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Chapter 1

The sun was blaring through the lone window in the dorm room when eighteen year old Skyler Thomas opened his eyes that morning. He'd been having another dream about Mark, and it was a great dream. Mark Sanders was Skyler's roommate. The two had become fast friends since they met at the beginning of the year, and Skyler had developed a crush on Mark almost from day one. This was a fact that Skyler tried very hard to keep from Mark. He wasn't ready to come out of the closet to anyone yet, and he surely wasn't ready to come out to his roommate who would probably throw him out of their dorm room.

So he kept himself quiet and in check at all times. He had never gone so far as to get a girlfriend to hide his secret, but he wasn't above flirting with the girls to keep everyone from suspecting. When anyone asked why he had no girlfriend, he reminded them that he had a very difficult major and spent almost all of his time studying. He told everyone it wouldn't be fair to drag a girl into a relationship with a guy who constantly had his nose in a book. It had worked so far, so he had no plans of changing anything any time soon.

Noticing that the other bed in the room was empty, Skyler sat up and looked toward the desk. Mark was not there so he figured that he was alone. Without hiding his morning erection he got out of bed and padded to his closet to get a shirt, pair of shorts and all of the rest of the things he'd need after his shower.

The dorm was quiet as he stood under the shower spray. Being Saturday many of the others were probably already out enjoying the Spring weather. Spring Break was coming and a lot of the students seemed antsy. Skyler had nowhere to go for Spring Break, so he didn't really care if it ever arrived. Being on financial aid with a partial scholarship meant that he had very little money to spare for trips. He didn't care though. He'd spend the time reading or doing anything else that he found to entertain himself.

He thought about calling home, but he really didn't want to talk to his mother or step-father. The only reason to call home would be to talk to Chad or Cassie. He hated the fact that his little brother and sister were still living in Detroit, but until they got older there was nothing he could do about it. He at least hoped that the twins would find a way to escape to college as he had.

Pushing thoughts of his family out of his head for the time being he stepped out of the shower and dried off. He checked his appearance in the mirror above the sink as he ran his hand over his jaw. No need to shave that morning so he did his best to dry his hair with the already wet towel and got dressed.

Checking his footlocker he noticed that he was low on munchable foods so he decided to run over to Perkins' Market across campus to get something to snack on while he sat around watching his small color television. He glanced at his reflection in the full length mirror on the back of the dorm room door as he stepped into his loafers. The shirt and shorts looked all right together and his hair was drying pretty much in a way that left his hair in place. He grabbed his key and left the room.

He saw a few others in the halls and politely nodded at them all as he walked. He didn't have many friends at the school, but he was friendly with just about everyone who lived in his dorm. He knew probably a handful of them well enough to speak to them past hello but he saw none of those he was that friendly with that morning.

The temperature outside was nice and he was hungrier than he'd originally thought so he didn't head toward Perkins'. Instead he left campus and headed down to the cafe that he liked to eat at. Along the way he looked at all of the stands and racks out on the sidewalk. It was a Spring day and many of the stores in the area were having sidewalk sales. He didn't have much money on him so all he did was browse.

McLintock's Diner was a nice place with great food. Sky had eaten there at least twice a month since he'd come to LA and knew all of the waitresses by name. When he walked in he saw that Dianne was serving. He smiled at her and walked up to the counter to take a seat. She came up behind him and leaned an arm on his shoulder.

"So where have you been lately?" she asked, smiling at him. "I haven't seen you since right after Christmas."

"Oh, classes are hard this semester," he replied. "I've been studying my butt off."

"Are you still working?" she asked, referring to the job he'd had before Christmas at a music store called The Station.

"Nope," he sighed. "That was seasonal and after Christmas they let four of us go. I'm between jobs still."

"Well why don't you try your hand at acting?" she said. "God knows you have a face that belongs in movies. There's always an open call around here."

"I don't know about acting," he said with a shrug. "It was fun in high school but now I really need to focus on school."

"But you told me that you loved acting," she said, sitting on the stool beside him.

He had loved acting when he was in high school. He'd been in just about all of the high school plays and even had a few leading roles. He just didn't think he had a future in show business and he really had to keep his mind on school. Plus he had to find another job soon or his savings would run out. Then he'd really be in trouble.

"I did," he said. "But that was high school. What director is going to cast me?"

"I might," said a male voice from behind them.

Startled, Sky turned to face a middle aged man with thinning dark hair that was just starting to gray at the temples. He wore wire rimmed glasses and a three piece suit. He was holding out his hand, in it was a business card. Skyler looked at the card and then back up at the man's face.

"I'm Milton Drake," said the man. "I'm the casting director for 'Secrets Of the Morning' and we just so happen to have an open audition for four parts Monday morning."

"What exactly are you looking for?" asked Skyler, glancing at the card in his hand and back up at Milton Drake again. He was aware of Dianne holding her breath beside him. Her dark curls of hair bounced softly as she slightly nodded her dead at him with a smile on her face.

"We have four parts that are about to be available and I've been instructed to find new talent," said Milton Drake. "I overheard you talking and I heard you say that you'd acted in high school."

"Those were just high school productions," protested Skyler, shaking his head slightly. He was sure that the man had misunderstood.

"High school is where all of the actors start," replied Milton Drake with a smile. "Humor me. Be at the address on the back of the card at nine Monday morning. I think you'd be perfect for a specific part."

"I'll try," Skyler half agreed, looking at the card again.

Milton Drake shook Skyler's hand and then went back to his table to finish his meal. Skyler looked at Dianne who raised her eyebrows and nodded her head slightly again. He looked down at the card that was now on the counter and sighed. What did he have to lose? Spring Break started Monday so there were no classes. He had no job to speak of and taking a little time off the hunt wouldn't mean that he'd never find one.

"I'll do it," he said after Dianne stared at him for a few minutes.

"Good boy," she said. "I'll even pay for your lunch today, kiddo."

He smiled at her as she went behind the counter to write up a ticket for his usual. She was old enough to be his mother with long dark curly hair that she kept pinned to the top of her head under her hair net although some of those curls rebelled the pin and spilled around her motherly face. She had gray eyes that almost looked silver and her face was remarkably without wrinkles. She often told him that was because she'd always refused to worry about anything.

Milton Drake left the diner a little while after Skyler got his food. Dianne continued to smile at him every five minutes or so as she waited on her other customers and when he was done eating he left her a tip even though she'd paid for his meal. She came over to hug him and wish him luck. He promised to stop by the diner to let her know what happened.

On the pavement again heading back to the dorm, he wondered just what he had agreed to. Mark would be excited about it. "Secrets Of the Morning" was a prime time soap based on the books of V.C. Andrews®. It aired on NBC on Wednesday nights at nine PM. Mark and his girlfriend, Shelly, watched it faithfully along with half of the dorm that they lived in. Skyler had seen a few episodes of the show but he wasn't really fond of it. Mark kept him up to date on what was happening with the show anyway so he never really had to watch it.

He decided not to worry about it. He wasn't likely to get a part and even if he did it would most likely be a bit part. He'd turn that down anyway. What good was a bit part on a television soap when he needed a real job and had to study? Mark would sure be excited though. That thought made Skyler smile.

He took his time getting back to the dorm. There were no classes, homework or exams to study for. School would be out for over two weeks starting Monday so there wasn't anything really important for him to do. Passing a pay phone he thought about his little brother and sister again. He really wanted to check in with them and he supposed that braving a short conversation with his mother or step-father wouldn't hurt him. He had gotten away from them and they couldn't hurt him over a telephone line so many miles away.

He pulled his calling card out of his wallet and dialed all of the numbers on the back, waited for the operator and then told her the number he was trying to call. Then he waited for someone to pick up the telephone in Detroit in the house he'd grown up in. A flood of relief washed over him as he heard his mother's voice at the other end of the connection instead of his step-father's.

"Hi, Mom," he said, looking down at his shoes. "How is everything going?"

"Why do you care?" she asked in a cold tone. "I know you don't call to talk to me or Chuck."

"That's not true, Mom," he argued. "I always like to talk to you."

"Well I don't like to talk to you," she spat. "Which of the twins do you want first?"

"Chad," he sighed, kicking rocks to vent his torment. He heard her slam the phone down on the table and scream for his younger brother. Oh how he hoped that they were treating his siblings better than they'd treated him.

"Hi, Sky!" came Chad's excited voice after a few minutes. "How's school?"

"Well we're on Spring Break starting Monday," replied Skyler, smiling. "How about you? You doing pretty well in school?"

"Not as good as Cassie but she's the brain," he laughed. "I'm the jock."

"Playing football doesn't mean you don't have a brain, Chad," said Skyler. "You've got to study hard, buddy."

"Oh I do," insisted Chad. "My grades are good. I'm doing good in school. I was just messing."

"I know," replied Skyler. "I just care about you and I want you to get into a good college."

"Oh I will," Chad affirmed. "Coach says if I keep playing the way I do I'll have dozens of schools ready to give me a scholarship."

"That's great," Skyler said enthusiastically. "Just remember that you have to make good grades to keep those scholarships."

"Yeah," replied Chad. "How's LA?"

"Sunny and warm," laughed Skyler. "I wish you and Cassie could come and visit."

"That'll never happen," sighed Chad. "The rents would never go for it."

"Yeah," Skyler agreed sadly. "But maybe this summer I can come back to Detroit."

"And stay here?" asked Chad incredulously. "I know how bad it was for you here, Sky."

"Well I don't like not seeing you and Cassie," replied Skyler. "We'll work something out. I promise."

"Cool," said Chad. "Listen, Chuck's wanting me to take out the trash. I'll tell Cassie you called. I love you, Sky."

"I love you, too, buddy," replied Skyler before hanging up the phone.

He sighed as he stared at the phone. He wished that things were different. He wished that his father hadn't run out on them when the twins were born. Then his mother wouldn't have married Chuck and things wouldn't have been the way they were for him at home. He just hoped and prayed that Chuck wasn't hurting the twins.

"Hey, Sky, what's wrong?" asked Mark as soon as he reached their room. Mark was seated at the desk with an open book in front of him but he looked up as soon as Skyler walked through the door.

"Nothing," replied Skyler. "I just talked to Chad. I always think a lot after I talk to one of the twins."

"Step-father being a prick to them?" asked Mark, closing his book.

"I don't think so," sighed Skyler, sitting on his bed. "Chad didn't say anything like that. We talked about his grades and scholarships."

"Isn't he a bit young to be worrying about scholarships, Sky?"

"Well, he's fifteen," said Skyler. "I just want to make sure that both of them can get out of that house and away from Chuck. I don't like the way I had to leave them behind, Mark."

"Calm down, big guy," said Mark, turning up his hands. "I understand. I wish there was something I could do to help."

"Thanks, Mark," sighed Skyler. "It's just frustrating."

"Yeah," replied Mark.

The two of them were quiet for a few minutes and then Skyler remembered Milton Drake. He pulled the card out of his wallet and handed it to Mark. Mark turned it over twice and didn't seem to see any importance. Skyler laughed for a second before he told his friend what had happened at the diner and how excited he'd known he would be when he heard.

"No way!" cried Mark, getting to his feet. "You've got an audition on Monday?"

"Yup," replied Skyler, smiling. "He said there are four available parts and he thought I might be perfect for one."

"Wow, Sky, that's great!" beamed Mark. "Wait till Shelly hears about this."

Skyler loved seeing Mark excited. He was one of the most attractive guys Skyler knew. He was five feet, nine inches tall with a lean swimmer's build. His hair was black and his eyes were the darkest shade of brown that Skyler had ever seen. Skyler had often wished that there was more than friendship between them but he knew that Mark was completely straight.

"Calm down," he said. "I probably won't even get a part and even if I do it'll probably be some bit part that you'd only see me for like five seconds on screen for."

"I doubt it," replied Mark. "There's been a lot of stuff going on in the show lately. They're looking for Logan."

Logan Cutler was the famous missing character on the show. In the book that the show was named for, Dawn Cutler was sold to a poor family when she was born to hide some deep dark Cutler family secret. In the show she was a twin. Her twin brother, Logan, was also sold to another family but no one could find him.

"Do you think that's one of the parts they're trying to cast?" asked Skyler uncertainly. "Wouldn't they want an established actor for that role?"

"I don't know," he replied. "Kyle Perkins was an unknown before he came on the show as Gary Longchamp."

"I guess," said Skyler. "But didn't he do a bunch of commercials before that? I have never been on television for anything in my life. I was even sick the day the TV crew came to the dress rehearsal of a play we did in high school."

"Don't be so down on yourself, Sky," said Mark. "You look like a television star. Hell, you look like a movie star. You can't tell me you don't see the way girls gawk at you whenever you walk through the halls. Sky, they fall all over themselves."

"I'm nothing special, Mark," replied Skyler, controlling his voice carefully. "I'm just a guy from Detroit."

"Look in a mirror, pal," laughed Mark, ignoring the fact that Skyler was so self conscious that he hated to hear about his looks. "You're hot. Don't even try to deny it. You've got the perfect blond hair cut just the right way, a killer body and a perfect smile. Hell, you look just as good as any of those other guys on that show. I'm sure you'll get a part on the show and I doubt that it'll be some bit part!"

"Whatever," laughed Skyler. He was more uncomfortable when Mark was the person instead of a passing aquaintance that said anything about his looks.

He did have a nice body though. He spent almost as much time working out to sculpt and tone his body as he did studying to make sure he could stay in college and not have to go back to Detroit. He was proud of his body but he hadn't spent all that time working out for others to stare at him. What not many knew was that he worked out to make himself stronger than Chuck so that when the time came to defend himself next time he'd be prepared.

Mark knew all about Chuck. He knew about the abuse that Skyler had suffered growing up and he knew how scared Skyler was for his younger brother and sister. The two had discussed it one night after Cassie had called crying. Mark hadn't known what to say to Skyler when he learned about his past but he knew how to listen. After all Psychology was his major. In time he'd learn the right things to say when times like that came upon him. He just hoped that he and Skyler were still as close when that time came.

"Listen, I have to pick Shelly up from work," Mark said after a few minutes. "I'll tell her all about your audition but we're supposed to go to a movie tonight so I won't be back for a while. If you need to talk I'll be home around midnight."

"Thanks, buddy," said Skyler. "Have fun with Shelly."

"Later," said Mark as he headed out the door, leaving Skyler to brood.

Skyler tried not to think about his siblings. There wasn't much he could do for them when he was in LA and they were in Detroit. Instead he thought about the audition. He knew that several people that attended the school were aspiring actors. He wondered if he was really prepared for the audition. He knew how to memorize lines and he knew how to distract himself from people watching. What if they filmed the audition? Could he act in front of a camera? The thought gave him pause for a few minutes but in the end he supposed he'd find out.

Then he thought of all of the times he'd looked at a someone's head shot before they went out on an audition. Skyler had no pictures that would pass but he knew someone in the dorm across the parking lot who was studying photography. He wondered how much Linda would charge him to take a few pictures and develop them for him before Monday.

It wasn't until he started thinking about pictures that he realized that he really was excited about the audition. After all how many people could say that a casting director sought them out? He was sure that the show wasn't desperate. He knew the ratings were high. Having Milton Drake ask him to come in for an audition had to count for something.

He found Linda Flemming outside, talking to another girl that he didn't know. They both smiled at him when he approached and Linda seemed very happy to talk with him. He felt a little uncomfortable with the way her friend was eyeing him but he supposed that if he got a part on the show he'd have to get used to people looking at him.

"Linda, what I was wanting to ask you about was pictures," he said, swallowing his pride and ignoring the looks her friend was giving him.

"Pictures?" asked Linda. "What kind of pictures?"

Linda was a tall girl. She was at least six feet tall with long wavy blond hair and green eyes. She had a compassionate face and an easy smile. She was always in a good mood and everyone seemed to like her. He'd always gotten along with her. She was a junior so he hadn't known her very long. She'd kind of taken him and Mark under her wing when they arrived at the beginning of the year.

"Well I have an audition on Monday and I don't have any pictures to take with me," he explained. "I know that Trey and Sherry take head shots with them when they go on auditions and I thought maybe you could take one for me."

"Well sure," she said, smiling at him. "It doesn't take much. You just need a clear close up black and white picture of your face. I could do that. You said the audition is Monday?"

"Yeah, do you think you could develop the pictures by then?" he asked.

"Sure," she said. "That I can have done a few hours after we take the shots."

"I'll pay you," he said. "I don't have much right now but when the bank opens on Monday I can get you whatever you need."

"Relax, Sky," she said, touching his arm. "I'm not a professional photographer yet. If you want to pay for something buy the film."

"Where would I find black and white film and what kind should I get?" he asked, wondering how much film cost.

"Don't worry about it," she laughed. "I have a roll that we can use. It cost me eight dollars. You can pay me for that later if you want."

"Thanks," he sighed. "I don't want to show up Monday and look like an idiot."

"Well you're in safe hands, Sky," she said, smiling again. "I'm honored that you thought of me."

"I saw the pictures you took for Steve and Sherry last semester," he said. "They were great."

Steve Mandrin and Sherry Glass had gotten engaged last semester. Steve had thrown a huge party for Sherry in the student lounge of her dorm. Linda had taken formal pictures for them so they could publish their engagement in the paper. They also wanted some for their families. The pictures were very nice and he had one up in his room.

"Thank you," she said, smiling warmly. "When would you like to get started?"

"Whenever you want," he said. "How long do you think it will take?"

"Let me make a phone call and see if we can use one of the photography rooms," she said. "They're open all weekend. I just have to make sure that someone isn't already using one. I'll come get you in a few minutes. Wear a white shirt."

"Thanks," he said, smiling. He was relieved that she would do it for him.

"No sweat," she said.

He went back to his room and hunted through his closet for a plain white t-shirt. Once he was dressed in the shirt he read a little of his History book while he waited for her. He was surprised at how relieved he felt knowing that she would take his picture for him. He really didn't want to look like an idiot even if he didn't get the part.

He started to wonder what his life would be like if he got the part. Would he still be able to walk down the street without everyone crowding around him? Would he be able to go to the grocery store? What about school? He wanted to finish school. Sure at first college had just been a way to get out of his mother's house and away from Chuck but he didn't want to give it up just because he got a part on a television show.

Landing one acting job didn't mean he was going to be an instant star. He'd heard about several actors and actresses who had landed television roles only to get fired or laid off after so many episodes and then they never worked again. If that happened to him he wanted to at least have his degree to fall back on. He had three more years of school to get through. He wasn't going to just give up.

When he realized that he was thinking like he'd already got the part he chuckled at himself. He was actually fairly certain that there was nothing to worry about. There was no way that he was going to get a part on a television show to begin with. No matter what Mark thought about it he was just Skyler Thomas from Detroit, Michigan. No one even knew who Skyler Thomas was. He was still chuckling when Linda came to his door.

"Hey," he said, smiling at her. "Ready?"

"All set," she said. "Sandy's going to help us out a little bit. She's one of the teacher's assistants. She'll meet us in the Photography building."

"Cool," he said as he closed and locked his door.

"So what kind of audition is this?" she asked. "A commercial?"

"No a television show," he replied. "A soap actually. Prime time."

"Really?" she said. "I had no idea you were even interested in being an actor."

"I wasn't," he admitted. "I was at the diner this afternoon, talking to Dianne and this casting director gave me his card and asked me to audition for him on Monday."

"That's awesome," she said. "Don't let any of the drama students hear you say that. What show are you auditioning for?"

"'Secrets Of the Morning'," he replied.

"Really?" she asked, stopping before they got out of the building. "Wow."

"You like the show?" he asked, smiling.

"Boy do I," she said. "I watch it faithfully and tape it if I have to miss it."

"Yeah Mark watches it every week too," he said as they started walking again. "He's more excited than I've ever seen him."

"You don't seem nearly as excited as I would think you would be," she said.

"Well I'm being realistic," he replied. "It's just an audition and there's nothing saying that I'll even get a part on the show."

"Oh I think you'll do pretty well," she said. "I don't know about a recurring role but I think you'll get something. At least a call back."

"Thanks," he said, smiling at her. "But I'm not worried about it. Like I said I wasn't really looking to be an actor."

"Yeah but wouldn't it be something if you did get the part?" she said, smiling at him again. "Then I'd see you on television every week."

"Interesting thought," he laughed.

The Photography building was the newest building on campus. It had been finished just before the fall classes had began and Skyler could still smell the fresh paint. She led him up to the third floor and down the hall to the last room in a line of dozens. A short girl was waiting for them when they got there. She was about five feet, four inches tall with curly brown hair to her shoulders. She smiled at him when he walked in.

"So this is the up and coming star," she said. "I'm Sandy Dole."

"Skyler Thomas," he replied, shaking her hand. "Nice to meet you."

"Skyler, I'm going to just do a little something with your hair while Linda gets set up in the other room," she said, tapping a seat in front of a mirror with lights all around it. "Have a seat."

For the next five minutes Sandy combed and styled Skyler's hair. She talked to him about the audition but she wasn't nearly as excited to hear that he would be auditioning for "Secrets Of the Morning" as Linda had been. She told him that she'd seen the show at most five times. She claimed that she wasn't big on television. Movies were her passion, those and photography.

When Linda was ready for him she took twenty-four shots of just his head and shoulders. She took twelve more in various poses for him to keep she told him. He had fun and she took his mind off of the audition by telling him all about photography. He was surprised that he could be so easily distracted when he was taking the pictures for the audition.

"I'll have the shots ready for you by tomorrow afternoon," she said when they were finished. "I'll just print eight by tens and you can decide which three I get to keep for a grade."

"Sounds good to me," he said. "I didn't realize you were going to take so many pictures. You really should let me pay you."

"Nope," she chuckled. "The paper we print on is paid for by the school and I took thirty-six pictures which is a roll of film. I already told you that you can pay me for the film later. Besides, I expect to get an 'A' for your pictures, Sky."

"Well I'm glad I could help you out," he laughed. "I hope you get a good grade."

"Oh she will," said Sandy. "Those shots are awesome. I could tell while she was taking them. Linda's a great photographer."

"She sure took my mind off of the audition for a while," he laughed. "I had fun."

"So did I," she said, smiling at him.

Mark still wasn't home when Skyler got back to the dorm. It was after midnight but he supposed that he was spending time with Shelly. Skyler was tired so he got ready for bed as soon as he closed the door. He was just crawling into bed when Mark came in. He was smiling as he closed the door and sat in the desk chair, looking at Skyler.

"Shelly is ecstatic," he laughed. "That's all she could talk about all night long. I hope this wasn't supposed to be a secret because by tomorrow afternoon the entire campus is likely to have heard about it."

"Nope, it's not a secret," he laughed. "Though everyone will forget about it soon after I don't get the part I hope."

"Will you stop being pessimistic?" sighed Mark with a smile. "You haven't even been to the audition and you already think you bombed it."

"I'm not being pessimistic," he said. "I'm being realistic."

"Whatever," laughed Mark. "I bet by this time Monday night you'll be so shocked that you won't even be able to sleep."

"We'll see," he replied.

The next day people that Skyler didn't even know were saying hello to him. He was stunned. If only landing an audition on the show did this he was scared to think about what actually being on the show would do to his popularity. He'd always been kind of a loner and he wasn't used to attention. He hoped that he didn't get the part.

Mark told him to just suck it up. He said that before he knew it he'd be used to all of the attention. Skyler thought he was insane but he didn't argue with him. Monday was starting to look like a black day for him. He wished he'd never went to the diner. Since Milton Drake had handed him that card his life was a very strange world.

"Sky!" called Linda as he was heading back to his dorm. She ran toward him and he could see the large white envelope in her hand. He smiled at the memory of the photo session.

"Hey," he said when she caught up to him. "Are these the pictures?"

"They turned out really great, Sky," she beamed. "Wait till you see them. Mind if I come up with you?"

"Sure come on up," he said. "We have to pick three for your class and I have to pick one for the audition. You can help."

"Hey Linda," said Mark with a smile as they walked into the room.

"Hi there Mark," she said. "I've got Skyler's pictures. Wanna help us choose?"

"Sure," he said excitedly. "I didn't even find out that you took them until this morning. How'd they turn out?"

"Take a look," she said as she spread them out across Skyler's bed.

They were all silent for a few minutes as they stared at the pictures. Linda kept smiling at them anxiously but Skyler was just stunned. He couldn't believe how good the pictures were. For a minute he almost thought they were fake. Mark thought the pictures already made Skyler look like a star. He couldn't believe that Skyler thought he wouldn't get the part.

"These are great," Skyler finally said. "I don't know which one to use though."

"Well these twelve are for you to keep," she said, spreading out the various poses she'd taken after the twenty-four head shots. "If you don't mind, I'd like at least one of the three that I take for my class to be one of these."

"Sure," said Skyler. "No problem. These are really great."

"Yeah I thought you might like to have one framed for your parents," she said, smiling at him. She looked puzzled when his smile faltered at the mention of his parents though.

"Maybe," he said but she could tell his heart wasn't in it. "Which one of these would you like to use for your class?"

"Oh they're all great," she said, turning back to the pictures. "It doesn't matter to me. I'm sure I'll get a good grade on any of them."

They looked at each of the pictures and finally decided on the four to use. Skyler was satisfied with the selection for the audition and Linda was thrilled with the three selections she chose for her grade. She was sure that she'd get an "A". Mark asked if he could have one of the head shots and one of the other poses and Skyler was happy to let him pick. He'd already removed the regular pose he intended to send to Cassie and Chad.

Later that night while he laid in bed staring at the ceiling, nervousness started to settle in on him. He was really going to audition for a part in the show. He couldn't believe that any of this was happening. He had the head shots in his top dresser drawer to prove it though. The one he'd selected was in an envelope all ready for morning. He was about to find out if he had whatever it was that casting directors looked for.

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