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Chapter 70

Cameras flashed from almost every angle as they arrived at The Viper Room in Los Angeles. Each of them walked straight from the car to the entrance without even glancing at the press. Skyler knew that there were cameras inside the club because he'd been photographed there before. What no one could figure out was how they were sneaking them in. It didn't matter that night though. This was what he wanted to happen.

"Well here we are," said Kevin as they found a table and sat down. "What do we do first?"

"Drink," said Skyler. "This is a mission but it doesn't have to be a hard one. I'm photographed no matter what I do. We don't have to work on it."

"Good point," said Brian as a waitress came to take their drink order.

They sat there for a while just talking and letting people come to the table to say hello. Every now and then a fan would find them and ask for an autograph. It wasn't often that it happened in the club so none of them felt too bothered by it. Skyler was jut enjoying the fact that he wasn't the center of attention so far. It was obvious that they knew he was there though. They'd been sitting for only twenty minutes before the DJ played "Desert Rose". They put their drinks down and headed for the dance floor.

Skyler and Jeff laughed as Brian, Kevin and Justin began to dance. They showed Skyler that they could dance the same way as he could. The moves they chose were from the tour. After a few minutes of watching, the pair joined their friends and danced the same moves. They made their way to the center of the dance floor and people began to give them a wide berth. They started to clap as the song came to an end and each of the men bowed for them and immediately started laughing again.

"Don't look now," said the DJ. "Skyler Thomas is gettin' down!"

The crowd on the dance floor started whistling and cheering as the DJ played "Get Up". His friends shocked him again by launching into the moves for that song as well. Again he danced with them as the crowd around them watched. He was having fun, but he hoped that the DJ wouldn't continue to play only his music. He didn't want to perform that night. He was there to have fun.

The next song was a dance mix of "Quit Playin' Games With My Heart" and Skyler sighed. He danced with his friends and joined in the cheering as everyone watched Brian and Kevin dance. He and Jeff joined them after they both felt they could copy their moves. They didn't stop dancing as the DJ played "Larger Than Life" and the crowd began to cheer at them again.

When the DJ played "Tearin' Up My Heart" they danced like Nsync and then "Give Me Just One Night" was playing and their dance changed to match that of Jeff's group. Cameras flashed all around them but these weren't the pictures that Skyler intended. This was just dancing the way each of them had been trained to dance. He wanted something more. He got his wish when the next song the DJ played was not one of any of theirs.

They broke their line as "Touch It" by Monifa began. Skyler paired off with Jeff and began to dance. He saw that Brian and Justin were dancing together and a girl had cornered Kevin. He decided to mix it all up a bit as the night went on. Cameras were still flashing and he and Jeff didn't hold anything back. They had fun, and Skyler was sure that some of the pictures that were taken would make it into the tabloid. The problem was that the tabloids already believed that he and Jeff were a couple. He wanted something they didn't expect.

He got what he wanted when the next song began and everyone moved around again. The girl that had cornered Kevin was all too happy to be in the center of them as they danced. Skyler moved right in behind Justin as the group began to grind their pelvises into each other. Skyler heard gasps from the dancing crowd as more camera flashes went off around them. He smiled as he thought about what the tabloids would have for them in the coming issues.

They went back to their table after that. They were each laughing like crazy as they sat down. Another round of drinks were ordered while they talked and laughed. Skyler was having a great time, and he was happy to be spending that night with his friends. He was happy that he and Brian had finally come to the point that they could be friends with each other without pain or jealousy. He and Kevin seemed to be just as close as ever even though the chance to hang out with Kevin rarely presented itself.

"We're going to be in every tabloid after this," Justin said with a huge smile on his face. "That last dance is what they'll put on their covers."

"Yeah," laughed Skyler. "And to think the picture will be of me with the one person in the group that has never been speculated about."

"Oh they talk about me a lot," Justin said quickly.

"I know that, Curly," laughed Skyler. "I meant that they've never said a word about you and me."

"Right," he laughed. "At least now I don't have to be jealous." Then they were all laughing.

They went from club to club that night. Each of them made sure that they were completely visible and without a female partner all night long. Skyler made sure that he was dancing with Jeff when the clock struck twelve. He almost grabbed him and kissed him until he remembered that the cameras were still flashing. That wouldn't have been the best move. He felt bad because he was sure that Jeff wanted to kiss him too. They'd have to make up for it when they finally went home.

They ran in to several different celebrities that night. All of them wanted to dance with them and they all got their wish for the most part. Skyler was so tired when they finally got home that night that all he really wanted to do was sleep. He made up for not being able to really touch Jeff all night though. The couple exhausted themselves and each other before the sun finally rose.

"Hey, Blondie," Jeff whispered before stretching into a fierce yawn. He awoke to find Skyler looking at him. "What are you looking for?"

"I'm not looking for anything," replied Skyler. "I was just watching you sleep and thinking about how lucky I am to have you."

"What brought that on?" Jeff asked, smiling.

"I was just thinking and it dawned on me that I never told you exactly how much you mean to me," he said softly. "I love you so much that sometimes it's all I can think about."

"I feel the exact same about you, Blondie," replied Jeff. "I love you more than life."

"Thank you for loving me, Jeff," Skyler said before sliding closer to his lover and taking him in his arms.

"Thank you for letting me love you, Skyler," Jeff said as he returned the embrace.

* * *

"So how are you doing?" Kevin asked Brian as the two sat on the patio, eating fruit and drinking coffee.

"What do you mean?" Brian asked, watching Cassie play with Preston in the grass.

"I mean about Skyler and Jeff," Kevin said softly. "How are you doing?"

"I'm fine with it," Brian said after a short pause. "It still hurts that I can't have him, Kevin. I see that those two belong together though. Skyler loves Jeff with all of his heart. It's completely clear when he looks at him. Jeff loves Skyler just as much. I hope they have nothing but good times in their future."

"I feel a little twinge of pain every now and then when I think of not having Skyler in my life the way Jeff has him in his," admitted Kevin. "I agree with you that they belong together though. It's obvious."

"Why didn't you ever tell me that you were attracted to men?" Brian asked, turning to look at his cousin.

"Because I never was," Kevin replied with a small smile. "I have never been attracted to men in my life, Brian. I have always been attracted to women. And then there was Skyler Thomas. I saw the way you looked at him when the two of you were together and I watched the way you acted when you talked about him before the mess with your sexuality started. That was what first attracted my attention. It was that this man could have such an effect on you. I didn't understand it at first because I couldn't get over the fact that it was two men.

"Then I started to hang out with Skyler and get to know him really well," he continued. "What I learned was that love can come at you from anywhere. I fell hard for Skyler, Brian. Never doubt that. I just couldn't deal with the fact that he was a man and I was in love with him. I let him go, and I kick myself every day for it."

"You know why I originally chose to leave him don't you?" Brian asked.

"I suspect it had to do with God," Kevin replied with a sigh. "You never do anything that doesn't sit right in your heart where God is concerned. It's always been that way."

"That was part of it," he admitted. "Then there was the fact that I couldn't tell anyone about us. I didn't like that. I wanted to tell the world that Skyler was mine. When it finally dawned on me that to do that would end both of our careers I hurt him. If I could take one thing back in all of that it would be that I hurt him. It tears me up inside to think about it."

"He's happy now, Brian," said Kevin. "He's happier than I've ever seen him. You didn't destroy him. Just remember that. He still cares about you, Brian. I think he always will."

"I think JC nearly destroyed him though," Brian said softly. "I've never hated anyone before, Kevin. Never in my life have I felt that emotion truly. JC Chasez taught me what hatred really was. When he showed up at the house that day I wanted to rip his head off."

"JC is not my favorite person either," admitted Kevin. "I actually got the chance to tell him so after Skyler had gone back to Florida. I never told anyone but JC and I had a long talk. Well, I talked while he listened. He had no choice of course. My fist was tightly clenched and his shirt was stuck in it up near his throat."

They laughed about that. It was a good clean laughter. Both of the young men loved the same man in their own way but neither of them would ever do anything about it now that they both knew for sure that Skyler was happy with Jeff. They wouldn't dare mess up that happiness for anything. Hurting Skyler was something that neither of them wanted to do ever again.

"What am I going to do about Justin?" Brian asked, thinking about the morning they'd spent together.

"Well I'm not sure there is anything you need to do, Brian," said Kevin. "He left as soon as he was showered. Maybe it was just a one time thing for him too."

"Maybe," Brian sighed, but he didn't think so.

* * *

Justin sat in his first class seat on the plane, thinking about the morning he'd spent with Brian Littrell. He couldn't decide if he was happy about what had happened or just plain scared. He'd finally done what had only been a haunting fantasy for so long. He'd found out what it was like to have sex with another man. Everything about the actual event had been wonderful; the kisses that seemed to last forever, the touches that made his body shiver, the taste of his skin and the feel of his body. All of it had surpassed fantasy's imagination and overloaded his senses with such excruciating pleasure that his mind had numbed until he'd woke up in the arms of Brian Littrell.

The kiss they'd shared when they had finally really woke up was enough to make his body quiver all over again with the memory of the pleasure of the morning. Afterward he'd let his mind drift back over the event while he showered. When he got out of the shower to find Brian standing at the sink, naked and shaving he panicked. He'd really done it was all that ran through his mind as he dressed and called the airport. Brian had asked him if he was all right and he'd lied!

Now he was sitting in first class thinking about what an idiot he was. He couldn't hide in the lie that Brian had seduced him. He knew it hadn't happened that way. Justin had been the one to initiate everything that happened. For a good portion of the morning Brian had simply been along for the ride. It was all Justin and he had to deal with that. He'd wanted Brian and he'd gotten exactly what he wanted.

Then there was the fact that just thinking about it made his body quiver all over again. Twice he'd had to think of something else to get his erection to subside. He couldn't believe it, but he was clearly in lust with Brian. That wasn't exactly true. He could believe it. He'd thought about Brian in more ways than sexually over the last two years. He'd thought of what it would be like to be held by Brian, to kiss him and touch him. He'd wondered all right. Now his curiosity was satisfied but was he?

Joey was waiting for him at the airport just like he'd promised when Justin called from LA. The two friends made their way to Joey's truck as fast as they could. Justin was happy to be home but not looking forward the recording sessions that Johnny wanted them to start. Now that he'd agreed not to leave the group he was sure that Johnny would insist on the sessions beginning as soon as possible.

"So how's Skyler?" Joey asked as they drove through traffic.

"He's fine," replied Justin. "How's Lance?"

"Lance was a little pissed at you for not coming back with your mom, but at least he made JC think you were with her," Joey said. "I hear you're not leaving the group."

"Yeah," he replied. "Skyler talked me out of it."

"Be sure and find a way to let JC hear that," laughed Joey as he remembered the statement he'd made to JC the day that Justin had left.

"Yeah," grunted Justin as he watched the city rush by out his window.

"You all right, Curly?" Joey asked, glancing at his friend as he drove.

"I'm fine," replied Justin. "Just tired."

"Well that's understandable," Joey said. "How was your new year?"

That made Justin think of the pictures that would be showing up in all of the tabloids soon and he groaned. It had seemed fun and exciting when they were doing it but now that he had to really think about it he felt sick in his stomach. How would he explain this to Lance? Chris and JC were the least of his worries. He couldn't care less how those two reacted. Lance and Joey were another matter entirely.

* * *

"He left?" Skyler asked when the subject of Justin leaving to head back to Orlando was brought up. He and Jeff had only just come down from their room to find Brian and Kevin on the patio.

"Yeah," said Brian without looking at Skyler. "He said said something about recording sessions and then he was gone."

"That's odd," Skyler said as Jeff handed him a plate of fruit. He slid the milk over to his lover without thinking.

Kevin watched this with interest. He watched as first Skyler passed the sugar to Jeff and then as Jeff passed the cream cheese to Skyler without either of them having said a word to each other. He was even more impressed when Skyler began to pick the grapes off Jeff's plate while Jeff took the raspberries off Skyler's. When Skyler's glass was empty, Jeff slid the milk back over to him without any words and Skyler passed the cream cheese back to Jeff as soon as he was finished with his fruit and Jeff had reached for a bagel. All of this was done without words or either of them even noticing it seemed. It spoke volumes about their relationship to Kevin though.

"Was he upset about last night?" Jeff asked.

"I don't think so," said Kevin, smiling at Skyler who had caught him watching.

"Well maybe I'll call him later to make sure," Skyler said, handing his empty plate to Jeff who placed both Skyler's and his own on the end of the table.

"So what do you guys want to do today?" Jeff asked.

"I thought we'd just hang around the house today if that's all right with the two of you," said Kevin.

"Fine with me," said Skyler. "I'm enjoying the fact that Laura isn't here with papers for me to sign yet."

"The perils of a CEO," laughed Brian, forgetting about Justin with effort.

"Right," laughed Jeff. "You should see these meetings. They're hell."

"I'll bet," said Kevin. "We only get part of that side of the business when we have to meet with management. Sky gets the whole deal because he's in charge of management."

"That's not entirely correct," Skyler said. "Clay is in charge of management. Laura is in charge of agents and I'm in charge of just about everything else but in an indirect way."

"Why did you do this?" Brian asked. "I mean if you knew it was going to be so much work why did you do it to begin with?"

"The work doesn't bother me as much as it used to, and I love being in charge of my own company," he said. "I also love the money, Brian. Why else would I do this?"

"Well I thought we all did this because we loved entertaining," said Brian.

"That's why I sing and act," replied SKyler. "The company is all about helping others and making money at the same time."

"And it should be," said Kevin. "Skyler's got a great deal going for him, Bri. Believe me when I tell you that he works hard for what he makes. I've seen a few of these meetings. Sky High Breakfasts is what they called them."

"Well they're still the same as they were then I'm sure," said Jeff. "They just happen in the evening now instead of first thing in the morning."

"Saw the error there?" Kevin asked. "I thought you'd change that once you started to loose more sleep."

"And you were right," replied Skyler. "I should have listened to you to begin with."

"Yeah well you're doing it now," said Kevin with a smile. "I'd be proud as hell."

"I am," said Skyler. "Believe me."

"Any new voices or faces coming out of Sky High?" Brian asked.

"Christian Kane is our newest client," Skyler replied. "I'm sure you've all seen the publicity photos and interviews."

"Yeah," said Kevin. "I thought it was odd that he hadn't done anything in show business but he's already giving interviews."

"He'll be in the next several movies from Warner," said Skyler. "He's also thinking about music."

"Well he's with the right company for that," laughed Brian. "I've heard a few of the new artists that come with that special Sky High seal. They're good."

"Well we wouldn't have signed them if they weren't," laughed Skyler.

"I saw that you took more than half of Barry Graham's clients on last year," said Kevin. "Revenge?"

"Not at all," said Skyler. "Barry chose to let those entertainers go and we were just lucky to sign them. That's all."

"Justin said something about moving to Sky High when his contract is up," said Kevin, making Brian wince. Skyler noticed but didn't pry.

"He mentioned coming to Sky High," said Skyler. "It isn't formal or anything and I'd hate for word to get out."

"You don't have to worry about any of us talking," said Brian, eyeing Kevin.

As the sun began to go down the men headed inside. Skyler and Jeff sat in the floor to play with Preston while Kevin and Brian watched them and talked back and forth. Both men paid special attention to the trio on the floor. Kevin found himself wishing that he was in Jeff's place for the millionth time since Skyler and Jeff had become a couple. Brian was wishing the same thing while trying to keep his mind off it.

When Preston began to yawn Skyler and Jeff took him upstairs together. Brian watched them go and actually smiled at the sight. Kevin noticed and thought that perhaps his cousin was really getting accustomed to the fact that Skyler, Jeff and Preston were becoming a family. He just hoped that Brian would have the same luck one day.

"They really do look like a family," Brian said once they were safely out of the room and away from hearing.

"They do," replied Kevin. "Think you'd like a family like that?"

"I don't know," Brian said with a sigh. "I mean I look at them and part of me wishes I was in Jeff's place. I want children so badly but I can't get past the thought that children are supposed to be born to a man and woman."

"I'm not having any trouble seeing myself with a man or a woman and children as long as there's as much love between us as it appears there is between Skyler and Jeff," said Kevin. "Did you see those two on the patio when they were eating?"

"You mean the way they interacted without even talking to each other?" Brian asked, smiling.

"It was like they communicated silently and didn't even realize it," said Kevin. "It was amazing. It looked like they'd been together for years."

"I know I want that with someone," said Brian seriously. "You know it's love when you don't even have to talk anymore. The way they played with Preston was like that too."

"I saw," said Kevin, remembering how they instinctively passed toys back and forth without talking to each other.

"I wonder if they're like that with Jeff's children," said Brian.

"Something tells me they are," replied Kevin. "I don't know if anyone is supposed to know this or not, but I heard them talking about when his kids come to live with them."

"What?" Brian asked with wide eyes. "I didn't even know that Jeff lived here with Skyler."

"Well they don't exactly live here," said Kevin. "You know that Skyler lives in Orlando and technically Jeff has his own apartment. Whenever they're both home at the same time they're at Skyler's instead of Jeff's apartment."

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