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Chapter 66

"That was nice of you to let Christian and Ryan tag along for a while," Jeff said to Skyler when they finally got back to Skyler's room. They'd done the interview, meet 'n greet and the sound check. Skyler's Sky High meeting had gone relatively smoothly. Laura and Clay both barked at him for announcing a perk without talking to them first. He'd been expecting that since the Oprah interview.

"I get the idea that something is wrong in their family," Skyler said. "Way wrong. I don't know much about their father, but from what I understand he's a very mean drunk."

"That's not good," said Jeff. "He should get help and get his life under control."

"Well according to Christian his father's been in treatment programs numerous times to no avail," replied Skyler.

"So his sons are just going to hide out in the crew bus and wait for their father to get arrested or something?" Jeff asked, looking at Skyler strange.

"Jeff," said Skyler, running his hand up and down Jeff's arm. "We're finally alone, Preston is sleeping in my parents' suite and all you want to talk about is Christian Kane?"

"Well when you put it that way," Jeff said softly, reaching for Skyler's other hand. "I think we can do much better. I believe I belong to you tonight. Isn't that what you said this morning?"

Skyler leaned forward and lightly pressed his lips against Jeff's, making the first kiss almost a feather touch. Jeff slid even closer to Skyler on the edge of the bed and wrapped one arm around his lover's neck, pulling him closer as the kiss became slightly more insistent. As the kiss became more and more intense, Jeff twisted around until he was almost squatting in front of Skyler. Slowly he climbed into Skyler's lap, wrapping his arms around his neck and pressing himself against Skyler.

"Isn't this so much better than discussing Christian?" Skyler asked when they broke their kiss. He began kissing Jeff's neck.

"It sure is," replied Jeff, his eyes shut tight. "What do you want to do to me?"

"So many things," Skyler mumbled against his neck.

He grabbed the waist of Jeff's shirt and began to pull it up his torso, leaning down to kiss the exposing flesh. Jeff hissed through his clenched teeth when Skyler made it to his nipples and lightly nibbled at first one and then the other. When Skyler got back to his neck, the shirt was tossed to the floor. Jeff put his arms around Skyler's neck once again and kissed the side of his face and ear.

"You're driving me crazy," Jeff whispered in Skyler's ear. "I've been wanting to touch you for weeks."

"Touch away," Skyler said, leaning back until he was lying on the bed with Jeff on top of him.

Jeff pulled the zipper of Skyler's shirt down and opened it wide to expose his chest and stomach. He licked around each of his nipples, only taking the nubs between his teeth for seconds each. Skyler's body quivered with each little nibble. Jeff kissed and licked his way down to Skyler's navel, slipping his lower body off the bed. He kissed and licked all the way around his navel before diving his tongue inside and making Skyler's body tighten.

He knelt on the floor to tug the waistband of Skyler's track pants. Skyler lifted his hips off the bed to allow his pants to be removed and then Jeff was kissing the insides of his thighs. He kissed all the way up until he reached his balls. He licked at the pouch and tenderly sucked the orbs into his mouth one at a time. Letting go of Skyler's balls, Jeff licked his way from the base of his dick to the head and engulfed it with his mouth. Skyler gasped as Jeff took him all the way to the root and then began to work his throat around his dick.

"I want you naked, Lover," said Skyler as he sat up, pushing Jeff away from his dick.

Jeff wasted no time getting his pants off, toeing out of his shoes as he slipped the jeans and boxer-briefs down his thighs. In a matter of moments he was standing before Skyler completely naked. His excited dick pointing at the object of his desire. Skyler sat up and scooted back to the edge of the bed. He put his hands on Jeff's hips and sank his mouth down over his dick until his nose was nestled in Jeff's pubic hair. Jeff brought his hands to the sides of Skyler's head and held him softly as Skyler worked his mouth up and down his dick, bringing him perilously close to the edge. It had been so long since they'd been together.

Jeff's knees began to shake as Skyler took his dick to the hilt over and over again. Finally Skyler sat up again, letting Jeff's dick slip from his mouth. Jeff attacked him with kisses, sitting in his lap once again. He wrapped his arms around Skyler's neck and pressed his body against him.

"I love you so much, Sky," he said softly, his mouth at Skyler's ear.

"I love you so much it scares me," Skyler replied, pulling Jeff down again until they were lying on the bed. Skyler's hands moved slowly up and down Jeff's back, caressing the globes of his ass on every downward stroke. Jeff kissed his neck and sucked lightly at his adam's apple before sliding slowly downward to attack his nipples again.

As he ministered to his nipples, Jeff ran his hand down Skyler's torso and wrapped his hand around his dick to squeeze gently in time with the pulse he felt under his hand. Skyler moaned and put his hands on the back of Jeff's head, pulling him into his chest harder. They stayed that way for a few pleasurable moments before Skyler began to turn on his side, moving Jeff in the process. When they were both on their sides, Skyler pulled Jeff closer again. He mashed their hard dicks between them and began to kiss him again, sucking on his tongue and nibbling his bottom lip.

He pushed Jeff until he was on his back and then climbed onto him to continue their kissing. His hands ran down Jeff's sides as he pressed his pelvis against him, putting pressure on their crotches. Jeff moaned into the kiss as Skyler began to shift and pull at his hips. He knew what Skyler wanted and spread his legs so that he could lift them. Skyler moved again and got between Jeff's legs as they rose high enough to sit on his shoulders. The kissing continued as Skyler began to move his pelvis back and forth, dragging his dick along the crease between Jeff's balls and thigh.

It was amazing to Skyler how quickly they'd found their sexual rhythm in their relationship. They never had the need to tell each other what they liked or didn't like. Skyler knew Jeff's body as well as Jeff knew his in return. They both tried to derive as much pleasure from each other as they could while making sure that the pleasure in the other was maximized at the same time.

Jeff's dick was leaking between them, and Skyler moved up to let his dick slide around in the slippery pool growing on Jeff's stomach. They sighed at each other as they looked into each other's eyes. Jeff knew that Skyler would move again and get into the right position before too much longer. He couldn't wait. He needed to have him inside him. He'd been waiting for so long.

Skyler didn't disappoint him. In a matter of minutes he'd repositioned himself and Jeff could feel him at his hole. Skyler scooped up more of the precum on Jeff's stomach to lubricate his ass. One he was satisfied he applied a gentle pressure and waited for Jeff to open up and accept him. That happened quickly and Skyler entered him inch by torturously slow inch until his balls were resting against his ass. He leaned closer and felt Jeff's dick sliding around on his stomach before he brought his lips to Jeff's again.

They stayed connected, exploring each other's mouths as Skyler pumped his hips slowly, dragging his dick in and out of Jeff's ass. He made sure to angle their bodies just right so that he would bump Jeff's prostate each time he entered him. Jeff was moaning and clutching at Skyler's hips, pulling him in again and again. He began to rock his pelvis slightly in time with each movement of Skyler's body. They moaned into the kiss they shared when the right position was found.

It took only a few minutes for Jeff's body to tighten up and his ass to clamp Skyler's dick tightly as wave after wave of pleasure spread through him. He began to jerk slightly as he emptied his balls on both of their stomachs. Skyler sped up his thrusts, sucking at Jeff's tongue. He felt his own orgasm building and chose not to fight it. He used quick thrusts to get himself over the edge and once that was achieved he buried himself in Jeff's ass.

They broke their kiss and both panted against each other not moving. Skyler thrust a few more times into Jeff, making Jeff roll his eyes and bite his bottom lip before he lay still and began kissing his neck again. They whispered back and forth to each other, telling each other how much they loved the other. Jeff was happier than he'd been in so long with Skyler and he never wanted it to end. Skyler was still amazed at how easily he'd fallen in love with Jeff. He couldn't imagine life without him.

After more petting and rubbing in the shower, they crawled into the bed again snuggling together under the thick comforter and held on to each other as they fell into a satisfied and welcomed sleep.

That sleep was short lived, however. Debbie was calling the room at three in the morning, waking both men up. Skyler cursed as he reached for the phone. His wake up call was still two hours away. He silently thought that whatever it was that they were calling two hours early for had better be important. If they'd let a fan or Karen Chasez get the number he would fire everyone on the staff.

"Make it good," he said when he got the receiver to his ear.

"Skyler, we have a serious problem," said Debbie. "There was a car accident just an hour ago. David's leg is broken in three places. Skyler, he won't be able to finish the tour."

"Who else was in the car?" Skyler asked, wincing at the news about David.

"Sully, but he's all right," she said. "The press is everywhere here at the hospital. They're saying Sully was drunk."

"He wasn't, was he?" he asked, dreading the answer.

"No he wasn't," she said. "He passed a breathalyzer at the scene."

"Thank God," he breathed. "I'll get dressed and we'll be there. Call Clay with the information and make sure that I can get through the press."

"All right, Skyler," she said. "Sorry for waking you up."

"Don't apologize, Debbie," he said quickly. "This is the stuff that I'm supposed to lose sleep over."

He hung up the phone and started to get out of the bed. Jeff tried to stop him in his sleep, his arms sought him out but Skyler was already on his feet and headed for the bathroom. He thought about the fact that he was going to be a dancer short at the show later that night. A statement had to be made to the press, and David's family would have to be contacted. Skyler would pay to fly them to Chicago as well as back home along with David. His head began to throb as he thought about it all.

"What time is it?" Jeff asked as he stretched in the bed and yawned.

"It's nearly four," replied Skyler. "I have to get with Clay and get over to the hospital." He didn't even know which hospital he was going to.

"What's going on, Sky?" Jeff asked, completely awake and sitting up. His blue eyes burned concern as he locked eyes with Skyler.

"Sully and David were in an accident," he said. "David's leg is broken in three places."

"Shit," he sighed. "Do you want me to come with you?"

"No, Blue Eyes," Skyler said, letting a soft smile form on his lips. "You stay here and try to sleep. My day is going to be long. No need for yours to be."

Skyler didn't wait for a reply. He went straight to the door of his suite and found Laura about to knock. She sighed when she saw him and the two of them headed on toward the elevators. Matt, Brent and Phil joined them almost as soon as they reached the bank of elevators. Skyler stifled a yawn as he thought about just how long his day was really going to be.

"What were they doing out?" Laura asked as they all stepped into the elevator.

"I don't know, Laura," sighed Skyler. "I was sleeping. Debbie called an hour ago to tell me."

"The press is already spinning stories," she said.

"I'm aware of that," he said, being careful not to snap at her. "We'll issue a statement as soon as I know what's going on."

"Adam, hi it's Laura," she said into her cell a moment later. "Listen we need you ready to release a statement in an hour." She was silent for a moment and then, "Yes, we're on our way there now." More silence until: "Thank you, Adam. We'll keep you well informed."

Adam Kosch had joined Skyler's publicist team as soon as the tour began. He was quick on his feet and always knew exactly what to say. Skyler hadn't spent any significant time with the man, so he didn't know much about him. All he knew of him was that his hair was blond, he was tall and looked good in a suit. He'd been hired by Debbie just days before the entire show flew to Japan. When the elevator doors opened, Adam joined their party. Skyler wondered just how the man had scrubbed the sleep from his eyes and managed to look completely together in such a short amount of time.

They connected with Clay in front of the hotel where another group of press had gathered. They screamed questions at him, but as usual he said absolutely nothing and looked at none of them. Matt and Phil ushered him into the back seat of the SUV and closed the door quickly. When everyone was in the vehicle Skyler was told that they were headed for Mount Sinai Hospital and that Debbie had already contacted David's family.

"They'll be landing at the airport in another hour or so," Clay informed him. "Debbie will meet them personally and drive them to the hospital."

"Thanks, Clay," he said, staring out the window as they rushed through the Chicago streets.

* * *

The press at the hospital had been relentless. Skyler had stayed between his security men until they were safely inside. The doctors and nurses were very helpful when David's parents arrived. Skyler quickly ushered them into a private waiting room. He was dead on his feet as he left the hospital. Matt and Phil kept him awake by involving him in their conversation about the press. By the time the SUV made it back to the hotel Skyler was agitated enough that he was fully awake again.

"Mr. Thomas, this young man says he knows you," said a hotel security guard.

Skyler turned to face them and was instantly smiling. Dale Durante was held by the arm, but he was smiling at Skyler. The sight of Dale actually made Skyler happy. He'd been meaning to call him back but so much had happened that it had completely slipped his mind. Now here he was.

"You can let him go, thank you," Skyler said.

"Thank you," said Dale, rubbing his arm as the security guard walked away from them.

"Matt, Phil, this is Dale Durante," Skyler said in introduction when he saw his own security eyeing him. "Dale, these are two of the greatest guys in the world. They're part of my security team."

"Nice to meet you, guys," said Dale with another smile. Skyler thought he was even better looking than his brother and then felt guilty. He hadn't thought of Peter in quite a while.

"Come upstairs with me, Dale," said SKyler. "I've got a lot to get done in a short amount of time."

"I actually came to apply for a job on your tour, Sky," said Dale as he followed behind Skyler.

"What kind of position were you looking for?" Skyler asked as he continued to walk. He wasn't sure if Dale was serious or not but there was only one position open on the tour and unless the boy could dance he was going to be out of luck.

"Well I was actually hoping that you might need a dancer," Dale said, making Skyler stop in the middle of the hall and turn to look at him.

"You're serious?" he asked.

"Well, yeah," replied Dale. "I mean I know the tour has already started but I was hoping . . ."

"You haven't heard," Skyler said more to himself than to Dale. "Can you dance?"

"I can dance," Dale said with a smile.

"You're going to have to prove it," said SKyler seriously. "Dance rehearsal starts in an hour. You could probably fit into David's rehearsal costume."

"Thanks, Sky," he said. "You won't regret this."

"I'm hoping not," replied Skyler as they began to walk again. "I'm actually one dancer short."

"Really?" Dale asked, and Skyler could hear the excitement in his voice.

"Two of my dancers were in an accident, and one broke his leg," Skyler explained as they boarded the elevator. "You'd be taking his place if you can learn the routines fast."

"I'll do my best," he said as the elevator doors slid back open and they were confronted with Jeff Timmons.

"There you are," said Jeff, grabbing Skyler into a hug. "I was starting to worry. Why didn't you call?"

"I'm sorry," said Skyler, pulling himself out of Jeff's embrace. Jeff looked confused until he took a look at Dale. Then he looked worried. "Dale Durante, Jeff Timmons."

"Nice to meet you," said Dale, and Skyler smiled as he noticed that Dale didn't freak out at meeting a celebrity. "I like your music."

"Thanks," Jeff said, smiling.

"Sorry to tell you that I like Skyler's better though," Dale said through a blush.

"No worries, man," laughed Jeff. "So do I."

"Dale's going to dance for us today," said Skyler as the three of them headed for the common room. "If he's good I'm going to hire him to replace David."

"I was wondering what you were going to do," Jeff said. "How is David?"

"He's all right," replied Skyler. "His parents are with him now."

"Sully got back about twenty minutes ago," informed Jeff.

"Yeah," chuckled Skyler. "He's scared of David's dad."

"Hey, Sky," said Jeff Neal as he came out of his room.

"Hey, Jeff," Skyler replied. "Hey, can you get everyone together and find Gus? I'd like to start dance rehearsal a bit early today."

"Sure thing," said Jeff before disappearing back into his room.

"Sounds like you're going to get busy," said Jeff Timmons. "I'll see you at the rehearsal. Good luck, Dale. Nice to meet you."

"Thanks," replied Dale with another smile. "Nice to meet you too."

"All right," said Skyler when Jeff left them. "Let's find Sully so he can get you the rehearsal costume. You can follow him down to the SUV's. We'll be heading over to the arena in about an hour."

"Ok," said Dale as he tried to keep up with Skyler.

They found Sully and Skyler quickly introduced Dale and explained that he would be auditioning during rehearsals. Sully agreed to get him David's costume and the two of them took off. Skyler went to find his lover. He found him in their room and wrapped his arms around him as soon as the door was closed.

"I'm sorry, Sky," said Jeff quickly.

"Don't be," replied Skyler. "If he's any good he'll sign the confidentiality agreement before the show tonight."

"You're not planning to put him in the show tonight are you?" he asked.

"No," sighed Skyler. "One of Carlos's dancers is going to cover tonight. I'm hoping he can join us tomorrow night though."

"I've seen the routines, Sky," said Jeff. "He won't be ready by tomorrow night."

"Well we'll get him ready as soon as we can," Skyler replied. "I have to get changed and head downstairs. I'll meet you there."

"Later, Blondie," said Jeff before kissing him quickly.

"Love you, Blue Eyes," Skyler replied as he started to get undressed.

"And I have to go!" cried Jeff before he was out the door.

An hour later they were running through the routines. Dale needed very little instruction. He wasn't perfect, but Skyler thought he would be with practice. By the end of the rehearsal, Skyler sent Dale to Debbie to sign the confidentiality agreement and the contract. Gus informed Dale that he would practice with the group every single day until he was ready. He wouldn't be on stage until Gus decided he had it down.

Dale rode back to the hotel with Skyler and Debbie. Debbie was telling him all about what was expected of him on the tour while Skyler laughed at her. Skyler couldn't believe his luck with Dale showing up like that at just the right time. He just hoped his pounding head would let up before the show started that night.

After a little play time with Preston, Skyler was showered and dressed for dinner. His head was still pounding, but at least his vision wasn't blurred. He plastered one of his best smiles on his face as soon as he sat down with this family to eat. He even kept up with the conversation. He noticed that Dale was surrounded at the dancers' table and seemed to be having fun. They'd moved all of his things over from his hotel and he was now Sully's room mate.

"It's nice that you hired him, Skyler," Tabitha said as they were eating. "He's a nice boy. Your father and I had a chance to talk to him a little bit before you came down."

"He is a nice guy," Skyler agreed. "I'm just happy that he came along when he did."

"That was a bit of luck," said Ben. "He's learning the routine?"

"Gus said he has to practice with the group every day," replied Skyler. "He also said that he would be the one who decided when Dale had it down."

"That sounds like gus," laughed Jason.

A half hour later, Gus held another rehearsal. Skyler and Kaleb were excused from this one though. They were already on the stage in sound check when Gus started his torture. They went through four songs before Carlos arrived to kick them off the stage for his own sound check. They sat and listened as Carlos when through three of his own songs.

"Stan is going to be a tired boy when this night is over," Carlos said when he came off the stage and joined them.

"Hopefully Dale will learn the routines well enough soon," Skyler said. "We'll pay Stan exactly what we paid David, though."

"Never a dull moment in camp Thomas," laughed Carlos.

"Tell me about it," laughed Skyler. "Well we'd better get backstage. They're going to start letting people in here soon."

The trio made their way backstage where Gus's dance rehearsal was just breaking. Jeff Neal told Skyler that if they messed up tonight it was Gus's fault. He wasn't laughing. Skyler could see the fatigue in his face as he talked. He watched as Jeff walked off to take his shower and get ready for the actual show. Skyler went to talk to Gus.

"Gus, I don't want you to do another night like this," Skyler said as soon as he was standing in front of the man. "The dancers are tired. That was two rehearsals in one day and they have to perform tonight. That's too much."

"They can take it," Gus replied, and Skyler wanted to tear his head off.

"Look," sighed Skyler. "No more. I mean it, Gus. If it happens again I'm going to give the dancers the right to walk away from you. I know that Dale needs to learn quickly, but you can teach him without running the others to death."

"You agreed to give me freedom on this tour, Skyler," reminded Gus.

"I didn't give you the freedom to kill the dancers," snapped Skyler. "They have it, Gus. Dale's the one who needs to learn. I mean it. No more!"

He walked away from the man before he had a chance to say anything more, but he could feel his eyes on him as he headed for his dressing room. His head was still throbbing and it was making him very nervous. It wasn't hurting more or less since he got out of bed, and his vision still wasn't blurry but he was worried that it would get worse as the show progressed. He was changing into the first costume when Jeff let himself into the room.

"What's wrong with Gus?" Jeff asked as he closed the door and sat down on the couch. "He's barking at the dancers like crazy."

"He's probably mad at me," Skyler replied. "We had words about his second rehearsal today. The dancers are nearly dead on their feet and we still have the show to get through."

"That's crazy," sighed Jeff. "What was he thinking?"

"Well he said it was for Dale's benefit, but I reminded him that my show is the most important thing," said Skyler. "I can't have the dancers missing their steps because he has them worked to death."

"I just bet he loved that," laughed Jeff.

"Oh he did," replied Skyler with a chuckle.

"How's your head?" Jeff asked, and Skyler turned around so Jeff wouldn't see him wince at the question.

"Not bad," he lied and hoped his lover didn't hear the lie in his voice. "I'll get through the show. I'll just have to get to bed as soon as we get back to the hotel."

"All right," Jeff said. He sounded convinced. Skyler turned around.

He heard the tail end of Carlos's last song and kissed Jeff before heading out to the stage. As soon as the spotlight hit him his head began to pound.

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