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Chapter 33

They were wrapped in each other's arms. They kissed each other all over their faces and necks. Their hands traveled all over each other's bodies. Now and then one of them would sigh or moan as they brought each other pleasure. JC gripped the sheet under him as Skyler bit down on one of his nipples. He suppressed a loud moan as Skyler licked at that same nipple.

"I want you," panted JC as Skyler switched to his other nipple and quickly bit down on it. "I need you."

Skyler licked his nipple and then slowly ran his tongue across his chest to the other one again. He heard JC panting again, but he wasn't through with him yet. He wanted to mark him; make everyone who saw him know who he belonged to. Hearing him pant and moan as he begged only excited Skyler further. He'd waited for this for almost two months.

"Ah," gasped JC as Skyler ran his tongue down his torso and dipped it into his navel. "Sky, please."

Skyler engulfed JC's dick to the root, making him whimper and clutch the sheets even more. Backing off, he teased the underside with his tongue. He could feel it pulsing in his mouth, and he knew that JC was just as excited as he was. He put his thumb and forefinger around JC's balls to keep them from trying to climb up, hoping that would stave his orgasm if it tried to sneak up on them.

"Oh God, Sky," JC breathed as Skyler went all the way down on him again. He knew that if Skyler didn't stop his assault, he'd cum before too long.

"Not so fast," Skyler said, letting go of JC's dick and balls. "I'm not ready for this to end just yet."

He climbed JC's body and attacked his mouth with his own. They battled with each other's tongues for a few minutes before JC flipped Skyler over and began to kiss and suck at Skyler's neck, being careful to not leave any marks for Renny to get upset about. Now it was Skyler's turn to gasp and moan as JC attacked his nipples one at a time.

They kept at it, back and forth, until they were both reduced to a couple of heaving, whimpering masses of human flesh. They snuggled together and let sleep take them.

* * *

"I can't believe that we're in Australia," Jason said excitedly as he and Cassie sat in the lobby of the hotel with their father.

"We'll be here until the day after the concert, Jason," she said, smiling. "I just wish that Sky and JC would come downstairs already."

"Devon tried three times to wake them up," said Chad as he came and sat beside his twin. "They won't budge."

"They were probably up all night . . ."

"Jason!" gasped Ben, smiling.

"Well, they probably were," said his youngest son, blushing.

"We were probably what?" Skyler asked as he and JC walked over to where the others were sitting.

"Hungry?" JC asked, blushing brighter than Jason.

They filed into the dining room and sat down. Other cast members were already in there, and many of them waived to Skyler. They all seemed surprised to see JC, but luckily no one said anything. Skyler didn't know how he would explain why the rest of *Nsync was in another hotel while JC was there with him. Neve came over to congratulate him on a great video and the fact that tickets for the concert had already sold out. She said she couldn't wait to actually be on that stage with him for the final song.

"What time do you have rehearsals today?" Ben asked him once Neve was seated at her table again.

"No rehearsals today," replied Skyler. "Frank and David are out seeing the city, and the band is getting ready for the party tonight."

"You're going to sing at my party?" Jason asked excitedly.

"No," laughed Skyler. "My band is just going to play music at your party. I'm sorry, buddy, but I've got enough voice workouts coming with sound checks and full rehearsals. I need to make sure I can sing at the show."

In truth, he'd only just received permission to sing a particular song for the party the day before. He'd put in a call to Stevie Wonder two days before his family had arrived. It had taken Stevie that long to reply. He was happy that he'd gained permission, because the band had been rehearsing the song since he'd made the call. He'd already been rehearsing with them as well.

Everything was already set for the party. The banquet room had already been decorated, the small stage had been set up. Lighting was taken care of. The restaurant was providing food as well as the cake. Skyler only had to get everyone up there at the right time. That would be easy enough. Jason was so excited about the party that he kept trying to get up to the banquet room already. There wouldn't be a problem getting him up there. Skyler was sure that everyone else would follow.

Over breakfast, Ben told Skyler all about the apartment hunting he'd been doing in New York. Skyler was happy to know that his father wanted to live near him, but he was actually thinking of moving to LA again. He didn't want his father to buy an apartment in New York if he wasn't going to be living there. In the end, his father agreed to lease until Skyler knew exactly where he would be living.

"I wouldn't buy anything until after the tour is over," he said. "I have to set up a meeting with Maverick before the tour to discuss my label, too."

"What do you mean?" Ben asked, looking confused. "I thought that you'd signed a contract with Maverick."

"Oh, I did," replied Skyler, realizing that he'd never discussed his ideas with his father. "Madonna is helping me convince Maverick to let me start my own company as another division of Time Warner. Clay and Laura are already on board, and with Madonna in my corner, I don't see why they won't let me do it."

"What kind of company are you talking about?" Ben asked, leaning forward in his seat.

"Well, it would multi-media," explained Skyler. "Clay and Laura would head up the management and agency side while I'd continue to do what I'm already doing. I'd just have even more freedom over my music and which movie projects I became involved in. The company would have a literary division as well as television and film divisions, too."

"It sounds like a massive operation," said Ben.

"Oh it will be," agreed Skyler, smiling. "That's why I'm making sure that Clay and Laura are involved. I want it to work, and I know that I'll have to hire entire staffs for each division, but with their help it shouldn't be too mind numbing."

"Where are you thinking of basing the company?" Ben asked thoughtfully.

"Well, I want to base it in either New York or Los Angeles," said Skyler. "I'd also want a division in Florida as well. Those are the major entertainment places."

"Sounds like you've thought this out," said Ben approvingly.

"Oh I have," said Skyler, smiling. "We've already sat down with Maverick about it once. It's looking very good so far."

For the rest of the day, Skyler let the twins drag Jason all over Sydney with Eric's supervision. His parents helped to get all of the last minute details ready in the banquet room while Skyler did on final sound check with the band for the song they would perform that night. Niki and Kristy arrived while he was singing, and they sat down to watch. He had hoped that Brian Krause could come, but he understood that filming had kept him in New York. He was thankful that Kristy could get away.

"Hey, fame grabber!" Niki cried, launching herself into his arms as he came off the small stage to greet his friends. "How's the land down under treating you?"

"Very good," replied Skyler, squeezing her tight. "I've missed you like crazy, woman."

"Well, I'm ready to tour any time you are, sexy," she said, letting go of him and standing back.

"We're going to get started on planning that when I get back home," informed Skyler. "I'm ready now. I just need to record the new album."

"Been writing?" Kristy asked, standing beside Niki.

"Like crazy," he laughed. "I wrote the songs for the movie soundtrack and just didn't stop."

"I can't wait to hear something," said Niki.

"Well, I was actually going to call you and ask if you would like to lend your voice to one of the songs," said Skyler. "I wrote it with a female part, and you're the one I thought of when I played it after writing it."

"When can I hear the song?" Niki asked, looking excited.

"Well, I have some time now," replied Skyler. "The band is here, and I can get you a lyrics sheet."

"Sounds good," said Niki. "Can I hear you go through it once?"

"Absolutely," he replied, smiling.

An hour later, Skyler and Niki were both excited about the song, and Skyler was happy to know that he'd be working with Niki again. She'd already said that she wanted to tour with him and Chad, so everything was set as far as he was concerned. All that was left was to record the album, meet with Maverick about his company and book all of the dates. He'd have to hire another assistant for the tour, though. Zack had already told him that he had no interest in joining the tour when it was ready, so there would be assistants to interview as well.

After lunch, Skyler met up with his father again, and they discussed the time that the family would be spending in Australia. Skyler made sure that Ben understood all of the rules that Renny had sat down about visiting the set and things like that. They discussed last minute details about Jason's birthday party as well. Skyler was excited to have them in Australia, even if Chad would be flying out to promote his album now and then.

Skyler and JC snuck off for some private cuddle time away from everyone else about an hour before Skyler would have to start getting ready for the party. JC wanted to discuss something very important with Skyler, but he wasn't sure how he would react to what JC wanted to propose. He was so tired of being without Skyler, and he wanted to change things slightly. He just didn't know if Skyler was really ready for what he wanted to suggest.

"You're being awful quiet, Big D," Skyler said, holding him tighter as he spoke. "What's up?"

"I've been doing some thinking," replied JC slowly.

"What about?"

"Us, and how much I hate not seeing you more," replied JC. "I wanted to talk to you about maybe moving in together . . ."

"Josh," Skyler interrupted, "don't you think its a bit soon for us to be living together?"

"Kind of," admitted JC. "But with you on tour and me on tour, we won't exactly be home much at the same time. Sure, it'll be a little while before either of us return to the road, but we could spend that time finding out if we actually can live together. Please, at least think about it."

"I'll think about it, Josh, but I'm not sure its a great idea," replied Skyler. "For one thing, I'm not about to move to Florida. I'm thinking about Los Angeles, but how would the rest of your group deal with you being across the country from them when they're ready to go back into the studio?"

"You know about the law suit, right?" JC asked, reminding Skyler of *Nsync's legal problems. "We can't even get into a studio until that's resolved. We have a while before anything significant will happen there."

"Won't moving in with me look bad to everyone who's paying such close attention to what you guys are doing?" Skyler asked, thinking about the conversation he'd had with Lance a few days earlier. Lance had told him that it was like living in a fish bowl, even more so than celebrity life. He'd said that every little thing they did was under scrutiny by the record company.

"I can't let everyone else dictate my entire life, Skyler," JC said heatedly. "I'm in love with you, and I'll be damned if I'm going to let some stuffed shirt in a record company tell me that I can't be with the man that I love."

Skyler was quiet for a few minutes after that statement. JC had just said that he was in love with him. It made his heart soar to hear it, and he loved JC with all of his heart. He'd figured that out as soon as JC had walked off the plane in Sydney and they'd seen each other again. Living together was what scared Skyler. He wasn't worried about how they would be together, but he was worried about what it would mean for JC's career. He knew that the press would probably speculate about them, but he thought he would be able to deal with that. The question was, could JC?

"I love you, too," he finally said, holding JC a little tighter. "I'll think about moving in together. I promise. You've just got to really think it through, too. I know you say you don't want anyone dictating your entire life, Josh, but this is your career you're talking about. If moving in with me will hurt your career, then you shouldn't do it."

"All right," sighed JC. "We'll both think about it then. That's all I can really ask for right now. How much longer will filming be?"

"I have no idea," admitted Skyler. "Renny says we're ahead of schedule, but that's all he says. That's why we all keep getting these free days."

"Well they were filming something this morning," said JC. "I saw them a little bit when I went out to talk to Justin after breakfast."

"They were supposed to be working on a few of the trollock scenes this morning," replied Skyler. "I saw the costumes yesterday."

"That's what those things were?" JC asked.

"If you're talking about big green things with pig and cow heads . . ."

"The two I saw had wolf heads, actually," interrupted JC.

"Those, too," confirmed Skyler. "Trollocs."

"Nasty looking costumes," JC said with a shudder.

"Don't worry," chuckled Skyler. "I'm the Dragon Reborn. I'll protect you."

"Nice to know that my man can kick trolloc ass," chuckled JC.

* * *

"Seize upon that moment long ago. One breath away and there you will be so young and carefree. Again you will see that place in time...so gold," he sang as the guests applauded. Jason's eyes were huge as he watched Skyler on the small stage. Skyler smiled at him and winked.

"Steal away into that way back when you thought that all would last forever, but like the weather nothing can ever...and be in time. Stay gold," he sang and let the music play as he looked directly at his youngest brother.

So much had happened since he'd met Jason. He couldn't see a life where he didn't know that Jason existed. He knew that Jason probably didn't know how much Skyler loved him, or how happy he was that he actually had Jason as a brother. Skyler wanted to do everything he could to show him just how happy he was to be his older brother.

"But can it be when we can see so vividly a memory? And yes you say, so must the day too, fade away. And leave a ray of sun. So gold," he sang, not taking his eyes off Jason.

"Life is but a twinkling of an eye, yet filled with sorrow and compassion. Though not imagined, all things that happen will age too old. Though gold,

"Steal away into that way back when you thought that all would last forever, but like the weather nothing can ever...and be in time. Stay gold,

"So gold, so gold. Stay gold," he sang, letting the band play to the last note before he smiled again.

"Happy birthday, Jason," he said, smiling at his brother's excited face.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!" Jason cried, launching himself into Skyler's arms. "That was amazing! Is that one of the songs for the movie?"

"No," chuckled Skyler, hugging Jason tight. "That one was only for you, buddy."

Stay Gold is a song by Stevie Wonder.

The next chapter will be posted soon.