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Chapter 35

"This place is amazing, Skyler," said Lance as he stood in the hall of Skyler's newly purchased eleven room house in Beverly Hills on Christmas Eve. "I can't believe you bought it."

"I'm still pinching myself," replied Skyler. "Have you had a tour yet?"

"Chad took me all through the house," said Lance. "I love the bar, Skyler. Going to go to waste, though. You don't drink."

"Who says you have to have alcohol to have a bar?" Skyler countered with a chuckle.

Clay had found the 2.5 acre French Estate for him while Skyler was still in Australia. He'd paid nearly four million dollars to buy it four days after he'd returned to the states, but he was happy with his purchase. There were seven bedrooms in all with ten bathrooms. Skyler had turned the ground floor bedroom into his office, and work was being done to convert a section of the ten car garage into a soundproof studio for him and Chad to work in. The two bedroom apartment above the garage was the residence of Brent and Eric.

They were standing in the expansive entry hall. The white marble floor was patterned with black diamonds and reflected the thirty-six bulb chandelier that hung above them. The circular staircase was deep cherry wood with a black iron railing and burgundy carpet running up the wooden steps.

Huge two story windows let in lots of light, and when the sun was down, the chandelier along with six ceiling lights illuminated the hall. The lights on the second floor gave off their light as well that spilled out over the loft edge. The hall itself was furnished with aged antiques. A mahogany hutch with glass panels in the doors stood just to the left of the main door to the house. A matching buffet sat on the other side of the table with antique silver candelabras resting on a hand-woven amber runner that draped over the sides and tapered to tassels that hung almost to the floor on both sides.

One entire wall was nearly covered with framed photographs of Skyler with various other celebrities. There were photographs of Skyler with the twins and Jason as well as Skyler with Madonna, Lourdes and Guy. These sat on the long mahogany table against the wall of photographs.

Three large archways led to either the family room, the formal dining room or the living room. Each room was decorated with more antiques. The living room housed more modern furniture. Black suede sofas and high-armed stuffed chairs were arranged in a comfortable conversational setting. The large oak coffee table sat between the two sofas with various magazines with either Chad's or Skyler's faces on the covers.

There was a huge swimming pool behind the house and a tennis court behind the pool. Skyler loved the back patio, and the hot tub out there would get plenty of use when he was home. The entire manicured lawn was beautiful. Skyler loved the young trees that dotted the estate, and he couldn't wait for the studio to be finished. He was set to return to New York in a few days to sign the deal with Maverick to form Sky High Entertainment, and he was itching to get to work on his ballads album.

"Where's JC?" Lance asked as they walked into the living room.

"He's out back, supervising the studio construction," laughed Skyler. "My dad is ready to ban him from the property."

"Being a real nuisance, huh?" Lance laughed.

"Between him and Curly, Dad's ready to nail them to the gates," replied Skyler.

"Your dad got the estate behind this one, right?"

"Yeah, we finalized all of that yesterday, luckily," Skyler informed. "They're happy with the house. Tabitha is still trying to furnish it, though."

"I noticed the antiques in the family room and hall," said Lance. "Tabitha's touch?"

"You know it is," laughed Skyler. "I have no head for antiques. They're beautiful, though."

"They sure are," agreed Lance. "I wonder if she'd like to take a trip to Orlando to help me find some good antiques for my new house."

"You can ask her at dinner," said Skyler.

"Where did you find an Evergreen in California?" Lance asked as he looked the seven foot tree over. It was decorated from top to bottom with red and gold garland, glass balls and lights. Skyler was proud of it.

"I had it brought from Napa on a flat-bed," laughed Skyler. "You should have seen the looks on the faces of the guys at the tree farm. It was priceless."

"I bet," Lance laughed along.

"There you are," said JC as he and Justin came in through the double French doors that led to the side patio. "Your dad threatened to put us to work if we didn't get out of there."

"I bet he did," chuckled Skyler. "How close to being finished is he?"

"They're putting in the electronics now," said Justin. "Your dad works very fast."

"Why do you think we hired him for the tour?" Skyler said, trying to sound serious. "He's going to be working on Carlos's tour, too. That is if Carlos ever decides when he's going to tour."

"What time is everyone supposed to be here?" JC asked as he and Justin sat down in the recliners that sat adjacent to the couch.

"Zack is off picking up Madonna and Guy," said Skyler. "Dianne, Doug and Adam will be here in time for dinner. Mark and Shelly should be here any time now. Carlos is upstairs, and Brian, Kristy, Niki and Gabrielle are shopping."

"Last minute Christmas shoppers," laughed Justin.

Skyler and Justin had gone shopping the day after the estate was purchased. Skyler was still amazed by the amount of money that Justin would spend on presents. He wasn't even slightly shocked to find out that almost half of what Justin bought was actually just clothes and shoes that he wanted. What shocked him was that Justin actually paid any attention to what he was buying. He'd spent almost the entire day on the phone with Britney.

"I hope you don't mind, Sky, but I invited Brit," said Justin, making Skyler smile.

"I don't mind at all," he replied. "How's her album coming along?"

"They're nearly finished," said JC. "She was telling me about it last night when she called to tell me that she'd be here for sure."

"Well everyone better hurry," said Chris, coming into the living room. "Joey's circling the catering carts in the kitchen."

"Am not," argued Joey, who was coming in behind Chris. "I only asked them what we were having."

Skyler laughed at this display. It was nice to be around all of the boys from *Nsync again. After setting things straight with Chris, he and Skyler had actually found that they could be pretty good friends. It had been Chris that Skyler had talked to after the incident the day of the concert in Sydney. Chris had promised to have a serious talk with JC about it, and when JC had come to say good bye before they flew back to Orlando, Skyler could see that he'd been crying.

JC had only brought up living together one other time, and he didn't seem too put off when Skyler shot the idea down. It was too soon. Skyler knew that, and if he hadn't put the breaks on the plan that had been forming in JC's mind, it would have been the end of their relationship. As it was, they were getting even closer. He knew that living together this soon would end all of that.

"Where are the twins and Jason?" Chris asked as he sat down across from Justin and JC.

"They're upstairs," replied Skyler. "Chad's probably getting them to listen to his new song. He's been writing again."

"Good stuff?" JC asked.

"Not bad," replied Skyler. It wasn't as good as Chad's first attempt, but it was catchy. Chad assured him that he was nowhere near ready to record anything, though.

Two hours later, the entire group was seated around Skyler's huge dining room table. All of his family was there along with *Nsync, Dianne, Doug and Adam. Niki, Madonna and Guy were seated next to each other directly across from Skyler and JC. Brian, Kristy and Gabrielle were next to them with Zack, Brent and Eric seated on either side of Skyler's parents. The twins and Jason were on the other side of JC.

They all laughed and caught up on each other's lives over a scrumptious catered dinner of roast turkey with all of the trimmings. Skyler learned that Mark had been talking more and more with Laura, and she'd signed him on as one of Sky High's first clients. Skyler thought it was actually funny, because the company wasn't exactly in existence until he signed the contract with Maverick.

Adam had been helping Ben construct the studio, and Ben announced at dinner that he'd hired Adam on as part of his construction team. That meant that Adam would be touring with Skyler and Chad when the time came to tour. They all discussed the tour, and Skyler told them that he'd already told Clay to start looking into booking dates for the tour.

"You mean it could be soon?" Chad gasped excitedly.

"I told him to start looking into dates in the middle of next year, Chad," said Skyler. "After I sign the deal with Maverick, I'm going to start recording my album. I've already lined up producers and everything. It won't be much longer."

"Awesome," his little brother enthused, beaming a smile at him. "I can't wait to get on the road."

"Ugh," said JC. "I don't exactly miss it much myself."

Skyler thought about that for a moment. He'd always thought that JC loved touring. Sure it wasn't always a great time, but Skyler loved the road. He loved the fans and all of the excitement. He was looking forward to getting back out there. On stage he felt like Superman. Nothing could compare to that feeling. He'd gotten a small taste of it again in Sydney, but he was ready for the whole deal.

"Oh, come on, Josh," laughed Justin. "You know you love shaking your ass for a crowd of people."

That got everyone laughing. Skyler actually loved to watch JC and Justin banter back and forth. Justin could make JC smile in a way that Skyler couldn't. Not that he was jealous. He could make JC smile in a way that no one could. That was fine with him. JC had been a bit moody lately. Since Skyler had shot down his last attempt to talk him into moving in together, JC had been a bit distant at times. He still hadn't let go of the Utopia thing. He was so scared that the press would catch him doing something gay.

"Clay says we'll have to hire more security before we tour," said Chad. "He says that Brent and Eric aren't enough anymore."

"He's talking about the trouble Brent had getting the fans cleared away from the bus fast enough last time," sighed Skyler. "It was Hell at times."

"Sky, I've seen you with your fans," said Niki. "You love them."

"I do love them," he agreed, nodding. "Its just that after a really grueling show, ten thousand screaming fans blocking my path from the bus to a warm bed in a hotel is the last thing I want to put up with. I smile and be charming as long as I can, but in the end, I'm only human."

"He's right," said Cassie. "I've seen him swaying on his feet as he signs those autographs for fans. Its awful."

"Well it won't happen this time," replied Skyler. "We started the half hour cut off for the fans at the end of the last tour. I won't get caught up like I did last time."

"I had no idea it was that bad on you when you tour, Sky," said Dianne. "Fans are that demanding?"

"I can't really blame them," he admitted. "They stand outside for hours in the rain and snow to buy tickets to see me perform, they buy up all of my CDs and singles, watch my videos and request them on MTV, then I'm actually in front of them and they want to get something to remember the occasion by."

Shortly after dinner, Skyler said goodbye to most of his guests. *Nsync and Zack were staying at the house. Niki left for the airport along with Kristy. Gabrielle and Brian both lived in LA now. Brian had recently taken a part on a new show called "Charmed". He had talked to Skyler about it for hours the day before, telling him how much fun it was and how much he loved it.

Later that night, Cassie and Chad went over to their father's house to spend a little time with Jason. Skyler and JC went up to Skyler's room to spend a little quiet time alone while the others sat around the family room watching television and talking. It had been a long full day for them, and Skyler was yawning already.

"Tired?" JC asked, rubbing Skyler's shoulders as they sat on his bed.

"I've been running around like mad all day long," replied Skyler. "I'm about ready to crawl under these covers and pass out."

"What time will your father and Tabitha come over tomorrow?" JC asked, kneading the tight muscles and making Skyler moan from the pleasure of it.

"They aren't coming over here," he replied. "We're going over there. We had dinner over here tonight, so we'll have Christmas Dinner over there tomorrow. We'll all exchange gifts in the morning and then head over there after breakfast."

JC switched from massaging Skyler's shoulders to kissing the back of his neck. He let his hands travel down the sides of Skyler's arms until they were holding hands. He nuzzled the back of Skyler's neck, inhaling the scent of the man he loved. He was so happy to be there with him after being away from him for so long.

"This is nice," he said softly against Skyler's neck.

"It is," agreed Skyler.

He turned so that he could kiss JC's mouth. JC put his arms around Skyler's neck and pulled him as he lay back on the bed until Skyler was lying on top of him. The kiss deepened as Skyler ground his pelvis into JC's. It had been so long since they'd been able to touch each other that Skyler had almost forgot what it was like.

He kissed JC's neck all the way to his left ear. He nibbled his earlobe and let his tongue play lightly around its edge, making JC shiver. He tugged JC's shirt out of his pants and pushed it slowly up his torso, exposing his stomach. Kissing back across his neck to his Adam's apple, Skyler moved down his body until he was running his tongue around the rim of JC's navel.

"Mmm," moaned JC as he let his fingers crawl through the hair on Skyler's head. "That's real nice."

Skyler chuckled against JC's stomach but went right back to what he was doing. He let the tip of his index finger slide back and forth over the waistband of JC's jeans as he ministered to his navel. This was just as much fun for him as it was for JC. Touching him, kissing him like this was something that he loved.

"Why don't you just take off that shirt," said Skyler, getting to his hands and knees over JC.

JC wasted no time getting out of his shirt. He smiled at Skyler as he settled back down onto the bed. Skyler went back to running his finger over the waistband of JC's jeans while licking the ring around his navel. JC moaned his appreciation. He supposed he could continue to drive JC crazy like this for hours, but his own excitement kept him from doing so.

He fumbled with the buttons at the fly of JC's jeans, silently cursing the person who came up with the idea for button fly jeans. JC helpfully raised his hips off the bed so that Skyler could tug his jeans down over them. He paused to kiss JC's cotton clad erection before raising up to tug the jeans down his thighs. He had to stand up to get them completely off of JC.

"I don't want to be the only one in my shorts," said JC, sitting up and pushing Skyler's shirt up his torso. Skyler obliged by taking it off. He was started with the button at his own fly when JC knocked his fingers out of the way and took over for him.

JC sank slowly to his knees, kissing Skyler's neck, chest and stomach as he went. He ran his tongue lightly across Skyler's lower abdomen just above the waistband of his boxer-briefs. His fingers slid inside the waistband, and he slowly pulled them down. As soon as Skyler's pubic hair was exposed, JC buried his nose in it. He inhaled the scent of his lover as he pulled the boxer-briefs down his thighs.

Skyler sighed as JC took his erection into his mouth. It had been so long since they'd been together like this. Skyler intended to thoroughly enjoy it and make it last. He ran his fingers through JC's hair as he softly moaned to let him know that he was loving the attention.

JC moved his tongue back and forth on the underside of Skyler's erection as he took more and more of it into his mouth. He held still when his nose was once again in Skyler's pubic bush, fighting the urge to gag. He heard Skyler suck in a breath as he slowly pulled his mouth back up the length of his shaft, using his tongue to stimulate it again. He wrapped his fingers lightly around Skyler's balls to gage how far over the edge he was pushing him and repeated his downward action on Skyler's erection.

Skyler pulled him off of his erection long enough to get him to stand up so he could kiss him. They wrapped their arms around each other and held on tight. Skyler's erection was pressed tightly against JC's cotton clad counterpart as they held on to each other, fighting for dominance with their tongues in each other's mouths.

"You're back to being the only one in his shorts," teased Skyler when they broke the kiss. He ground his pelvis against JC's, rubbing their erections together as he spoke.

"I guess you'll have to remedy that then," JC chuckled softly. There was a hungry look in his eyes, and Skyler kissed his way down his body to oblige his request.

Stopping first to lick and nibble at both of JC's nipples, Skyler advance down his torso until he could attack his navel again. JC's knees went weak when Skyler's tongue made its way inside his navel, but Skyler wasn't finished. He licked and kissed the treasure trail under JC's navel until he got to the top of the waistband of JC's boxers.

As he hooked his fingers into the waistband and pulled the boxers down, he shoved JC back a little until he was sitting on the bed again. Skyler flicked his tongue over the head of JC's erection, making him gasp and quiver. He put his hand around the base and let his tongue lightly trace around the edge of JC's mushroom shaped head. JC moaned and gripped the bed sheets on either side of him as Skyler slowly drove him into sexual insanity.

When Skyler wrapped his lips around the head of JC's erection, JC nearly convulsed with pleasure. His right hand had been his only release since Australia, and he'd missed Skyler's attentions. As he felt Skyler take more and more of him into his mouth, he lay back on the bed to enjoy the ride.

Skyler pulled JC's boxers off his feet as his nose reached his pubic hair. He turned his head slightly from side to side, making JC moan and shake. As he traveled back up JC's shaft, he mimicked the tongue manipulation that JC had used on him until all he had left in his mouth was JC's mushroom head. Precum oozed onto Skyler's tongue as he slid back down JC's erection, carefully moving his tongue as slowly as he could. He knew it would drive his lover crazy, and as he reached his pubic bush, JC was panting and gripping the sheets again. It was three more trips from JC's pubic bone to the head of his erection before he had to tell Skyler to stop that or he'd cum.

Skyler took his mouth off instantly and moved to JC's balls. He ran his tongue over them in an effort to calm him down slightly and bring him back from the edge of orgasm. He lifted them with his fingers and took one into his mouth. He ran his tongue around it before letting it go and taking the other into his mouth to give it the same treatment. JC was breathing hard, but he'd calmed down slightly.

He lifted JC's balls a little higher and ran his tongue down over his perineum, making JC gasp again. He knew what JC liked, and he was more than willing to give it to him. As JC raised his legs until he was gripping his knees, Skyler let his tongue travel further down until it grazed over his tight sphincter. JC moaned again as Skyler ran his tongue completely around the muscle before running it over it out right.

Skyler poked, prodded and teased the tight muscle with his tongue until it relaxed enough for Skyler to push his tongue inside slightly. JC was rocking his hips back and forth, moaning and panting in pleasure. Skyler lapped at his sphincter and pushed his tongue inside over and over again as the muscle relaxed even more. He put his hands on the cheeks of JC's ass and pushed his tongue further inside his hole. Over and over again he pushed his tongue inside and pulled it out, relaxing the muscle further until it opened like a flower each time his tongue touched it.

Replacing his tongue with his index finger, Skyler gently pushed it inside of JC up to the second knuckle. He wiggled his finger around inside of him, making JC moan even more. Pushing it inside a little further, Skyler found what he was looking for. The hard little knot of muscle was engorged and easy to find. He rubbed it with his finger, and JC gasped and rocked his hips even more. He pulled his finger out and licked his middle finger to get it wet. Then he gently pushed both fingers inside JC and sought out his magic button again. He heard JC hiss when he found it, and he rubbed both fingers over it again and again until JC was panting and shaking his head back and forth.

"Make love to me, Sky," moaned JC as Skyler worked his prostate gently. "Please."

Skyler slowly withdrew his fingers, and JC moved back on the bed, turning until he was lying lengthwise with his head resting on one of the pillows. Skyler climbed up on the bed between JC's spread legs and lifted them a little as JC reached inside the nightstand drawer, searching for the little tube of slippery wonder that would make this all easier. When he found it, he quickly handed it to Skyler. His eyes locked with Skyler's, and he basked in the love that radiated from his lover's eyes. He wanted this so bad.

He watched Skyler open the tube and squeeze a healthy amount into the palm of his hand. He ran his index and middle fingers through the puddle of lubricant in his hand and applied it to JC's hole delicately, pushing some inside him. Twice more he repeated the process until he had all of the lubricant spread around JC's hole and inside of him. Then he squeezed more into his hand and wrapped his lubricated hand around his erection, coating it.

Skyler looked into JC's eyes as he guided his erection to its target. JC smiled when he felt the head of Skyler's dick at his hole. He gasped as Skyler applied gentle pressure. The head slipped past his sphincter, and Skyler held still to let him get used to the invasion. He leaned forward carefully to kiss JC, and when JC tightened his sphincter around him, Skyler knew he was ready for more.

He slowly inched his way inside of him, stopping now and then to let JC get accustomed to the feeling of his erection inside of him. Slowly and gently he made it all the way inside until his balls were resting against JC's ass cheeks. Looking his lover in the eye, he slowly inched his way back out until only the head of his dick was still inside. With a deep breath, he slowly sank himself all the way back inside until JC's balls were mashed against his pubic bone.

"Mmm," moaned JC. "I'm ready."

That was all the encouragement Skyler needed. He set up a steady rhythm of in and out strokes, building speed as he went. His eyes never left JC's. He watched for any sign that he was hurting him, but no sign ever came. Soon he was pulling almost all the way out only to bury himself to the hilt. Over and over again, he felt the head of his dick bump the little knot of muscle inside JC. Each time, JC's eyes would grow wide, and Skyler looked down to see the puddle of precum gathering in JC's navel. Each time the head of his dick bumped that little magic button, more precum oozed from JC's dick until the puddle in his navel overflowed and ran over his stomach.

Skyler's thrusts became faster and more intense as he locked eyes with his lover again. He was careful to make sure that he hit that magic button inside JC on every plunge. JC's eyes slowly closed, and his back arched as his balls erupted from the assault on his prostate. Cum shot from his dick, coating his stomach and chest as his tightly held his eyes closed.

Skyler picked up the pace even more, thrusting in and out of him. He closed his own eyes as the tingling feeling built in his balls. It spread through his scrotum and down his legs. When it reached his toes, Skyler threw his head back and buried his dick in JC's ass. The dam broke, and Skyler coated JC's insides with his cum as he moved in and out of him only an inch at a time. When he was spent, he collapsed onto JC, letting go of his knees and pressing his stomach against JC's.

"That was incredible," he panted as he lifted his head to kiss JC long and hard.

JC wrapped his arms around Skyler as he felt his dick soften inside of him and slide out of his ass. They looked each other in the eye for a few seconds before Skyler kissed him again. Without words, Skyler rose off of JC and held out his hand. JC took his hand and let himself be led to the shower where they carefully and tenderly washed each other.

Wrapped in fluffy bath towels, they returned to the bedroom and collapsed onto the bed. Skyler lifted the covers, and JC slid under them. As he slid in beside him, Skyler put his arms around JC. JC snuggled up close and lay his head on Skyler's chest, murmuring his love for him. They fell asleep in each other's arms.

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