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Chapter 30

"Skyler, this is Doug," said Dianne, introducing the six foot, dark haired smiling man beside her when Skyler answered his door.

Doug reached out with one of his massive hands to greet Skyler, and all Skyler could think about was how easily that hand could crush his own. He smiled back at the man and shook his hand. Doug's dark eyes sparkled and his grin widened.

"Its very nice to finally meet you in person, Skyler," he said, letting go of Skyler's hand. "I hear you've met my son, Adam."

"I have," replied Skyler, smiling at Adam, who was standing on the other side of Dianne. "Why don't you all come in. Dinner is already on the table, and Zack and JC are practically foaming at the mouth."

They followed Skyler into the dining room of the suite where Zack and JC were sitting at the table. Both of them stood as Dianne, Doug and Adam came into the room. Dianne had met both Zack and JC in the past, but Doug and Adam were both introduced to them before they all sat down to have dinner. Mark and Shelly weren't back from their talk with Clay and Laura, so Skyler decided to start the dinner without them.

"I'll bet you're excited about getting to Australia tomorrow," said Dianne once they were all seated and had filled their plates.

"I'm ready to start filming, but I'll miss the twins a lot," replied Skyler. "Dad promises that he'll bring them over as often as he can, but with shooting the movie to think about, I doubt that there'll be much opportunity for visiting and sight seeing."

"Surely they won't keep you busy all of the time," said Doug. "I've been on the set of a few movies, and there's always down time."

Doug had worked on the sets of six motion pictures before he met Dianne. They talked about that for a while, and Doug told them all about the stars he'd met and who he still kept in contact with. Skyler was shocked to learn that one of the people that Doug still talked with a lot was Jack Nicholson. Skyler told him that he would love to work with Jack, and Doug promised to pass that along the next time he talked with him.

"So, Zack, will this be your first time going to Australia?" Dianne asked when conversation started to lull.

"This will be my first trip out of the country period," laughed Zack. "You should have seen the trouble I went through just to get my passport in New York."

"You should have just called Laura or Clay," said Skyler. "They would have helped smooth things out."

"I didn't want to bother either of them," said Zack. "Besides, I have the passport now. I'm all set for tomorrow. Don't worry."

They talked about how exciting it would be to film the movie, and Skyler admitted that he was really looking forward to it. He told them that he knew who the entire cast was now, and he couldn't wait to meet them all. He just hoped that everyone got along well enough to film the movie with no real problems. By the time that he said goodnight to Dianne, Doug and Adam, Skyler was more excited than ever to be going to Australia.

Mark called an hour later to tell Skyler that he and Shelly had decided to just go home. He told Skyler to have a safe trip and then told him that Clay and Laura wanted to sign him for Sky High. Skyler reminded him that the company didn't exactly exist yet. They laughed about how important Skyler was making himself before saying goodnight.

Skyler got Zack settled in Chad's room since Chad and Cassie were spending the night in their father's suite. Then he and JC sat on the bed in Skyler's room and talked about what they were both going to be doing soon. JC had several engagements to keep him busy until the end of the year, and Skyler was sure that he'd be busy for the rest of the year with the movie.

"Are you going to record anything for the soundtrack?" JC asked as he ran his hand up and down Skyler's back.

"I"m not sure," he replied. "I have a few ideas for songs I'd like to record for the soundtrack, but I haven't discussed it with Renny."

"I'm going to miss you like crazy, Sky," said JC, wrapping his arms around Skyler and holding him tight.

"I'm not leaving yet, Josh," replied Skyler returning the embrace. "Besides, you know that you'll fly over to visit me every chance you get, and I promise to try to get away now and then."

"I guess I'm just spoiled," sighed JC. "You've been with me most of the time lately, and I really like it."

"I like it, too," admitted Skyler. "I wish there was a way to take you with me, but I know I can't do that. We both have to keep our careers going."

JC kissed him lightly, but the kiss grew more intense until they were both clinging to each other and nearly devouring each other's mouths. Skyler was panting when the kiss ended, and then JC was kissing his neck and running both hands up and down his back. Things escalated from there, and soon they were clawing at each other's shirts, trying to get them off.

Once Skyler's shirt was off, JC attacked his nipples, shoving Skyler back so that he was lying on the bed. JC went from one nipple to the other and back again before leaving a trail of kisses down Skyler's torso. He got to the waistband of Skyler's jeans and then looked into his eyes. Skyler wanted this just as much as JC did, and he gave silent permission with his eyes.

Instead of unbuttoning the fly of his jeans, JC stood up and pulled Skyler up with him. He kissed him on the mouth again as his fingers fumbled with the top button of Skyler's jeans. Slowly, he opened the fly and sunk his fingers into the top of his boxers. He kept kissing him, leaving kisses down his chin and neck while he slowly pushed Skyler's jeans down to the floor. Then he stood up and took his own jeans and boxers off and kissed Skyler again. He pulled him with him as he sat back down on the bed.

"I love you, Skyler Thomas," he said as he pushed him back onto the bed and kissed his way down his torso again.

Skyler gripped handfuls of the bed sheets as he felt JC's hot breath on his dick. He moaned out loud when JC closed his mouth over just the head and ran his tongue slowly back and forth over his sensitive glans. With one hand JC rubbed Skyler's stomach as he worked his mouth all the way down his dick, trapping it in his throat so that he could use his throat muscles to swallow around it.

Skyler hissed as JC began to work his lips and tongue up and down the length of his dick, using the hand that wasn't rubbing his stomach to gently grip his balls. Skyler's body tightened as he rode the waves of pleasure that JC was bestowing on him. He couldn't believe that they'd waited so long. He let go of the sheet to run his fingers through JC's hair, now lifting his hips off of the bed in time with JC's movements.

JC worked every inch of Skyler's dick with his tongue and lips. He would burry it in his throat and swallow around it before working his way back up to lick the underside of the head, making Skyler moan. He moved his mouth off of his dick long enough to soak his index finger with saliva. Then as he worked his way all the way down Skyler's dick again, he searched under his balls for that precious opening, making Skyler whimper as he ran his spit slicked finger over the pucker of his rosebud.

He pushed gently until Skyler's ass opened enough to allow his finger access. He pushed it in and pulled it back a bit until he found that nerve infested little knot, making a generous amount of precum blossom from the head of Skyler's dick. He timed the movements of his finger to rub over Skyler's prostate every time he took his dick all the way down.

"If you don't stop that, I'm going to cum," Skyler breathed, but JC didn't stop. In fact, he picked up his tempo until Skyler was again gripping the bed sheet and panting.

Skyler gasped as he felt his balls tighten up, and cum shot from them. JC kept his mouth on Skyler's dick, but he didn't move. He didn't move his finger, either. He swallowed every ounce of cum that Skyler offered, only letting his dick fall from his lips when there was nothing left to swallow. He kissed his way back up Skyler's torso only licking his nipples as he went.

"That was awesome," he said into Skyler's ear as he lay beside him, stroking his chest as he panted with the after effects of his orgasm.

Skyler turned onto his side and kissed JC, tasting his own cum on his tongue. He ran his hands down JC's body until he gripped his dick. He looked him in the eyes as he slowly started to stroke his hand up and down the length of his dick, making a decision as he did. He loved JC with all of his heart, and he wanted to show him how much.

"Make love to me, Josh," he said before kissing him again.

Neither had words to say as Skyler reached into the nightstand drawer to extract what they needed. He kissed the head of JC's dick before he rolled the condom down over its length. JC moaned as Skyler applied lube to his dick and watched in amazement as he reached under himself to lube his ass. Once he was done, he lay back on the bed beside JC.

"God I love you," JC said as he moved to position himself between Skyler's spread legs. He lifted his knees until Skyler's feet were resting on his shoulders.

He leaned down and kissed Skyler again as he used one hand to guide his dick to his ass. He applied gentle pressure at first, but after looking into Skyler's eyes and finding permission in them he added a little more force until they both moaned in unison as the head of his dick sank inside of Skyler. He slowly inched his way inside of him, letting Skyler get used to the feeling of his dick. When his balls were against Skyler's ass, he pulled back out just as slowly until just the head of his dick was inside of him.

Slowly, he fell into a rhythm and he fucked in and out of Skyler's ass while he looked him in the eye. Skyler moaned and sighed without ever taking his eyes away from JC's. They were one now, and JC loved the feeling of Skyler's ass wrapped around his dick. He reached down and wrapped his hand around Skyler's dick and began to stroke him in time with his fucking.

All too soon, JC felt the familiar tingle in his balls that told him that his orgasm was approaching. He arched his back and picked up the pace of his fucking as Skyler replaced his hand with his own and began to stroke himself. They let out gasps at the same time, and JC felt Skyler's cum bathing his abdomen as his own rushed into the condom inside Skyler's ass.

After long kisses and caresses, the pair got up to shower together where they continued to kiss and pet each other. By the time they crawled back into bed together naked, they were exhausted. Just before he drifted off to sleep, JC heard Skyler tell him that he loved him.

All too soon, the telephone wake up call came. They groggily hugged each other in the bed before Skyler got out of bed and headed for the bathroom. JC watched him as he got dressed and finished packing his suitcases. He loved him so much. He didn't know how he was going to handle not being around him for so long. He decided that he'd have to find ways to get over to Australia to spend time with him some how.

"You'd better get up and get dressed," Skyler said to him as he closed the last suitcase. They could hear Zack in the other room doing the same thing.

"I don't want to," yawned JC as he dragged his legs over and sat up. "If I get out of bed it means you're leaving already."

"I'm going to miss you, too," said Skyler. "I have to get downstairs, though. You know we can't stay up here any longer. You've got to pack, too."

Silently, JC dressed himself and put all of his clothes back into his bag. He wrapped his arms around Skyler and kissed his ear before laying his head on his shoulder. He was really going to miss him, and it hurt to know that as soon as they left the suite they couldn't even touch each other. Fear of discovery was something that weighed heavily on JC's mind, though. He also knew that Skyler was right. If they stayed in that room much longer, he'd never let him go.

"We'd better get out of here," he sighed, letting go of Skyler.

The rest of *Nsync was waiting for them in the hall outside of the suite. JC risked one more kiss before joining his friends and walking Skyler and Zack to the elevator. They met the rest of Skyler's family at the elevators, and Sky hugged his brothers and sisters as the elevator doors opened. JC sighed again as Skyler joined his family on the elevator and left him to wait for the next one.

"It'll be all right, Josh," said Chris, putting his arm around him. "We'll make sure that you get over there to see him. Don't worry."

* * *

Skyler did most of his saying goodbye to his family in the elevator. He didn't want to get emotional in front of people, so he made sure that his eyes were dry before the doors opened on the ground floor. His father took him in his arms and whispered to him that everything would be fine in New York. He told his son to have a safe trip and do his best on the set. They'd all decided not to go to the airport together. They didn't want to make a scene for anyone to see, so Skyler and Zack walked out of the hotel after checking out and got into the waiting limo.

"They'll all be fine, Sky," said Zack as the car pulled away from the hotel and drove down the street toward the airport.

"I know they will," sighed Skyler. "I've just never left them like this before."

"Your dad will take care of them," assured Zack.

"He promised me that before we got off the elevator," replied Skyler. "I'm just being stupid."

"No you're not," argued Zack. "If you weren't worried about them I'd say you were being stupid, Sky."

Once they got to the airport, there were fans to deal with. Skyler lost himself in signing autographs and taking pictures with fans until Brent showed up to usher him and Zack through the airport to their gate. They checked in their luggage and had their carry on bags weighed as other people began to show up for the flight. Clay and Laura showed up to say goodbye, and Skyler hugged them both and assured Clay that he would call him when he landed and got checked in to the hotel to let him know when to fly over himself.

Laura hugged him again as soon as the flight was called, and then he, Zack and Brent boarded the plane and took their seats in first class. There weren't many passengers on the flight, so they had the plane virtually to themselves. Skyler tried to nap while Zack gushed excitedly to Brent about what he thought life would be like in Australia.

Skyler wondered how Brent was feeling. After all, he was leaving Eric in the states to be with Chad. They'd be apart for a few months. As hard as it was for Skyler to leave JC behind, he knew it had to be just as hard for Brent to leave Eric. He sat up in his seat and looked back at Brent and smiled. Brent returned his smile, but Skyler saw the understanding in his eyes.

"So we know which hotel we're staying in, right?" Zack asked, breaking into Skyler's thoughts about Brent and Eric. Skyler had gone over this information with Zack twice already, but he smiled at his friend.

"Its all taken care of," he said. "There'll be a car waiting for us when we land, and it will take us to the hotel where the entire cast and production crew that isn't native to Australia will be staying for the duration of filming. I've already made sure that you have a suite of your own as well."

"All of our suites come with kitchens?"

"Yes, and as my assistant it will be your job to make sure that mine is stocked," said Skyler. "Just shop for foods that we both like. I imagine you'll be spending more time in my suite than your own."

"Did the studio rent the entire hotel?" Zack asked.

"Yes," laughed Skyler. "The hotel is closed to regular customers. The restaurant, spa and every other part of the hotel is only open to people from the studio or the actors and their staff."

"This is going to be so cool," he gasped excitedly.

It was strange, actually. Skyler had never heard of a movie studio renting an entire hotel for the cast of a movie on location. Laura and Clay were both shocked by this as well. He wondered why they'd done it for this particular movie. He knew that Renny was being very protective of the script and what had actually made it into the final version, but that couldn't be the reason for renting the hotel. Skyler had even had to sign a contract stating that he wouldn't rent any other place of residence. Laura nearly flipped out over that, but Skyler assured her that for the money they were paying him, it wasn't bad. For two million dollars, Skyler was prepared to put up with a lot worse than having to stay in a hotel suite for at least three months.

They talked about just about everything from what Zack expected to see and do while he was in Australia with down time to what Skyler had decided about recording music for the soundtrack. He'd written a song after reading the entire final version of the script, and he was pleased with the lyrics. He'd also sat down at the piano and put together the music for the song. Surprisingly it was another ballad. He just hoped that Renny liked it.

They were still in conversation when the plane landed in Sydney. Zack was bubbling with excitement, and Skyler was buzzing with nerves. He followed Brent off of the plane and nearly shrieked when he saw that huge crowd of people waiting for him. The press was there as well, and as he and his friends tried to get through the airport, questions were fired at him from every direction.

Outside of the airport the crowd was even bigger. Fans were everywhere, screaming his name as the press snapped pictures. Skyler looked at Brent and shrugged before he stepped up to the fans and started to sign autographs and pose for pictures. Nearly three hours later, Brent ushered him through the crowd to the black SUV that was waiting for them.

"That was intense!" Zack gushed once the car pulled out into the traffic of Sydney. "Does that happen everywhere you go now?"

"Not everywhere," sighed Skyler.

"You're very big here, Mr. Thomas," said the driver. "Everyone has been talking about your arrival. I'm sorry that we didn't have more security for you when your plane landed."

"Oh it was fine," laughed Skyler. "Its nice to know that I'm so well liked here."

The next chapter will be posted soon.