WARNING: This story contains scenes depiction sexual relations between males. For a time one of those males won't exactly be of legal age in some parts of the country. If this type of material is offensive to your or is not legal in your place of residence DO NOT READ THIS STORY.


"Are you sure this is the one you want?" Rex asked as we looked at the black Chevy pick-up truck on the lot for the third time.

It had been two weeks since the night that Doctor Burch had punched me in the face. My nose was healing and the bruising around my left eye was almost completely gone. I hadn't seen my mother even once. We'd moved all of my stuff out of the house and it was now in boxes in Rob and Rex's basement. I would have set up a room down there for myself but the ceiling was too low.

"Yes this is what I want," I replied. "I can have the mower and supplies in the back of the truck all the time. That way when I get off the school bus I can get in the truck and go."

"I figured you'd want to drive to school," he said.

"Well that would have been great, but parking permits have already been issued and you can't buy them after school starts," I informed him.

"That sucks," he said.

"Not really because it works out this way," I said. "If I were able to drive the truck to school I'd have to load everything as soon as I got home. This way it'll all be loaded already and all I have to do is get in the truck and go."

The truck was nice enough. It was an older model, but it had an extended cab, CD player, and power windows and locks. There were over two hundred thousand miles on the engine, but I wasn't planning to drive it to California or anything. It would work just fine for the business. Plus I could write it off if that's all I used it for.

We paid for the truck and I drove it home on the temporary plates. My own would come in the mail. When we got there, Rob had dinner waiting for us. It had been a rough adjustment for me living with the guys, but it was working out. I was sleeping on the couch for now, but we were at least talking about getting a bigger place.

In school my classes were a bit harder, but that was to be expected in my senior year. I didn't have a full day of school either. My day didn't start until third hour so I had to ride a city bus to school every morning. I got out at the same time as the rest of the students so I rode the school bus home.

"So you don't live at home anymore?" Mike asked one day at lunch.

"No," I replied. "I live with two friends across the street from my mom."

"Wild," he said. "What's it like living outside the house?"

"Better," I replied, leaving it at that.

"So these friends," he said. "Are they adults?"

"They go to the university," I said.

"Awesome," he said, smiling. "So are there all kinds of parties and stuff?"

"No parties," I laughed. "At least not the kind you're thinking of. They're serious about school."

"Guys, girls or a guy and a girl?" he asked.

"Guys," I replied.

"You live with two college guys and there are no wild parties?" he asked clearly shocked.

"Nope," I said. "I live with two friends who go to college, work and are trying to make their way in the world. End of story."

I changed the subject after that. The last thing I need for Mike to know was that Rex and Rob were gay college guys who didn't party and I lived with them. It wasn't that I was ashamed of them or anything. I was a high school senior and didn't want to go through hell in my final year of high school.

The fact that they were gay hit a little closer to home after I'd lived with them for a month. It was a Friday night and they were both asleep in their rooms and I was a horny seventeen year old boy. I usually waited until I was in the shower to take matters into my own hand but I couldn't sleep that night and my dick wouldn't go down. I got good and comfortable and started by running my hand down my chest and stomach before wrapping it around my dick. I was just starting to really get into it when Rex's door opened and he stepped into the living room. I was busted.

He stopped in his tracks, mouth open and eyes wide while I froze in the act. I was looking at him while he was looking at my hand wrapped around my dick. Neither of us said anything for a few minutes until I took my hand off my dick and started to pull the sheet over my nakedness.

"Uh," he said and cleared his throat. "I just wanted a glass of water."

"Sorry," I said, feeling my face heat up. I couldn't believe he'd caught me.

"You don't have to be sorry," he said, coming over to the couch. He sat down at the other end after I moved my legs out of the way. "You're a guy. Guys masturbate."

"Well I didn't expect anyone to be awake," I said sheepishly.

"Don't be embarrassed, Josh," he said, smiling. "That's an impressive sight. You have nothing to be ashamed of."

I don't know where my nerve came from. Maybe I wanted something to happen. I'm still not sure what I wanted at the time, but I uncovered my hard dick and showed it to him again. He licked his lips as he looked at it. The sight of it made my balls hum. I didn't know what I was doing, but I knew that whatever it was I'd like it.

"Can I touch it?" he asked, looking from me to my dick and back nervously.

"Sure," I whispered, wanting him to and hoping he wouldn't at the same time.

He wrapped his hand around it, but not tight. Then he started to slowly jack me off. My eyes closed and my head rolled back. A moan escaped me. His hand didn't leave my dick, but I felt him move around a little. Then there was a pulling on the sheet but I thought he just wanted to see it better. Then I felt the most amazing warmth surround me. My eyes opened and I gasped. Rex was sucking my dick!

I'd never felt anything so amazing in my life. The sensation was all most too much for me to process. He leaned forward and took more of my dick into his mouth, making me moan and grip the sheet in my fists. This was so unreal. My body shuddered and I kept gasping air into my lungs as he sank his mouth lower and lower, taking more and more of my dick into his mouth. His tongue moved back and forth, stimulating the underside of my dick in ways I'd never dreamed of. Then I felt the head of my dick meet resistance, and then the most wondrous sensation enveloped me. It was then that I realized that his nose was in my pubic hair and I felt my balls tighten in their sack, signaling that my orgasm wasn't far off.

He must have known what that signified as well because he backed off until only the head of my dick was still in his mouth. The assent was enough to make me moan, but then he took it all the way back down to the root and I thought I'd lose it then and there. He did this over and over and I tried to push him off of me before I blasted off, but he held on to my hips and wouldn't let go. Then I was panting and moaning. I threw my head back and hissed as my balls churned cum up through the shaft of my dick and into his waiting mouth. Over and over I shot and each time he'd move his tongue under my dick and my body would quiver almost like a convulsion. Wave after wave of torturous pleasure spread through me and I was shaking.

When I could cum no more he let my dick fall from his mouth and sat up to look at me. I could barely keep my eyes open as the most incredible sensations still passed through my body. With every wave of pleasure my body quaked and I jerked. He held on to my knees as my orgasm rocked me.

"I've wanted to do that for so long," he said when I could finally open my eyes and breathe normally again. "Thanks."

He let go of my knees and got off the couch. I watched as he walked across the living room and disappeared behind his bedroom door. I lay there in the moonlight, staring at his closed door and wondering how it had happened. Had I asked for it somehow? Had he just instinctively known that I would let him do it? So many questions moved through my mind as I stared at that closed door. The one that shocked me the most was if he would do it again.

Then I realized I was still sitting there with my boxers around my ankles. When I moved around enough to pull them back up I noticed that my dick was hard again. I started to stress about that for a moment. Did it make me gay that I liked it? Of course not. It was a blow job! You're supposed to like them. I turned on my side and went to sleep. The last thing I needed at that time was another hang up.

The next day Rex and I said very little to each other. It wasn't because I felt awkward. He might have though. I got up, did my fifty crunches and fifty push-ups, drank my shake and started loading the mowers and other equipment we'd need for the day. Rex got up and ate breakfast, took a shower and we left. We said no more than two words to each other in the truck and I felt bad the entire time I was mowing my lawns.

"Are we just not going to talk to each other anymore?" I asked when we were in the truck and on our way back to the house.

"I don't know what to say," he replied, looking out the passenger window.

"We don't have any trouble talking any other time, Rex," I said.

"Are you all right with what I did to you last night?" he asked, suddenly looking at me.

"I'm fine with it," I replied.

"But I kind of took advantage of you," he said.

"Bullshit," I said flatly. "What happened last night happened because we both wanted it to happen. If I didn't want it to happen I could have stopped you once you started."

"So you liked it?" he asked. I could see the hope in his eyes and I smiled at him.

"I loved it," I said. "I was kind of hoping you'd want to do it again."

"Any time," he replied. There was a serious look on his face when he said it. I had to think about that a bit more later, but at that moment all I could think about was getting his mouth on my dick again.

"Well then I don't see any reason for us to feel awkward with each other," I said as we pulled into the driveway.

He sucked my dick again after I took my shower. Rob was at work so we were alone. Afterward we watched a movie like nothing had happened. This went on for weeks any time Rob was either at work or asleep and we were both home. I began to wonder what Rex was getting out of the deal. It was amazing for me, but what about him?

Mike kept hounding me for details about my life with the college boys. I would smile when he wasn't looking and think about the blow jobs I was getting that I couldn't tell him about. He wanted to meet the guys and I was actually considering that. I needed to talk to Rex and Rob about it first though.

Then I started to hear that Riley Wagoner and Danny Scavello had broken up. Details about why this had happened weren't as widely talked about as the fact that the pair were split. I saw her in the cafeteria that day and I thought about going to talk to her, but decided that it wasn't worth my time. She'd just play with me again and I wasn't in the mood for games. I was shocked when she came to talk to me instead.

"Hello, Josh Carson," she said, standing in front of me as I got to the table that I shared with Mike, Carla and Erica.

"Hello, Riley Wagoner," I said, nodding. "Sorry to hear about you and Danny."

"Don't be," she said. "That's just means that I'm free to go out with you now."

"I'll keep that in mind," I said. "Talk to you later, Riley Wagoner."

"Call me," she said before walking away and leaving me confused.

"Dude," said Mike as I sat down. "Riley Wagoner just basically asked you out."

"I heard her," I replied. "How's it goin', ladies?"

"Good for me," said Erica. "How about you?"

"Oh I can't complain," I said, smiling at her.

"I've had a fair day," said Carla.

"Glad to hear it," I said, completely aware that Mike's mouth was hanging open. "And you, Mr. Santuci?"

"Are you going to sit there and pretend that you don't want to go out with Riley?" he asked in reply.

"No," I said. "I'm going to sit here and eat my lunch."

"So you do want to go out with her?" Carla asked.

"I don't hate the idea," I replied, smiling. "I'm not sure yet. I'm thinking it over."

I thought about it for the rest of the day. What would it be like to date Riley? We'd never really had a conversation before, not a real one anyway. I didn't really know anything about her and all that she knew about me was that I mowed her ex-boyfriend's grandma's grass in the summer. I didn't really know anything about her either. I guess that's what dating is all about.

I didn't call her though. The next day she sat with us at lunch and talked to everyone as if she'd always known them. I was a little curious about why she'd sat at our table, but she made sure that she talked to me more than anyone else. It made me a little uncomfortable for some reason. I decided that the only way to figure out why was to give in and ask her out.

"So you're going to ask her out?" Rex asked. He was lying between my legs with his chin on my thigh as he ran his fingers through my pubic hair.

"Does that bother you?" I asked, raising my head to look down my torso at him.

"Not at all," he said. "You're not my boyfriend, Josh."

"I know that," I replied with a sigh. "I just don't want to hurt your feelings."

"You won't hurt my feelings by going out with the girl you've been infatuated with for two years," he said. "Josh, I know you're not gay and that there is no future for us. I'm not in love with you so don't worry about hurting me."

So I asked Riley if she wanted to go and see a movie on Saturday night. She accepted and that was that. Instead of leaving the mower and equipment in the truck I stored it all behind the house when I finished my yards that day. Then I took the truck to the car wash to clean out the back, used Armor All on the dashboard and other vinyl fixtures in the cab and vacuumed the floor and seats to get all of the grass out of the cab.

We didn't say much on the way to the theater. Once there I bought her popcorn and soda and we went straight in to get seats. It was strange for me to be sitting there with her after wanting to go out with her for so long. I didn't know why, but I kept thinking about Rex while we sat there.

"So why did it take you so long to ask me out?" she asked, breaking the building silence between us.

"You make me nervous," I admitted.

"I make you nervous?" she asked, smiling at me. "That's a new one."

"Well it's the truth," I said. "I'm still not sure why you wanted to go out with me in the first place. We don't exactly have a base to build anything on."

"So we're getting to know each other," she said as the lights dimmed. That ended our discussion for two hours as we watched the movie.

I thought about Rex throughout the movie. What he'd said about not hurting his feelings and me not being his boyfriend kept running through my head. I couldn't figure out why I was thinking about him when I was with Riley, but I had this nagging feeling in my gut that I really was hurting his feelings. I didn't like that. It made me feel guilty. That confused me even more.

After the movie we went for sundaes. She thought that was strange, but I assured her that she'd enjoy it. The ice cream parlor was fairly empty so we were free to talk without too many distractions. I'd decided that if we were going to get to know each other we needed to start somewhere. She must have thought the same thing.

"So tell me about you," she said when we were sitting at a table with our sundaes in front of us.

"What's to tell?" I asked. "I run a lawn care business and have basically since I was twelve. I make decent money and I'm a senior in high school."

"What about your family?"

"My father died when I was twelve," I said. "My mother and I haven't spoken since just before the semester began. I don't live with her anymore."

"Where do you live?" she asked.

"Across the street with two friends," I replied. "They go to the university."

"What about when you graduate?" she asked. "What do you want to do with your life?"

"I want to go to college and get my business degree," I said. "My lawn care business has taken care of me so far. I'd like to expand it and offer more services, hire more employees and really make a living with it."

"You're lucky," she said, looking at her sundae.

"Why do you say that?" I asked.

"Because you have your life ahead of you and it's open and clear," she said. "It's a blank slate that you can paint anything on."

"So do you," I said, not knowing anything about her, but suspecting that it was true.

"No," she said softly. "I don't."

"Why do you say that?" I asked.

"Well I don't live with my parents either," she said. "I haven't spoken to them in a year."

"Where do you live?"

"I live with my sister and her...roommate," she said, looking away. "There's a lot about me that you don't know."

"I realize that," I said. "But I'm willing to get to know you if you'll let me."

"All right," she said. "My parents paid to put me in private school to get me away from Danny. My sister believed that it was important for me and Danny to be together as much as possible and that made my parents angry. So I haven't spoken to them in a year. Now that Danny and I are no longer together I still haven't spoken to my parents."

"Your parents aren't talking to you because of Danny?" I asked in confusion.

"That's right," she said. "What are you doing tomorrow?"

"I have two lawns to take care of and them I'm free for the day," I replied.

"I want you to come to my house for a while tomorrow," she said. There was a look of almost fear in her eyes as she said it. "There's something about me that you should see before I tell you about it."

I thought about that for the rest of the night. Rex and Rob asked about my date and I told them that it had gone all right, but left me confused. When I told them what she'd said they were both confused as well. Neither of them knew what to make of what she'd said about showing me instead of telling me.

I went to her house as soon as I'd had a shower after mowing. She answered the door and let me in. The first thing I noticed was the little girl playing with toddler toys on the floor. She couldn't have been older than two with curly dark hair and big brown eyes. She smiled up at me as I looked at her.

"This is my daughter, Ariel," said Riley, looking at me hard.

"She's beautiful," I replied, smiling back at the child.

It made sense now why she said she'd have to show me rather than tell me. I understood why her parents were upset with her and had tried to separate her from Danny. What I didn't understand was what they'd thought to accomplish with moving her to a private school so she wouldn't be in school with Danny. They'd already had a child. What more could happen?

"She'll be three years old in March," she said, kneeling down to play with her daughter.

"So this is why you and your parents aren't speaking?" I asked as I knelt down beside her.

"This is part of the reason," she said. "The other part is that I moved in with my sister and allow her to babysit for me when I'm in school."

I looked at her and saw a picture on the wall behind her. In the picture there were two women. One looked a lot like Riley while the other was blond with a beautiful smile and blue eyes. They were embracing in the picture and I understood more about what Riley was trying to tell me.

"Your sister is a lesbian," I said simply and she nodded.

"My parents disowned her when they found out," she said. "Shelly kept in touch with me after they'd thrown her out. I didn't care that she was a lesbian. She's helped me a lot since Ariel was born."

"That's a good thing," I said. "I'm sorry that your parents don't accept either of you now though."

"What do you think about homosexuals?" she asked, keeping her attention on her daughter.

"There's something you should know about me, too," I said in reply. "The two college guys that I live with are gay. They're not a couple, but they're the best friends I've ever had in my life. I think people are people no matter what they do or how they live their lives. I don't judge people for their sexuality or who they choose to love. I don't judge people for mistakes they've made. I can see the beauty that a mistake can become and I know that mistakes are made by everyone."

"You've got a good attitude about mistakes," she said. "Most guys our age would run as soon as they saw Ariel. Danny took longer than I thought he would, but he finally decided that he couldn't handle being a father."

"That's sad," I said. "If I were in his shoes I'd have done everything in my power to make sure that my child was taken care of and loved."

"You're a good guy, Josh," she said, smiling at me.

We played with Ariel for a few hours until her sister came home. I was introduced to Shelly and Lisa, her lover and we all sat around the kitchen table while Ariel was in her high chair. We talked about nothing in particular until it was time for me to go home. When I got there I told Rex and Rob all about Ariel and what Riley and I had talked about. I told them that I didn't want children so early in my life, but I respected Riley for taking care of Ariel.

And as the weeks went by Riley sat with us each day at lunch and quickly became friends with the others. My Saturday nights were Riley's. We went to movies, out to eat and sometimes just sat at her house to play with Ariel. We were getting pretty close and I thought things were going along just fine. Of course Rex was still sucking my dick on a regular basis and insisting that he just liked sucking me off and wasn't attached to me the way I'd thought he might be.

Fall gave way to winter and after the first snow fall I decided to spend a little money. Riley went with me to look at snow blowers and I purchased one after looking in store after store for a good deal. I explained to her that I would be able to write it off as a business expense and she asked a lot of questions about what I did. I explained everything to her and told her that Rex was my only employee and that he would be buying a snow blower himself and writing it off just like me.

When the winter formal dance came around it was a forgone conclusion that Riley and I would go together. She seemed to think we would and even asked me what we were going to do after the dance. I told her that I'd leave that up to her and I'd pay for whatever she wanted to do. Then I thought that was probably a mistake. It was too late though. I'd already told her. I also overheard her and Carla talking about dresses.

Two days before the dance I picked up my tux. I rented this one instead of buying it. Rob went with me and asked that we stop at Walgreens on our way home. He went in and came back out a few minutes later with a bag. I didn't ask any questions about its contents but I was a little curious. He kept looking at the bag and then he'd look at me with a strange look on his face.

"I need to talk to you about something," he said when we got back to the house.

"Sure," I said, hanging my tux in Rex's closet.

I followed him into the kitchen and sat across from him at the table. He put the bag on the table and then looked at me for a minute. I was starting to feel uncomfortable after he'd looked at me for a while without talking. I wondered what was in the bag and what was going on. Then he spoke and shocked me completely.

"First of all I know that you're letting Rex blow you," he said. "Don't worry though. I'm not going to get bent out of shape about it or anything. But a blow job is different than actual sex. You can catch something, or worse yet you can become a father far too early in your life."


"Wait," he said, taking a box of condoms out of the bag. "I bought these for you because I want you healthy and child free. Now I've seen you naked enough times to know that regular condoms aren't going to do it for you so I got you the large size. If they're not large enough you know what to do next time."

"Who said anything about me having any more sex than I've already had?" I asked, still reeling over the fact that he knew about me and Rex.

"Riley has a two year old daughter," he said, smiling. "It doesn't take a nuclear physicist to know that she's going to want to have sex with you."

"I hadn't thought about it much," I lied, feeling my face heat up. I couldn't believe we were having this conversation.

"Whatever," he said, smirking at me. "The point is I want you to use these if you do have sex with her. This is important, Josh."

I thought about it for a moment and decided that he was only looking out for me. I was touched that he cared enough to do this. It was embarrassing, but at least someone had taken the initiative. I smiled at him and saw him visibly relax when I did. That was when I realized that Rob was just as nervous about our discussion as I was.

"Thanks, Rob," I said, taking the box of condoms. "You have nothing to worry about."

"Tell me," he said, looking at the table. "Do you miss your mother at all?"

I thought about that for a moment. Did I miss her? Sure I did. But was it the mother that had sided with her doctor lover that I missed or the one I'd had before the insane work schedules and drive to make money had surfaced? I was sure it was the latter. I missed my father. That was a given. The man had been like a white knight in my past. His death had been a blow like none I'd known since. Even the separation with my mother wasn't as hard to deal with as the loss of my favorite person in the world. My mother had already left me for her work by the time the end of our relationship had come.

"I miss my mom when my dad was alive," I said finally. "Before the killer work schedule."

Rob let it go after that. I was glad because I was ready to fall asleep in my chair. He'd given me a lot to think about though. I had to come to terms with what my mother had done and I needed to think more about sex and what exactly I wanted out of it. Did I want to have sex with Riley? I thought about that as I lay on the couch and let sleep take me.

I did my driveways and walks that Saturday thinking about Riley and the dance. When I was finished I unloaded all of the equipment and swept the snow out of the back of my truck. I ate a quick sandwich with Rob before getting in the shower and then into my tux. When I arrived at Riley's her sister told me to come in. She said that Riley wasn't quite ready yet. I played with Ariel while I waited.

When she came out of the bedroom and down the hall I gasped. She was so beautiful. Her hair was pulled back and left to cascade over one shoulder in a sea of curls. The dress she wore clung to her body, accentuating her curves. It was a strapless dress made from black satin with lace down the sides instead of satin. She smiled at me and my stomach flipped over. I couldn't take my eyes off her.

"You look good," she said, smiling at me again.

"You're beautiful," I replied, standing to face her.

"We should get going," she said, turning to her sister. "We'll be back when the dance is over. Thank you for watching Ariel."

"You go and have a good time," replied her sister, kissing her forehead.

We didn't say much in the truck. She complimented me on my tux and I told her again how beautiful she was. The rest of the trip to the hotel was spent in silence. Through all of our dates and hanging out together I'd thought of Riley as a friend. Tonight I was looking for a specific feeling that just wasn't there. I couldn't say for sure what that feeling was. I just knew it wasn't there. Riley and I were still only friends as far as I could tell. That wasn't going to stop me from having a great time with her at the dance though.

We met up with Mike and Carla in the hotel dining room. Carla looked stunning in her red dress but she didn't hold a candle to Riley. Mike looked good in his tux. He'd gotten a hair cut and I though it looked great on him. He filled out his tux a lot better than he had the previous year. Those work outs in the gym were really paying off for him.

"Well here we are," he said as we were seated at a table. Our classmates were scattered throughout the dining room at other tables.

"You look good, Josh," said Carla, smiling at me.

"So do you," I replied.

We ate and talked back and forth about little things. I noticed that Mike kept looking at me while we ate. I wondered what was up, but when we went into the ball room he and Carla went straight to the dance floor. Riley and I walked around for a bit and then hit the dance floor. For the entire night we alternated between dancing and sitting at the table with Mike and Carla. Each time we'd sit at the table with them I'd catch Mike looking at me. I figured he eventually talk to me about whatever it was that was on his mind. He surprised me by hugging me when we said goodnight after the dance.

"Come inside," she said when we pulled up in front of her house. "My sister is asleep and I'm sure Ariel's in bed. We can talk."

I followed her into the house and we were quiet. She got sodas for us both and then I followed her down the hall to her room. There was a double bed with a fluffy red comforter against the wall between two windows. Lamps stood on the night stands along with pictures of Ariel. She was a beautiful child.

Riley didn't bother with privacy. She stripped out of the dress and slipped into a robe while she sat at the vanity and brushed the curls out of her hair. Then she sat on the bed beside me and started kissing me. There were no words between us. She just kept kissing me as she pushed my jacket off my shoulders.

Once my arms were free I wrapped them around her, pulling her closer to me as our kiss deepened. She pulled back and tugged at my tie until it was undone. Then her fingers worked on the buttons of my shirt until she had it opened to where it was tucked into my pants. I allowed her to tug it free and then she pushed it off my shoulders and I pulled my arms out again.

"This isn't talking," I said, smiling at her.

"This is better," she said, unbuckling my belt. She worked methodically as she unbuttoned my pants and pulled the zipper down. "Lose these."

I did as she asked with my heart slamming in my chest. Once my shoes and socks were off I pushed my pants down my legs and stepped out of them. Standing in my boxers in front of her I gasped as she stood up and took the robe off. She stood before me gloriously naked and I couldn't take my eyes off her body. She stepped closer and kissed me again as she pushed my boxers down my hips. I stepped out of them once they hit the floor and then she was pulling me down to the bed again.

We lay there on top of the comforter, kissing and touching each other everywhere. I explored the contours of her breasts, breaking our kiss so that I could bring my lips to her nipples. She sighed as I ran my tongue over the sensitive nubs one after the other. Then she was attacking my mouth again as she pulled me back up to face her. Her legs spread and she reached down to wrap her hand around my aching erection and tried to guide it to her center. I raised my pelvis away from her quickly.

"Condom," I breathed as she pulled on my dick.

"I'm on the pill," she said and I lowered myself. "Go slow."

As soon as my dick touched her I gasped. Painfully slowly I entered her, making her twitch and moan under me. It took every ounce of my self control to keep from impaling her completely, but finally I was all the way in. Her eyes were closed and she was moaning as she began to rock her hips back and forth. I took that as a sign to continue and I slowly pulled out half way and then slowly sank back into her depths.

Over and over again I pushed and pulled, marveling in the feeling of her. She clawed at my back and wrapped her legs around me, pulling at me with all of her might. I sped up my thrusts and brought my mouth to hers. We kissed and panted against each other's mouths as I picked up the pace even further. She gasped into my mouth and her body shook. Then she was clinging to me as I moved closer and closer to my own orgasm.

My body tensed and my toes actually curled as my orgasm rocked me. She clung to me as I sank myself into her all the way and unloaded my desire. When it was over I kissed her softly. We lay there in each other's arms, kissing and panting against each other in the afterglow. Slowly and carefully I pulled out of her and moved to lie beside her.

"That was incredible," I sighed as I held her.

"I'm still shaking," she said, gripping my arm.

She got up after a few minutes and put her robe back on. She left the room, turning to smile at me before she closed the door. I took the time to sit up and put my boxers back on. I was about to put my socks on when she came back to the room with a plate of strawberries. She shook her head at my socks and sat down beside me, putting the plate on the bed between us.

"It's late," I said.

"Stay with me," she replied, lifting a strawberry to my mouth. I bit into the bittersweet fruit and nodded.

We fed each other strawberries, taking breaks to drink our sodas. While we ate we talked about nothing in particular. She talked about Ariel starting school next year and I talked about my lawns and how much more money I was making now that Rex was working for me. We talked and talked until we were both too tired to do more than set the plate and empty cans on a night stand and then crawl under the covers to cuddle together and sleep.

The next morning I woke up alone in her bed. I got up quickly and found my boxers. Next I sat on the bed to put my socks back on. Once my pants were on I stepped into my shoes and slid my arms into my shirt. I buttoned it but left it untucked. I put my tie in the pocket of my jacket and put it over my shoulder. My first order of business was to find the bathroom. Once I had finished in the bathroom I let the smell of bacon and eggs entice me to the kitchen where I found Riley feeding Ariel her breakfast while her sister cooked at the stove.

"Good morning," said Riley, smiling at me.

"Morning," I replied, sitting down across from her at the table. I put my jacket over my lap as her sister put a plate in front of me. "Thank you," I said, smiling at her.

"Welcome," she said, putting her own plate on the table and sitting down.

We ate in silence as I watched Ariel laugh and clap her hands each time her mommy pretended to fly the spoon to her lips. I smiled at them between bites and got a smile from the child in return. She was a beautiful little girl and I could see so much of Riley in her. The eyes were Danny's I imagined.

After breakfast and three kisses later I headed back to the house. Rob was sitting on the couch when I got there. He told me that Rex was already doing his lawns. I told him I'd get on mine as soon as I'd had a shower and changed clothes. He didn't ask about my night and I was glad for that. I wasn't sure I wanted to discuss my night with Riley. For some reason it wasn't sitting completely well with me.

I thought about it while I started my Christmas shopping the next day. I made sure to buy a gift for Riley as well as Ariel, but the more I thought about my relationship with Riley the more I thought of her as a friend. The sex had been nice, but I wasn't in love with her. We'd gotten to be pretty good friends as far as I was concerned. It was clear to me that she thought we were a lot closer and I didn't know what to do about that.

"I didn't think you'd let me do this anymore after you and Riley became an item," said Rex later that night after he'd sucked me off in his room. He was still lying with his head between my legs and his hand wrapped around my softening dick.

"Riley and I aren't an item," I replied with a sigh. "I just don't know how to tell her that."

"You spent the night with her the night of the dance," he pointed out.

"Yes," I said. "But afterward I felt guilty. I don't know why though."

"Did you not like the sex?" he asked.

"I liked it fine," I replied. "But to be honest it feels better when you suck my dick than it did to fuck her."

"I can't say anything about that because I've never had sex with a girl in my life," he said. "They say that gay sex is better than straight sex though."

"I don't know about that," I admitted. "All I know is that I like you sucking my dick better than fucking Riley. That doesn't mean that I won't like having sex with a different girl more."

"Do you want something to compare to having sex with her?" he asked, shaking my dick.

"What are you talking about?" I asked as my dick got harder again.

"Well you could fuck me and then you'd know which was better," he said, grinning at me.

I couldn't do more than look at him at that point. The very thought of fucking him made me nervous, but excited at the same time. My dick went from half hard to stiff in seconds as he smiled at me. What would it be like to fuck Rex? Sex with Riley had been soft and gentle. Everything about her was soft and supple. Rex was a hard and toned man. I'd worked out alongside him for years. There was nothing soft about him. Could I do it?

I was sure that I could physically do it. That wasn't the issue. The issue was what it would do to me. What would I think of myself if I fucked Rex? He'd been sucking my dick since summer and I hadn't felt any different about myself. All I could think about was the pleasure of it. It surely hadn't changed the dynamics of my relationship with Rex. He was still my best friend in the entire world. We just shared something more now. Could we share this too and still not have our relationship changed?

He didn't wait for an answer though. He just put my dick back in his mouth, making me moan as I watched him. He didn't work me over the way he usually did when he was trying to get me to cum. This time he heated me up slowly and let me simmer as he let go of my dick and ran his lips and tongue down the back of my shaft until he got to my balls. As soon as his wet mouth connected with my sensitive globes I spread my legs further to give him better access. I'd never felt anything like it before. I know I moaned as he put one and then the other in his mouth and bathed them with his tongue. My eyes closed and I put my head back against the pillow and let him have his way.

What he did next caused me to almost sit up completely in shock. He lifted my nuts out of his way and started running his tongue on the tender skin behind them. I lifted my knees to let him get to it easier, but then he pushed the backs of my thighs back against me and then I felt his tongue slide across my hole! I couldn't believe it. It sent an almost electric pulse through my crotch to the head of my dick. I could actually feel myself leaking precum after that.

"Like that, huh?" he said, grinning up at me.

"Hell yeah!" I hissed back at him and then he was shoving his face in my ass again. All I could do after that was moan and jerk.

I felt his tongue enter my ass hole and I thought I would cum right then and there. I couldn't believe how much pleasure could be derived from that area of my body. I would have never even thought about it had he not started to rim me to begin with. He fucked his tongue in and out of me and I could only lie there with my hands gripping my knees and let him do it.

Then before I knew what was happening he was sliding a condom over the head of my dick and rolling it down my shaft. His tongue hadn't left my ass so I wondered where he'd come up with the condom. Then I felt something cold and slick on my latex covered shaft and I shivered. He disengaged his tongue from my ass and pulled my legs down to the bed.

"Let me do the work for a bit so I can get used to the size of you," he said as he straddled my crotch. "Just lay still."

I shut my eyes and waited. As soon as I felt the head of my dick touch his ass I started to have second thoughts. Was this going to hurt him? I was about to say something when he started to push himself down over my dick. I opened my eyes and looked at him. He looked right back at me with nothing but determination in his eyes as he slowly impaled himself. It was so tight inside him and hot like I'd never felt before. His ass clung to me like his mouth had never done before. By the time his ass touched my pelvis I wasn't sure it would take long and I would be filling the condom. His eyes were screwed shut tightly and I worried about him again.

"Are you all right?" I asked.

"I'm fine," he hissed. "Just stay still and let me get used to it."

After a few minutes he started to lift himself up slowly until he was almost off of me completely. Then he sank back down just as slowly. He did this a few times getting faster every time and making me suck breath in through clenched teeth as I tried desperately not to cum from the incredible feeling of his ass on my dick.

"All right," he said, easing off of me completely. "Trade me places. I'm going to lie on my back and put my legs over your shoulders. You have to lift my ass off the bed slightly and then slowly put your dick back inside me."

We moved around in the bed until we were both in position. The backs of his calves were on my shoulders and I used my hands on his hips to pull him closer to me, lifting his ass from the bed just a little and brought my dick back to his ass. I watched his face as I slid slowly back into him but he just moaned. I got about half way in and his eyes opened real quick and he moaned louder.

"That's it," he hissed. "Make sure you hit that spot every time, Josh."

I did as I was told and before I knew it I my pubic bone was slamming against his ass on every thrust. We looked into each other's eyes as we continued to lunge against each other, driving me dick further into his ass. The feeling was so different than it had been with Riley. This was almost animalistic. It was completely male and very intoxicating. He was grunting and pushing his ass back against me and then his dick suddenly erupted cum all over his stomach. His ass clamped down on my dick and kind of spasmed and then I was filling the condom inside his ass.

We stayed like that for a few minutes until my dick softened and slid out of his ass. Then I got up so he could get a towel to clean himself up. We didn't say anything to each other. He just climbed in bed and looked at me. I nodded to his silent look and then climbed into his bed behind him and wrapped my arms around him. I didn't think about what it meant. I just held him close and went to sleep. We fit together so perfectly that I didn't even mind the fact that we were naked. After what we'd done it didn't seem to matter anyway.

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