By Julien Gregg

Book 1 - Chapter 5
Witches In Time Part Two

Last time in Charmed: The New Power of Three:

"We can't write spells," said Drake, then he looked at his father closely. "Can we?"

"You're telling me that you're the Charmed Ones and you don't know that you can write your own spells?" Adam asked with wide eyes.

"They're what?" Jase gasped.

"That's right, Bro," laughed Adam. "Dean here has the power to move things with his mind. Damon can freeze time, and my son, Drake, has premonitions. It really sucks that you didn't at least inherit my power to go with your Charmed power," he said, turning to Drake again.

"You mean the electricity thing?" Drake asked. "I did. Scared the hell out of me the first time I used it."

"Show me," said Adam with a huge grin on his face.

"I think we'd better get inside before we start displaying more of our powers in public," said Shae. "Dad'll flip out.

And now, the continuation of Witches In Time

"Who're these?" said a blond haired man as he walked through the hallway. Each of the boys knew him as Gregory. Their grandfather had said that Gregory was their parents' White Lighter.

"You'll never believe it," said Adam as they walked through the hallway and into the living room. "Check it out, these guys are the Charmed Ones. They're from the future."

"The Charmed Ones, huh?" said Gregory, giving the boys an appraising look.

"Yeah," said Adam, grabbing hold of Drake. "And this one here is my future son!"

"You have to be with girls to have a son, Adam," said another man as he came into the living room. He had very short dark hair and gray eyes. He smiled at Drake. "Don't let him lie on you, man. He's been telling whoppers all day long!"

"They are the Charmed Ones," said Jase as he came to stand behind Dean. "Get my father, David."

"Come on in and have a seat, boys," said Adam as he virtually pushed Drake to the couch. "Dad'll know what to do for you."

They sat down and looked around the room. The entire house looked so different. There were pictures of people they didn't know on the walls and the furniture looked like antiques. Then they saw something strange. Gregory was standing in the center of the sitting room with his hands up. In the air above his head was a huge ball of glittery blue light. David jumped up and swiped at it with his arm as he came back through the sitting room, making the blue glitter scatter all over the room.

"You're so funny," said Gregory. "Just wait. I'll have your White Lighter orb you to Vietnam."

"Threaten me, why don't ya?" laughed David as he came back into the living room. "Man, you're White Lighter is tense."

"Leave him alone, David," said Jase. "Where's Dad?"

"He's talking with your cousin about Ash," replied David. "He said he'd be right in."

"Did you tell him who is here?" Adam asked.

"No," said David. "I'm not falling for it, Adam. Give it a rest."

"This is ridiculous," said Damon with a sigh of frustration, making everyone look at him. "If we don't get back to our own time soon it won't matter if you believe we are who we are or not. The nexus will be turned and there won't be any point in going back."

"How do you know about the nexus?" David asked with wide eyes.

"Look," said Dean. "We were at P3 when Damon projected himself there . . ."

"You can project?" Shae asked as she stared at Damon.

"Uh, yeah," said Damon. "I did it for the first time today, or in the future. You know what I mean."

"No one has been able to do that since . . ."

"Our great grandfather," said Drake. "We know that already. Mr. Pollock explained that to us when Damon projected himself to P3 from the manor right after the demon attacked him."

"Demon?" Jase asked, turning to face them.

"Don't worry, Dad," said Dean. "It wasn't Ash."

"How do they know about Ash?" David asked.

"Because they're from the future," said Adam, shaking his head.

"This isn't getting us anywhere," said Dean. "If we could just check the book . . ."

"You're not going to let them near the book, are you?" David asked.

"Is he a witch or can I freeze him?" Damon asked his mother.

"You got that urge, too, huh?" she laughed.

Then their grandfather and a younger looking Mr. Pollock came into the room. Damon, Dean and Drake stood up when he came in. Their parents and David just sat where they were. Dean hoped that his grandfather would know how to fix their problem. He just hoped he'd believe them when they told him who they were.

"Who're your friends, kids?" Daniel asked.

"Dad, uh, you better sit down," said Jase. "This one is a shocker."

"You're not going to try to sell this bull on him, are you?" David asked.

Just then Drake flinched as a vision overtook him. He saw them all in the attic with the book opened and in the center of a low table. They were all sitting around it as they said words he couldn't hear. He heard the name Melinda, but that was all. Then he saw the familiar white lights and a blond haired woman stepped out of them. She was dressed in clothes from the pilgrim's days or something. Drake couldn't decide.

"Drake, are you all right?" Dean asked, putting a hand on his cousin's shoulder.

"I just had a premonition," he replied, breathing hard. "At least I think it was a premonition. We were in the attic with the book opened on a table. We were all sitting around it, saying some kind of spell. I couldn't hear the words. I only heard the name Melinda, and then someone was conjured. She was dressed in clothes that had to have come from somewhere in the very distant past."

"Who was sitting around this low table?" Daniel asked him.

"All of us," said Drake. Then he thought about it. "I didn't see David in my vision, or the White Lighters."

"Do you mean we were conjuring Melinda Warren?" Dean asked. "Can we do that?"

"How should I know?" Drake asked. "I'm just as new at this as you are."

"What do you mean you're new at this?" Jase asked. "Surely you've been doing this since childhood."

"You all bound our powers when we were really little to keep the underworld from knowing who we were," said Dean before he could stop himself. He'd almost added more. He'd nearly told his father that Ash was going to kill him.

"You're from the future, aren't you?" Daniel asked, looking at them evenly.

"Yes, Grandfather," said Dean. "Drake cast a spell to take us back to a time when the manor wasn't cursed and it brought us here. I don't know why, though."

"Cursed?" inquired Daniel with a shocked expression. "Cursed by who?"

"He calls himself Farren Blackwood," said Damon.

"Farren cursed the manor in your future?" Shae asked. "I thought we'd taken care of Farren."

"You know him?" Damon asked, looking at his mother with wide eyes. "I thought he was just a guy I met in Alaska."

"What were you doing in Alaska?" Shae asked, smiling.

"Don't answer that," said Daniel. "But yes, we know Farren. Children I think it's time that we go to the book."

"All of us?" David asked.

"No," said Daniel. "I think this has to stay within the family. And no cloaking, David."

"Yes, Sir," David said, lowering his head.

"You say you saw us summoning Melinda Warren?" Daniel asked as they headed for the stairs.

"I saw us summoning someone named Melinda," said Drake. "I don't know that it was . . ."

"From your description of her clothes it could only have been the beginning of our magical line," said Daniel. "We'll consult the book before we conjure anyone."

The cousins followed their grandfather out of the room and up the stairs with their parents right behind them. There was so much that each of them wanted to say to their parents. The demon Ash would kill each of them in time and for Dean and Damon that time was soon. They had no idea when their parents would marry, but shortly after Drake's birth Ash would kill Jase. Then he would come after Shae. It would take twenty years for the demon to find Adam, but he would find him.

"I think our first task should be to find out why we would even need to summon Melinda Warren," said Daniel as they assembled around the Book. He opened it and began to search for Melinda's page. When he found it, he was referred to Matthew Tate. He read the text aloud and told them of the curse that Melinda had placed Matthew under. "There's nothing here about Farren."

"Farren did say that he was older than we even knew," said Shae. "When I confronted him he said that he could change the course of our family history. Maybe he was talking about time travel. Do you think he would go after Melinda?"

"It's possible," said Daniel after a moment. He turned to Damon. "You said he has the manor cursed in your time?"

"Yes," said Damon. "The manor had some kind of dark aura."

"That would be the nexus," said Daniel. "The nexus is neither good or evil. Its allegiance can be changed to either a good witch or a dark witch."

"Could he use the nexus to go back in time?" Jase asked.

"Well there's one way to make sure that he doesn't get to Melinda," said Daniel. "We'll have to summon her."

"But if we summon her spirit won't he still be able to go back to before Matthew turned her in and kill her?" Dean asked.

"We're not going to summon her spirit," said Daniel. "We're going to bring her forward in time from the day before she was turned in."

"How are we going to do that?" Adam asked. "You said we were powerful, but even together our power wasn't strong enough to even vanquish Ash."

"But we have the Power of Three with us now," said Daniel, looking at his grandsons with pride.

"The spell is only to summon her spirit," said Shae as she looked at the book.

"We'll have to write a new spell," said Daniel. "Come and sit around the table. Bring the Book."

He wrote on a piece of paper and then copied it to three more sheets. He passed them around the table so that his children could share with their sons. He lit the candles and placed herbs in the cauldron and then took Shae and Drake's hands. The others clasped hands as they began to read together.

"Guided spirits hear our cry. Stretch your hand back far and wide. Bring to us the living ancestor. Melinda Warren we call you here," they said as one.

Bright blue and white lights swirled in the middle of the attic. They turned to watch as a blond woman wearing clothes from the seventeenth century stepped through the lights and became solid. She looked at them with wide eyes and clutched the locket around her neck. They slowly got to their feet as she watched them wearily.

"Who are you?" she asked.

"Melinda Warren," said Daniel. "We brought you to the future to prevent something from happening to our family line."

"Family line?" she asked. "What does that have to do with me?"

"You are the beginning of the Warren Witches," said Daniel with a smile on his face. "The family name is now Halliwell and has been for a few generations."

"Warren witches with the name Halliwell," she said, walking around the attic and looking at all of the keepsakes stored there. "What incredible magic you must possess to have brought me forward in time."

"Well I have to admit that it was the Power of Three that helped tip the scale," said Daniel.

"The Power of Three?" she asked in a gasp as she turned to look at them. "The Charmed Ones?"

"We're from an even further future than this," said Dean with a smile. "We cast a spell to go back to a time when the manor wasn't cursed and it brought us here. We haven't even been born yet."

"Male Charmed Ones?" she asked. "How is this possible?"

"The joining of magical beings with Warren blood has made it possible," said Daniel. "Our ancestors made powerful connections and the ultimate power is now in our blood."

"I know nothing of magical beings," she said with a smile. "However if joining with these beings has made you this powerful I say it was best."

"We brought you here to keep a warlock named Farren Blackwood from cursing you," said Daniel.

"Farren Blackwood," she said with a grimace. "He has been plaguing me since the birth of my daughter."

"You know him?" Damon asked with wide eyes. "I thought he was born in my time."

"I've known Farren Blackwood since the day he was born," she said. "He was born just five years after me. Our families are enemies. You say he is powerful enough to move through time himself. How is this possible?"

"We believe he is going to use the Nexus in their time," said Daniel, indicating his grandsons. "We brought you here to keep all of us safe."

"We won't be safe unless he's vanquished," she said, looking thoughtful. "Though if he's tapped into the power you're afraid he has he may not be vanquishable."

"What about the spell you cast on Matthew Tate?" Shae asked, and her father touched her arm.

"Shae, that hasn't happened for her yet," he said.

"Why could I curse Matthew?" she asked. "He's the father of my child."

"We shouldn't tell you that," said Daniel. "We should get Farren taken care of and then get you back to where you belong so we will all have a future."

"First we have to find Farren," said Jase. "We thought we'd gotten rid of him, but if he cursed the manor in the future . . ."

"That's where we have to get him from," said Melinda. "I know this sounds wrong, but in order to break the curse he has to be taken out of that time and dealt with. Once that happens the curse will have been lifted."

"Sounds like we need to write another spell," said Adam. "Dad?"

"Let me think about it for a moment," he said. "While we wait, why don't we get Melinda into something a little more modern."

"Melinda, if you'll come with me I think I have something that will fit you," said Shae as she headed for the door.

Daniel sat in the easy chair across from the book's stand and began to write in a small notebook. The cousins watched with interest as their grandfather tore off sheet after sheet of paper and crumpled them. They looked at each other twice but said nothing. Jase's laughter drew their attention away from their grandfather.

"He does that a lot," said Jase. "Don't worry. He'll come up with the right spell."

"You can't blame us for worrying, Dad," said Dean. "We're new at this, but we'd like to get back to our time and follow our destiny."

"You keep saying you're new at this," said Jase. "I can't figure out why we would bind your powers to begin with."

The cousins looked at each other. There were so many things that each of them wanted to say but they knew that to say them could alter the future in ways they couldn't begin to think about. The temptation to warn their parents was so strong. Fortunately their grandfather spoke up before the temptation got too strong.

"Don't say a word about the future, boys," he said. "And stop asking them questions, Jase. If they tell us anything that is destined to happen and we change it there could be serious repercussions."

"You can't blame me for being curious," said Jase with a huge smile that lit up his face. "To know that I have a son is a great surprise. To know that he is a Charmed One is more than I can even begin to think about without wanting to know more."

"You'll know about him when he is born," said Daniel. "We already know too much about them. Shae didn't even know she could have children. Now she's met her son."

"But that's a good thing isn't it?" Adam asked. "I mean won't it give her hope?"

"It will, but she was destined to believe that she couldn't carry children," replied Daniel.

"Just knowing about them could have repercussions?" Jase asked.

"It could," Daniel said after a moment of thought. "It's too late the change what you already know. Just don't ask any questions."

"Sorry to barge in," said Gregory as he came through the attic door. "I just thought you might want to know that Eliza and Alyson are downstairs. They're looking for Adam and Jase."

"You can send Eliza up here," he said. "Stall Alyson until Adam can get downstairs."

"Everything all right?" Gregory asked, looking around at all of the crumpled sheets of notebook paper.

"Fine," replied Daniel. "Please, Greg."

"Yes, Sir," replied Gregory as he turned and walked out the door.

"My mother is coming up here?" Drake asked, looking at his grandfather with wide eyes. "But that means she'll know about me."

"With Eliza it isn't such a problem," Daniel said. "Alyson, on the other hand, hasn't been told our secret yet."

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