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Chapter 73

"That really is a great song, Sky," said Billy Warlock as Skyler came back to the table after singing "Hazard". They were at The Tobias Clemmons Center once again, but this time it was for the wrap party for the film.

"Thanks," replied Skyler as he sat down. "I'm proud of that one."

"You should be," said Scott Speedman. "So what's on your agenda now?"

"I'm not sure exactly," said Skyler. "They're about to release the new album and single, but I have so many singles out there right now that I'm not sure that another one would do much for me at this point."

"You're leaving for Australia some time this month right?" Billy asked.

"Yeah," sighed Skyler. "I leave the twenty-fifth. This time I'm only taking Preston and a bunch of assistants. It's going to be strange to be there by myself. I've had my family along for everything until now."

"They're filming already?" Scott asked.

"They started two days ago," replied Skyler. "Cassie says she loves it so far. I don't think Mom has filmed a single scene yet."

"I don't know Jase," said Billy. "What's he like to work for?"

"I have no idea," admitted Skyler. "I haven't done any work with him yet. I keep promising to do something, but my schedule never allows for it."

"Well tell him to keep me in mind for his next project as well," said Billy. "I'd love to work with you again."

"Thanks," replied Skyler with a smile. He'd enjoyed working with Billy and Scott very much. They'd had a great time filming. He was going to be sad not seeing them every day after that night.

"So are you planning any surprise concerts in Australia?" Scott asked with a devious smile.

"Not a chance," laughed Skyler. "I'm filming two movies back to back and recording for both soundtracks. No time for any extra stuff."

"When does the new album come out?" Billy asked. "Maybe we can get to the release party."

"The twenty-third if all goes right," he replied. "We're booked with MTV at Club Rock for that night. There are going to be seven release parties in seven different cities. Luckily they're all happening on the same night so I don't have to fly all over the place to be at each city."

"Well we'll just have to make sure that we're in Orlando that night," said Scott. "You're going to sing right?"

"Yeah," replied Skyler with a smile. "I'm going to sing."

"Then we'll be there," laughed Billy.

"Good evening, gentlemen," said Madonna as she came over to stand in front of their table. "I'm going to borrow Toy for just a little bit. Excuse us."

She took Skyler's hand and led him to the dance floor. Cameras flashed everywhere as they began to dance very close together. Skyler kept laughing as she smiled at him and held his body close to hers for the cameras. This was the way they were when the press was around, any kind of press. She didn't let him go for the rest of the night. He didn't see Billy and Scott until right before they were both about to leave. Each of them tried to talk to him while he and Madonna danced but both times the unsuspecting actor was dragged into their dance and cameras flashed. They smiled happily but Skyler wasn't so sure they would still be smiling when the tabloids came out.

Preston was in bed by the time they got back to the house and Jeff grabbed him and squeezed when they got to their bedroom. He left a trail of kisses from Skyler's left ear down the side of his neck, making him shiver and hold him tighter. Their growing erections mashed against each other as they pressed their bodies even harder together. A moan escaped both of them.

"You looked sexy as hell tonight, Blondie," Jeff said against his throat. "I had to stay away from you or we'd have really given the tabloid reporters a story."

"Well I'm just glad that you don't have to stay away from me now," said Skyler, pulling him toward the bed. "I've been thinking about you all damned night."

"Oh yeah?" said Jeff. "What about me?"

"Oh I don't know," said Skyler as they reached the bed. "I thought about that sexy dimple in the left cheek of your ass and how it gets even more pronounced when I'm eating it."

"Ooh," said Jeff as they tumbled atop the mattress. "What else?"

"I thought about the sexy way your body jerks when I stick my tongue in your belly button and how you try to rip my head off with your legs when I suck your dick," Skyler said, opening the buttons on Jeff's shirt. "I thought about how sexy you look without your clothes and that look you give me when you want to cum so bad that your balls ache."

"You thought about me a lot," purred Jeff as he pulled Skyler's shirt up his torso.

"I love you," Skyler said softly in his ear right before he took the lobe between his teeth and applied just a little pressure.

"Mm," moaned Jeff. "I love you, too."

Skyler silenced him by covering his mouth with his own and pushing his tongue between his lips. Jeff's hands found Skyler's ass and squeezed as the kiss deepened. They were both panting when the kiss ended and then they were attacking each other's mouths again with a violent fever.

Skyler wiggled his body to allow Jeff to push his pants down his legs and kicked until they fell to the floor. Then he was tugging at Jeff's pants until his lover lifted his ass from the bed to allow his pants to be removed. Skyler left a trail of kisses down Jeff's torso as he followed the pants down his legs. When he got to Jeff's exposed dick he took it into his mouth completely, getting a hiss from Jeff for his effort.

"You're driving me crazy," moaned Jeff as his fingers ran through Skyler's hair. "God, I love you!"

Skyler pushed his mouth down, shoving the dick into his throat and swallowed around it twice before he had to back off or suffocate. Letting Jeff's pulsing dick fall from his lips he attacked his balls with his tongue. He bathed them until there wasn't a dry patch on his scrotum and then slid his tongue slowly up the length of the shaft of Jeff's dick, making him whimper.

He slid back up his body, licking his way from his crotch to his throat and then placed his mouth over Jeff's for another kiss. Jeff's arms went around Skyler's body, pulling him tighter against him so that his saliva coated dick could slide across Skyler's, making them both moan into each other's mouths.

Then Skyler was trailing kisses back down Jeff's body until he got to his crotch for the second time. He took his dick in his mouth and sank it into his throat immediately, swallowing around it and backing off only to do it again until he felt Jeff's balls begin their climb in his scrotum, the sign that his lover's orgasm was on its way. He let go of the dick and put his hands under Jeff's ass and lifted.

Jeff knew exactly what Skyler wanted and pulled his knees to his chest, exposing his ass to his lover. Skyler wasted no time and ran his tongue across Jeff's perineum, down further until he ran it completely around his hole without touching it. Jeff moaned and gripped his knees as Skyler teased him. Over and over again his lover ran his tongue around the sensitive hole without touching it and just when he thought he would never give him the pleasure, Skyler stabbed at his hole with his tongue, making Jeff gasp and try to shove his ass higher off the bed and impale himself on Skyler's tongue.

Skyler pushed his tongue slowly in and out of Jeff's ass, coaxing it to relax and open for him. Jeff was moaning almost continuously as Skyler rimmed him. The bed sheet was clutched in his left fist while his right held tight to his legs, holding them in place so Skyler could work his magic. Then he felt a finger replace the tongue and he hummed as Skyler lifted his head and looked at him.

"Think you can take me in this position?" Skyler asked.

Jeff didn't answer. Instead he let go of his knees, keeping them in place by will alone as he slid the bedside table's drawer open. He found the box of condoms and tossed them down his body for Skyler to catch in his other hand. Then he was hunting for the lubricant. Before he found it, Skyler added a second finger and Jeff nearly lost his battle with his knees. Finding the lubricant, he gasped as he tossed it down his body.

"Mm, God," he hissed as Skyler twisted his fingers and worked them in and out of his ass on saliva alone. The friction was almost too close to pain.

"Easy, sexy," said Skyler as Jeff felt the cold lubricant on his hole.

Skyler pulled his fingers almost all the way out to coat them with the slippery lubricant, leaving Jeff feeling momentarily empty before he slid them back in and began to twist them again. Jeff moaned his appreciation of the lubricant and went back to holding his knees and gripped the sheet.

Another finger was added as he felt Skyler fumbling around to get the condom over his dick. Jeff moaned as Skyler located his prostate and a large gob of precum shot out of his dick to pool in his navel. Skyler twisted his fingers and separated them to stretch Jeff's hole and Jeff did all he could to help as he thought about having his lover inside of him and moaned again.

"God, fuck me!" he moaned, rolling his head back and forth on the pillow.

"My name isn't God, but I'll do my best," replied Skyler with a chuckle as he removed his fingers.

Jeff nearly yelped from the empty feeling but he felt the latex covered head of Skyler's dick at his hole and went back to moaning as Skyler applied pressure. He pushed back and the head of Skyler's dick slid inside of him. They both moaned as Skyler inched further into Jeff slowly. He kept going until his pubic hair was tickling Jeff's ass. Then he started the slow withdrawal that made Jeff hiss.

Skyler moved around, pushing Jeff into the right position until his dick was making contact with Jeff's prostate every time it sank into him. He fucked him with slow jabs, assaulting the gland each time. Jeff moaned his appreciation and kept rolling his head back and forth.

Skyler pushed his dick all the way in on every fourth stroke, giving Jeff's prostate a break. Precum was flowing copiously from the head of his dick while Skyler was in contact with is prostate, sending his body on a march toward orgasm. The feeling backed off as Skyler gave the gland a break and Jeff was happy for that. He wanted this to last.

"Kiss me," he said, using his free hand to pull Skyler down over him until their lips met.

He let his knees rest on Skyler's shoulders as Skyler fucked him deeper still, making his eyes fly open and then roll into his head. On and on it went until Jeff was almost humming and Skyler was panting against him. Then Skyler went back to his short gentle jabs, battering Jeff's prostate and restarting the march toward his orgasm. This time Jeff wasn't unhappy about it. The feeling of hanging on the brink was driving him insane.

"I'm almost there, lover," Skyler panted as he continued to jab at Jeff's prostate.

"Me too," said Jeff. "Oh, God, me too!"

Then Jeff's head went back, his eyes slammed shut and his mouth opened wide with no sound. Skyler could feel his hole clenching his dick as blast after blast of cum landed on Jeff's chest and neck. Skyler sank his dick to the hilt and sped up his thrusts until he slammed himself against Jeff, driving his dick in as far as it would go and battered the inside of the latex condom with his own ejaculation. Spent, he collapsed against Jeff. Jeff began his soft kisses on the side of Skyler's face. He was still moaning and riding the waves of his orgasm as Skyler rested against him, his body jerking slightly with each wave of his own pleasure.

Then Skyler pulled himself back and kissed Jeff with as much passion as he could muster as his dick softened and disengaged from Jeff's ass. He sat back on his haunches and slid the rubber off of himself. Tying it in a knot he got off the bed and took Jeff by the hand, leading him to the bathroom. He slung the full condom into the toilet and pulled his lover into the shower.

They kissed each other softly as they dried each other after the shower. Once they were both dry, Skyler led Jeff back to the bed, pulled the sheet down and they slid into bed. Jeff snuggled close, putting his head on Skyler's shoulder and they both fell into a blissful sleep only to wake two hours later and do it all over again in the opposite positions. When they were sated the second time they slept heavily and in each other's arms.

The next morning they showered and went downstairs to have breakfast with the family, stopping to change and clothe Preston on the way. The child giggled as Skyler bounced him on his hip on the way down the stairs. His fingers curled around Jeff's index finger as his arm was around Skyler's waist and his hand was between the child's leg and Skyler's body.

Jase and Mike came down right after them, Mike telling his dad all about the fun he had with Preston the night before. Skyler looked back at his uncle and the two smiled at each other as they walked down the stairs and across the hallway to the dining room.

Skyler sat Preston in his high chair and slid the tray into place as Tabitha sat a bowl of mashed fruit on it. Skyler thanked her and began to feed his son while Jeff made them both plates of the same fruit that wasn't mashed. His own children were seated across the table next to Mike. Tabitha resumed feeding Jeff Jr. when she sat down. Jeff smiled his thanks as they looked at each other.

"So what's on your agenda today, boys?" Ben asked Skyler and Jeff.

"We have to meet Chip and Christian at the airport at one," said Skyler. "The rest of the day is free."

"I'll be leaving tomorrow evening to join the rest of my crew for the tour," said Jeff, squeezing Skyler's free hand under the table.

"We'll miss you," said Cassie, smiling at him.

"Not half as much as I'll miss all of you," he replied, giving Skyler's hand another squeeze and getting one from Skyler in return.

"Chip and Christian will be flying to Australia with you?" Tabitha asked Skyler.

"Christian will, of course," said Skyler. "I think that Chip is going to stay here while we're gone. I'm not sure."

"Well he's more than welcome," replied Tabitha. "Your father and brothers will be gone soon on Chad's tour and it'll just be me, Cassie, Jase and Mike. The house will seem empty by then."

"If you guys are still shooting when we're done I'd like to fly over to see you for a while," said Jase as he spread cream cheese on his bagel.

"That'd be nice," replied Skyler. "We should still be shooting. I'm not sure though. There's so much computer animation for these two films."

"No men in costumes this time?" asked Jase.

"None," replied Skyler. "The effect worked nicely for the first movie but there are so many more of them in these next two that the studio didn't think they'd be able to pay all of the extras it would require and still be within either movie's budget."

"Most of the computer stuff is already done though right?" Ben asked.

"As far as I know," replied Skyler. "All Renny said on the phone yesterday was that I should be ready to shoot the day after I arrive."

"Have you read all of both scripts?" Cassie asked. She'd asked several times to see either of them but Skyler had held fast and told her that Renny wanted no one to see them before the movies were filmed and premiered.

"I have," he replied. "They're going to be great movies."

"If they're half as good as the first you'll have awards coming out of your ears," said Jase. "I loved the first movie. Went to see it three times."

"Thank you," Skyler replied with a pleased smile on his face.

Once breakfast was eaten he took Preston into the bathroom off the dining room to clean his face and make sure that his shirt wasn't soiled. Then he joined Jeff and the other two children in the living room. He put Preston in floor with Alyssa and Jeff Jr. and sat beside his lover, taking his hand as he sat down.

"I'm going to miss you like crazy," Jeff said softly as Skyler leaned against him.

"I'm going to miss you too," he said. "Just make sure you call me at least three times a week."

"You'll be lucky if I don't call or leave a message five times a day," Jeff laughed, leaning further to kiss him.

"Oh, if anyone had told me that I would love you half as much as I do I'd have called them insane," Skyler said, kissing him again.

"I love you too, Blondie," Jeff said with a smile.

"Will your brother be with you this time around?" Skyler asked.

"He called yesterday to tell me that he'll join the tour in Atlanta," replied Jeff. "He's having some trouble with a friend."

"I hope it's nothing serious," Skyler said.

Mike Timmons didn't exactly approve of their relationship but Skyler liked the man and hoped that whatever problems he was having wouldn't keep him and Jeff apart while Jeff was on tour. He thought it was important for Jeff to have at least one member of his family on tour with him. As it was the children would be staying with their mother the whole time he was on tour.

"I don't think it is," said Jeff. "But his being with me won't make me miss you any less, Blondie."

"We'll visit each other as often as possible, Blue Eyes," said Skyler, fighting the urge to hold on to his lover tight.

The next chapter will be posted soon.