Shadow knew the truth he'd have been vanquished a long time ago. It was a secret that Antony had come close to discovering even if it was only a taunt. Ash had to keep it secret. The problem was his demonic half was gone now. Antony had taken it from him when he'd stolen his powers. Now all he had was a human heart and that heart was in love with Damon Halliwell.

Now that Damon knew the truth about who he was there was no chance that he would return that love. Ash had killed Damon's mother. He'd killed his aunts, uncles and grandparents as well. What Damon and the other two Charmed Ones didn't know was that Ash was responsible for what had happened to David Manning, Jase Halliwell's best friend. Oh he hadn't killed David. No what he'd done was probably worse for David Manning than a fire ball to the chest. And what was worse was that what he'd done to him had caused his own best friend to curse him. No Damon would never love him.

His thoughts of Damon were cut short as the hair on the back of his neck stood up. His eyes darted around the cave at all of the shadows that connected with each other in corners, crevices and cracks. He was sure that Antony didn't know what was happening; hadn't even noticed but he knew. The shadows grew larger and merged on the back wall of the cave. It happened every time. The one massive shadow would leach the other shadows in a room or, in this case, the cave until they were all concentrated on that one spot on the back wall. Then they would slowly shift until they'd morphed into the shape of a human man. The Shadow was coming.

A shiver of fear rippled down Ash's human spine at the sight of His coming. Fear was stuck in all demons when The Shadow made an appearance. Ash was now human so he knew that the paralyzing fear he felt now at the sight of the shadows merging was a gulf next to the trickle he'd felt as a demon. He'd been hoping for this moment since he'd first been trapped inside one of his own circles yet sweat seeped from his human pores, his hands shook and his knees were weak with fear. What if The Shadow decided to end him for allowing himself to be double crossed by a lowly sorcerer? What if he vanquished both of them for failing him?

Antony didn't notice the shadows merging. He didn't know what was happening or that anything at all was happening until the light from the torches on the walls of the cave grew dim with His presence. Ash watched the sorcerer closely as realization washed over him. Their eyes met for one brief moment and Ash was so happy to see the fear in the sorcerer's eyes. He decided then and there that if he lost his life to The Shadow it would be worth it as long as Antony was vanquished as well. They'd go to the wasteland together where their powers would be eaten by the serpent and their bodies destroyed forever. He just hoped that he was the last one to go so that he could watch it happen to the sorcerer. He got to his knees with a smile on his face as he thought about it. All traces of the fear he'd felt at the arrival of The Shadow were gone.

"ANTONY!" cried the voice of The Shadow. It wasn't a human voice and it could only be heard inside your own head, but it was so deafeningly loud that Ash winced. "WHY HAVE YOU NOT DONE AS YOU WERE TOLD?"

"My Liege," Antony cried, falling to his knees. "I did what you asked. Ash has been healed and I am trying to help him destroy the Charmed Ones."


"To help him, my Liege," he said, lowering his forehead closer to the floor of the cave as he spoke.


"I would never lie to you, my Liege," sobbed Antony. "I only did it to destroy the Charmed Ones."


"Yes, my Liege," Antony sobbed.


"I just keep seeing her smile," Dean said softly as Cain sat down beside him at the dining room table. "She trusted that we would protect her, and that trust got her killed."

"Don't think that way, Dean," Cain said quickly. "Lacy knew that being around witches carried a risk. She knew that there was always a chance that a demon or another evil being would get to her when you and your cousins weren't around to save her. The important thing, Dean, is that she loved you more than she was afraid."

"But look what happened to her," Dean said miserably. "Ash killed her, Cain. He could have just left her alone and come after us again. Why did he have to kill Lacy and the other women?"

"I don't know the answer to that question," said Cain. "No one knows why demons do anything."

"He's killed too many people who are important to me," spat Dean. "My mother and father, my aunt and my grandparents are all dead because of that damned demon."

"Dean, don't let rage be the reason that you go after this demon," Cain cautioned. "My dad used to say that to my uncle all the time. It's good advice, because if you go after a demon with rage in your heart it will cloud your head and make you do something rash and stupid. He'll get you that way, Dean."

Dean thought about that for a moment. He thought of Cain's father. Preston Miller had been like a father to Dean in the absence of his own. The man had always had advice to give on every topic. He could talk to Preston about demons and about how hard it was being a witch and not being able to tell his secret to the people he was closest to. He sighed as he thought of who those people had been at the time, teenagers with attitudes and blissful ignorance. Preston had asked him if he would want to make his friends afraid for their lives all the time by telling them about demons. When Dean had protested that he wouldn't have to tell them anything about demons Preston had chuckled. He'd reminded Dean that with the secret of witchcraft had to come the explanation for why witches had powers like his. That meant telling them about demons. He couldn't tell them about one without the other.

"I miss your dad a lot," Dean said, instantly thinking that he might have said the wrong thing. After all it was a demon that Dean was supposed to have vanquished that had killed Preston Miller.

"Dean, I think it's time you know something that I probably should have told you about as soon as I found out," said Cain. "Just hear me out before you ask any questions."

"All right," he said softly, wondering what revelations Cain would give him and if he would be happy about what he was about to hear.

"Have you ever wondered why I come from a magical family but I'm not a witch?" Cain asked, flooring Dean.

Of course he wondered, but he'd never asked. He and his cousins had been told by their grandfather that it would be rude to ask such a question of such a close friend. He'd explained that sometimes magic skipped generations or even siblings, and in Cain's case it had probably skipped him all together. Cain's older brother was a witch as was his younger sister, Laura.

"I've wondered," Dean admitted.

"Well I thank you for respecting me enough no to ask," replied Cain. "The truth is that I'm adopted, Dean. My birth family was killed by Lor when I was just a baby. My father, Preston, saved me from Lor and brought me home to live with his family as his son. They didn't tell me until it was really certain that I wasn't a witch. We don't know why Lor targeted my family if they weren't witches. I'm not magical at all, and from what we can figure out about my birth family they weren't either.

"But what I want you to know is that Lor came after my father for revenge, Dean," he said, looking at Dean with anguished eyes. "I lost my birth family and the man I loved as my father, Dean. I don't want to lose you too."

Drake stared at Ash's page in the book and hatred welled up in him. This demon had come close to killing Dean and Damon several times already. He knew that Dean would live at least until he married Lexie and had the triplets. He had no idea how old the boys were when their father died, but he didn't want to take any chances. There was no way to know when it was that Damon had died. He wished he'd asked his brother for more information. He was sure that they would have told him. Would it be Ash that killed Damon? It was completely possible. Drake had vowed not to let it happen. He had to summon Ash and vanquish him. He had a bottle of the potion. The spell wasn't needed with the potion. It didn't actually require the Power of Three to vanquish him if they had the potion. He wondered why their parents hadn't just brewed the potion, though getting close enough to get a piece of his flesh had taken Charmed power so he supposed he had his answer.

He gripped the potion in his hand and thought about how easy it would be to summon the demon and then throw the potion as soon as he materialized in the circle of crystals. He thought he knew why the cage had failed them last time. He got the box of crystals and made a perfect circle of six crystals around the round rug in front of the book stand. Then he walked back to read the spell from the book. He had to hurry before his cousins or Jason returned to the attic. He didn't want any mistakes.

"Magic forces black and white, reaching out through space and light. Be he far or be he near, bring me the demon Ash here," he read and was excited to see the red and black smoke twirling in the center of the cage. He walked around the book stand so that he was in front of the crystals and waited.

Trevor Banks slowly materialized in the crystal cage. Drake wasted no time. He stepped forward and threw the potion bottle at him. It broke when it hit Trevor's chest, but nothing happened. Then he saw the athame in Trevor's hand and realized that he kicked one of the crystals out of alignment when he'd rushed forward to throw the potion. He screamed as Trevor stabbed him in the chest. They sank to the floor together as Trevor held on to him.

"Beraxis cotrah mierrahh! Supreme demonic powers leave your home and find a new home in this willing heart!" cried Trevor and Drake could feel his demonic powers flowing out of him and into the demon clothed in a human body.

"No!" he cried as Dean and Cain came running into the attic.

Ash morphed into his demonic form as he let Drake fall to the floor. He formed a fire ball in his hand and threw it at Dean just as he flamed out of the attic. Dean waved his hand and sent the fire ball across the attic. It shattered the glass of one of the windows as it passed through it and then Dean and Cain were at Drake's side. Cain pressed his hand over the wound in Drake's chest and told him to hang on.

"Jason!" cried Dean and sighed as Jason orbed into the attic beside him. "He stabbed him. Jason, it's bad."

"Move your hand," Jason said to Cain as he spread both of his hands over the bloody wound. The golden light radiated from his hands and Drake's wound slowly healed. Jason sat back as Drake gasped and tried to sit up. "Rest, Drake."

"He took my powers," Drake replied, struggling to sit up as Cain and Dean held him down.

"What do you mean he took your powers?" Dean asked.

"He stabbed me with an athame and said some kind of spell," said Drake. "My powers are gone. I just tried to flame and I couldn't."

"How did you get him here?" Dean asked, looking around at the crystals and the broken potion bottle.

"I summoned Ash," replied Drake. "The potion didn't work on him now that he's powerless."

"He isn't powerless anymore," Dean sighed.

"Dean, I have to get my powers back," Drake said quickly.

"Of course you do," said Jason. "And you will."

"Well we can summon him now," said Drake as Damon came into the attic.

"What the hell happened in here?" Damon asked, looking around.

"Drake summoned Ash and lost his powers," said Dean. "He also nearly died."

"Don't worry, I got to him in time," said Jason, seeing the worried look on Damon's face. "It was close though. You guys have got to tell me before you summon a demon."

"All right," said Drake. "But how am I going to get my powers back?"

"Are you sure all of your powers are gone?" Dean asked. "Or is it just the demonic ones?"

"I'm not sure, but does it really matter?" Drake asked, looking him in the eye. "I mean does it really matter? If he uses my powers to kill an innocent I'll never be able to live with myself."

"Drake's right," said Jason. "We have to get his powers back."

"And Cain, you need to leave for a while," Dean said. "It isn't going to be safe here for you soon. We're going to have to summon either Ash or the sorcerer soon."

"All right," said Cain, getting to his feet. "Drake I'm glad you're all right."

"Thanks," Drake said, allowing Dean to help him stand.

"Cain, as soon as we get Ash I promise you will find Lor and vanquish him," said Dean. "You can be there for that one."

"Thanks, Dean," Cain said with a smile. "Be careful guys."

They watched Cain leave the attic in silence. Jason watched the cousins closely for a moment but then helped them clean up the blood on the carpet. He noticed that they were all very quiet and wondered exactly what each of them were thinking. At times like these he wished he was a telepath and could just find out for himself what his charges were thinking. It would be rude to look into their heads that way though. He just wished they'd say something. Then he got his wish.

"I think we should prepare this place before we summon the sorcerer," said Dean, breaking the silence. "Who knows what he'll do if we aren't on him quickly."

"I know why the crystal cage didn't work," said Drake, getting to his feet. "The crystals have to be in a perfect circle." He tapped the round rug they'd just cleaned with his foot. "Use this rug. My mistake was rushing forward to throw the potion at Ash. I kicked a crystal, but before that he was trapped. We just have to stay away from the cage when we do it."

"And he'll be powerless inside the cage?" Damon asked, looking to Jason for the answer.

"Yes," replied Jason. "As long as the crystals remain in place he'll be powerless to do anything. You'll have the chance to say the spell and get rid of him."

"Good," said Dean. "First the sorcerer."

"Then Ash," said Damon, nodding.

"But I have to get my powers back from him before we vanquish him," Drake said quickly.

"How do you plan to do that?" Dean asked.

"I'm not sure," admitted Drake. "I mean I have a spell in my head that I think will work, but if I want my powers, all of them, then I have to stab him with an athame."

"Do you want all of them?" Damon asked. "I mean if you can leave behind the demonic powers isn't that a good thing?"

"No," Jason said before Drake could answer. "His demonic powers are tied to his Charmed power. If he gets his powers back he has to get them all."

"Damon, they don't make me evil," Drake said softly, looking at his cousins with pleading eyes.

"I know they don't make you evil, Drake," said Damon. "I was just shocked to know that you sensed something in Trevor. I know now that you didn't even know what it was. I'm sorry for the things I said."

"I forgive you," Drake replied.

"So we're in agreement then?" Dean asked. "We use the crystal cage to trap the sorcerer after we summon him and say the spell. Then we go after Ash, get Drake's powers back and vanquish him once and for all."

"We're agreed," said Damon.

"Then let's get the crystals back in formation," said Dean, grabbing the one closest to him.

Ash flamed into the lair and Antony's eyes went wide with shock and fear. How had he gotten his powers back? And how had they gotten stronger? Antony could sense the power in him. If he hadn't known better he'd have sworn it was Charmed power. He watched him with weary eyes as Ash paced back and forth in front of the altar stone. A cacophony of thoughts ran through his head as he tried to come up with a plan to get away from Ash. He would surely kill him now that he had his powers back. He'd lied about a vanquish killing both of them. Ash must have known that or he wouldn't have come back to the lair.

"You betrayed me," Ash said in his guttural demonic voice. This time it was amplified with the power coursing through his veins. "And you lied."

"I don't know what you're talking about," Antony said with a shaky voice. "I healed you and bound you to me to give you strength. I may have lied about why but I did not betray you."

"You betrayed me," Ash said again, pointing a claw tipped finger at him. "You betrayed me and you will die for it, Sorcerer!"

"Wait!" Antony cried, but then they both heard it. The Charmed Ones were summoning the sorcerer!

"Sorcerer of darkness, demon of fright, I call you now into my sight!"

"NO!" screamed Ash as the dark whirlwind surrounded Antony to take him to the Charmed Ones.

"Here he comes," Dean said loudly as the black and red whirlwind appeared inside the circle of crystals. "Be quick. Don't give him a chance to do or say anything."

The whirlwind got darker and larger, and the crystals emitted what looked like bolts of lightning that arched and joined in a point at the top and center of the circle some five feet above the rug. They watched as Antony became clearer and clearer. They didn't move. There was no way they were letting him get away this time. He was theirs and they would vanquish him. No more help for Ash.

"Wait!" he cried when he was fully materialized.

"Evil blast we cannot use, the Power of Three now lights the fuse," they said together and watched as Antony screamed in agony. He spun in circles as flames came up from the floor and engulfed him. The resulting explosion was contained inside the crystal cage.

"That was easy," said Damon as he looked from one of them to the other.

"Too easy," said Dean. "Ash is still out there."

"Well we've been having a hard time vanquishing him," said Drake.

"Getting his flesh for the potion was easy enough," said Damon. "I don't know why we're having so much trouble vanquishing him."

"It's because of how you feel about him," said Jason, snapping their attention to him. "You have personal reasons for wanting Ash vanquished, your parents, your grandparents, your powers and of course betrayal."

"But wouldn't that make us more determined?" Dean asked.

"It would, yes," he said. "But sometimes you can get so determined that you make small mistakes that lead to bigger problems as they add up. You've faced Ash but did much better against him before you knew who he was or that he was impersonating Trevor Banks."

"This is so confusing," said Damon. "I wish we could just vanquish him and get it over with."

"That's part of the problem," Jason said, nodding at Damon. "You hate him so much that it clouds your mind when you face him. You've got to try to look at it objectively and not be so emotional about what he's done or who he is to you. Just trust your magic and the rest will fall into place."

"It's kind of hard to not think about the fact that he murdered nearly our entire family," said Dean with a smirk. "That's not going to be easy."

"Well you're going to have to do it," Jason said.

Then they were all shocked when Ash flamed into the attic. They had no potion bottles. They'd been focusing on Drake and then the sorcerer. The potion bottles were all downstairs in the kitchen. They were sitting ducks. All of that ran through Dean's head as he lifted his hand to his mouth, kissed it and blew the icy kiss at Ash. It struck the demon in the chest and knocked him back. He snarled at them and then he threw two fire balls, one from each hand. The first hit Damon square in the chest and he went down. The second hit Dean before he could deflect it. He screamed as he fell to the floor.

"No!" screamed Drake as he picked up the athame from the table beside him and rushed the demon. Ash's eyes grew wide as he watched. A fire ball formed in his left hand. Drake was too fast for him though. He plunged the blade into the demon's chest and screamed out the spell inside his head. "Powers of the witches rise, course unseen across the skies. Come to me, I call you near! Come to me and settle here! Return my magic. Give me back all that was taken in the attack!"

As soon as he said the words a fire ball formed in his free hand and he shoved it into the wound in the demon's chest as he removed the blade. Ash screamed, his wings spreading wide, knocking over tables and chairs as they spread. Then he shimmered out of the attic and Drake was standing there alone with a bloody athame in his hand. Then he remembered that Ash had hit both of his cousins with fire balls and turned around to see Jason leaning over Dean as Damon sat up and shook his head. Tears ran from his eyes as he watched Jason heal Dean. He'd almost let the very thing that he'd been trying to prevent from happening happen anyway. All because he'd been so bent on getting his powers back.

"Why is it taking so long?" he asked in a higher voice than normal.

"Because I was almost too late," Jason said as he removed his hands from Dean's chest and helped him to sit up.

They were all shocked when Drake flamed out of the attic. They were left to look at each other and wonder where he'd gone though they each knew that he'd gone after Ash. They just hoped he didn't find him.

Drake flamed into the Underworld and was surrounded by lower level demons. They smirked at him but he wasted no time. He formed fire balls and threw them at two of them and then flamed out only to flame in again behind a third. He put his hands on the demon's back and let the electricity flow through them. The demon exploded in front of him. A bolt of lightning sailed over his head and he looked into the eyes of a dark haired demon and smiled. He threw a fire ball at him and watched as the demon exploded in fire.

He walked away from the burning demon and kept walking, though he had no idea where he was going. He encountered no more demons as he walked, but he was aware of being watched from the shadows. He had to find Ash. He had no idea what he would do when he found him. He had no potions but he would find a way to vanquish him.

"Bring him back!" Jason cried, going to the book shelf where the herbs were kept and selecting bottles seemingly at random. He sat them on the table with the large iron bowl and then went to the Book. He picked it up and brought it to the table. Then he looked at them. "Come on! There's a spell in here that will bring him back from the Underworld. You can't let him find Ash with no potions. He'll die!"

"What do we need?" Dean asked as they came over to the table.

"Clean this off," said Jason, picking up the bloody athame and handing it to Damon. "You're going to need to prick your fingers and add blood to the herbs you crush in the bowl."

They watched as he placed his open hands over the book and the golden light radiated from them as if he were about to heal it. The pages began to turn very fast until they stopped on the page he wanted. Dean looked at the page and then at Jason again.

"But he isn't lost," he said, looking confused.

"Just cast the spell, Dean," he said. "It doesn't matter if he's lost. He's gone. It'll work. I promise, but you have to do it quickly."

They sat down in front of the book as Damon began searching through the herbs to add a pinch of rosemary. Dean added a sprig of Cypress and then a yarrow root. Damon began churning and crushing the herbs with the pestle while they read out loud together. "Powers of the witches rise. Course unseen across the skies. Come to us who call you near. Come to us and settle here." They both pricked their fingers and let blood drip into the bowl of crushed herbs and said, "Blood to blood, we summon thee. Blood to blood, return to me."

Damon gasped as white lights began to swirl in front of the table. They swirled large enough for a man to stand inside them, and then slowly Drake appeared inside the lights. He looked confused for a second and then saw the bowl and Book on the table. He looked at his cousins in silence. He'd been foolish to leave them like that. He knew that, but his head hadn't been right. Seeing them almost killed before him was too much to process and act normally.

"Thank you," he said finally.

"Drake, you can't just flame out and go after a demon on your own," said Jason quickly. "Ash is a Power of Three demon. That means all three of you. Not to mention you need the potion to vanquish him. What you did was suicidal."

The music was loud, lights were spinning and blinking and the crowd was on the dance floor. The cousins made their way to their back table and took their seats, giving drink orders to Sam as they sat down. Sam was a college student who had only recently started working for them. He was twenty-one with spiked chestnut hair, a chronic five o'clock shadow, brown eyes and a muscular body he did everything to accentuate. He was a very good looking guy and very popular with the clientele.

"You guys look nervous about something," he observed as he put their drinks in front of them. "Anything I can help with?"

"Thanks, Sam, but this is family business," said Damon. "Nothing for you to worry about."

"All right," replied Sam. "If you guys need anything just let me know."

"Thanks, Sam," said Drake, smiling at him. He watched Sam walk away and then was about to start talking about what he'd seen in the future when Cain came to the table.

"Mind if I join you guys?" he asked.

"Sure," said Drake, moving over in the curved seat. "Have a seat, Cain."

They waited for Cain to sit and Sam to get his drink order and then return with it before they said anything. Drake supposed that it couldn't hurt if Cain heard what he had to say. It didn't pertain to him. He hadn't seen Cain in the future. He thought about what that meant for a minute and then decided that it didn't really mean anything. Dean was dead in that future, so Cain may have just not been comfortable around the manor because of that. It didn't really mean that Cain was dead as well.

"I think it's time that I tell you guys exactly what I saw in the future," he said with a sigh. He turned to face Cain. "This really doesn't have anything to do with you, Cain. You can hear it though. We don't really have any secrets between us anyway."

"If you trust me enough to hear what you have to say then I'd like to hear," replied Cain.

"All right," he said, looking at his cousins who nodded. "When our parents sent us back to the present, I went further into the future for some reason. I still don't know why. I woke up in the living room in the manor. The whole place looked different. There were pictures of people I didn't know on the walls and a man I didn't know was in the room. He told me that he was my brother, Dax. Now I know that I don't have a brother in the present, and he was older than me. That means he's out there somewhere. That's all I know about him so far.

"He told me when I asked about my cousins that Dean and Jamie were dead," Drake continued when no one interrupted him. "Now I don't know who Jamie is, but I knew that he meant that you and Damon were dead, Dean. Now he didn't tell me when or how, and I didn't even think to ask him those questions. I was in shock."

"We can understand that," said Damon, nodding.

"Well that wasn't all," he said, going on. "A young man came into the room then. I think he had to be no more than fifteen or sixteen. He called me Dad and I learned from my brother that his name was Damon. Dax told this boy to go back into the other room and not to let Wyatt come in. So I know that I have two sons, Wyatt and Damon in the future. Well then I flamed us to the club where a woman was cleaning up a mess. She knew me and I learned that she was Dean's wife."

"My wife?" Dean asked, looking stunned. "Was it Lacy?"

"No, Dean," said Drake. "I'm not going to tell you what her name is, because if I do the next woman you meet with that name will drive you crazy."

"I get it," said Dean. "Go on, Drake."

"Well then your triplet sons orbed into the club with a demon named Beleil," said Drake. "Now I was going to vanquish this demon, but one of your sons stepped in front of him and asked me if I was out of my mind. He said I knew Beleil."

"My future sons consort with demons?" Dean asked.

"Apparently," Drake replied. "Then I got a premonition when I touched the triplet named Tory. I saw him in the Underworld, running from a demon and throwing energy balls over his shoulder. I described my premonition to Dax and the others and he told me that about the Underworld and a demon named Fahr. I remember looking him up in the book before we left for the club too. Anyway, this demon Fahr infected Tory with a power ball to try and turn him evil. I went after them and chased them through the Underworld. I used lightning like I'd never used it before. I learned new spells and finally got Tory and flamed us back to the club. Then one of your sons told me to say a spell with them. It was the spell to remove the power ball. That's how I knew how to remove it from Lori.

"It was the next morning before they came to say the spell that sent me back here," he continued. "I talked to my sons and told them how happy I was to know they were in my future. I talked to your sons and was very shocked to learn that they were the Charmed Ones in the future. With you and Damon dead I guess that would make sense in a way. I just don't know. That's everything though. That's what I saw in the future."

"So why did you keep quiet about it?" Damon asked.

"Because I was trying to find a way to save you both," replied Drake. "I just don't know when or how you're supposed to have died."

"Well now that we know what you know," said Dean, "we'll work it out."

"Damned right we will," said Damon.

Author's Note: I know that the earlier episodes of the show usually started with the Charmed Ones in the kitchen at the Manor at breakfast time and ended with them at P3. I've been trying to begin and end the chapters that way and have sometimes been successful. Just wanted to let you all know that I do remember that much. Also, please remember that this first book of the story is nearly over. I'm not sure how soon the chapters of Book 2 will be posted. I will say that I've tried to keep the main focus of Book 1 on one demon with others thrown in along the way. Ash was that demon. He was the single most dangerous threat to the Charmed Ones in Book 1 and I think I did a good did a good job keeping that focus. I have a big enemy for Book 2 in mind and I'll do my best to focus on that enemy as much as possible throughout the fifteen chapters of Book 2.

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