By Julien Gregg
Edited By Rob Hawes

Author's Note: This story does not endorse a way of life. It merely describes one. The reader is left to form his or her own conclusion and make their own choices. The characters in this story do not practice safe sex. I can't urge my readers enough to always be safe. Life is precious. Why chance it?

Chapter Seventeen:

"I can't believe you've never been on a roller coaster before," said Sebastian as they were standing in line for Batman The Ride.

"I've never been to an amusement park before that I know of," replied Ian, looking up at the track above them.

"Well how do you know that you'll even like the coaster?" Carl asked. "I mean what if it scares the hell out of you?"

"Then I guess I'll know that I don't like coasters," laughed Ian as the line moved forward once again.

"'At a boy, Ian!" cried Paul, clapping him on the shoulder. "Face it head on."

"Well what's the worst that could happen?" he asked, laughing.

"You'd puke," said Carl.

"Done that before," Ian said with a shrug. "No big deal. It isn't like I'm going to have a heart attack or anything."

"Don't say that," laughed Sebastian. "You'll jinx yourself."

"Whatever," Ian said with a smirk as the line moved again, taking them behind the ride. It looked like a junk yard more than a violence ravaged section of Gothom. Ian was impressed by the police band radio recording about sightings of the Joker though.

"So how's Andy treating you?" Paul asked as they entered the metal shed like enclosure that led to the stairs that would take them to the ride platform and gates.

"We're getting along all right," replied Ian.

"I noticed that the two of you sort of stopped being friends for a while," said Sebastian.

"We didn't stop being friends," replied Ian. "He just started dating Erica."

"And now he's not and the two of you are hanging out again," said Paul, looking at him hard.

"It isn't like that," laughed Ian. "There's nothing strange going on between me and Andy. I swear. It isn't like I tried to connect with him while they were together. I was sort of busy with other things around that time."

"Just remember to not let him talk you into anything you don't want to do," said Paul.

"Andy hasn't tried to talk me into anything," Ian said evenly. "Trust me I'd tell you guys if he even tried."

Talk stopped as they climbed the stairs to the platform. Once they were up there an attendant ushered them to the front gate. Ian smiled while Carl moaned. Paul and Sebastian laughed at him but Ian just kept smiling. He couldn't wait to get on the ride. The excitement was killing him.

"I hate riding the front car on any coaster," Carl said, looking around at the other gates.

"Oh no you don't," said Sebastian when he saw him looking. "We're staying put."

"We shouldn't ride in front on Ian's first time," Carl said lamely.

"It's quite all right with me," replied Ian, smiling again. "Don't worry."

Then they were boarding the ride and Ian nearly laughed with excitement. He sat on the end with Sebastian beside him, Carl next and Paul on the other end. The padded yellow restraint came down over them and locked into place and Ian took a deep breath. He wasn't so sure that riding in the front was the best idea but it was too late now. He'd just been trying to be part of the razzing on Carl when they were still standing at the gate.

Then the ride took off up the hill and Ian smiled wide. Sebastian was telling Carl to be a man as they neared the top of the hill. Paul was hollering like a madman and Ian started to laugh. All nervousness left him as he heard Paul holler. Then they were flying through the ride, twisting and flipping this way and that. He screamed in excitement and was sure that the little camera that took their picture had caught him with his mouth open.

He was happy to see that all the photographs caught was a huge smile on his face. He purchased the picture and put it in his waterproof fanny pack as the others laughed at him. They laughed all the way to the Yankee Clipper. This was one of the rides that required waterproof storage. They moved through the line quickly and before they knew it they were in a boat and floating along peacefully. Then they were dropped down the plunge into the water below. They were all soaked and laughing as the boat returned to the platform.

From there they went straight to King Chaos and got in line. They were still laughing, but Ian had the last laugh. His photograph and money were dry in his pack while the others were sorting through wet belongings. On King Chaos they sat next to each other in the back of the huge car. The ride lifted off and spun them head over heals as they hollered and laughed. They were still laughing once they were off the ride and on their way to Ragin' Cajun.

"That was awesome!" cried Ian as they made it to the line for the spinning coaster.

"Well you're having a great time," laughed Sebastian. "I'm glad."

"I am!" he cried. "I loved the coaster."

"Well this one should be fun," said Paul as they inched their way through the line.

"What do you guys think about getting something to eat after this?" Carl asked. They'd been on two rides and the lines alone had them in the park for more than two hours.

"That sounds good," said Paul, rubbing his stomach and making them laugh.

It was nice being set free to roam the park without the teachers. They'd been told when and where to meet everyone at specific times throughout the day and then trusted to return on time. If they didn't return on time they would face consequences once they were back in Bryarwood. It was all very strange to Ian but he was having the time of his life.

The coaster spun them around in circles as it dipped and flew over the track. All four of them had their arms held up and were hollering like idiots all the way through the ride. They could see three other cars full of Bryarwood High students and they all screamed back and forth at each other. When they stepped off the ride the attendants were laughing at them.

They ate corn dogs and Dippin' Dots while sitting on wooden benches at tables arranged in a half circle. The sun was high in the sky and it was getting pretty warm for May. Ian was sorry that Hurricane Harbor wasn't open. He thought those water rides would be awesome once the day reached its full heat.

They decided to walk to let the food settle and found themselves in front of the Giant Drop and Ian got a big smile on his face as they watched the car of people free fall from the top of the ride. He started for the line first and the others followed laughing at him. In the end they all screamed like idiots all the way down but they were laughing again as they walked away from the ride.

They went from ride to ride with no plan or design and Ian had the time of his life. When they found themselves in front of The Dark Knight they eagerly joined the line for the ride. Sebastian told them all about the video of the ride he'd seen on his computer a few nights before the trip. He said they were in for a wild ride.

He was right of course. Ian loved the hairpin turns and when they were plunged into total darkness he felt his stomach flip. As they walked away from that ride they were all talking about what they liked about it at the same time. Then they were laughing again as they came across a music video stand. The stand itself had a sound booth and a karaoke machine. There were lists of songs that they could sing as they were video taped.

Sebastian and Ian stepped inside and belted out a rendition of Free Bird while throbbing lights of various colors bathed them in strange shadows. The others were laughing at them when they came out but Ian happily paid for the video tape and it went in his pack with the photograph from the first coaster.

Then they were off in search of souvenirs. They bought t-shirts and other silly things and then headed off to ride Superman: Ultimate Flight. Sebastian told them that it was a coaster that you rode lying down and they were all excited. The line was long but they amused themselves with stories about various theme park experiences. Ian had none so he just listened and laughed at all of the funny stories that Sebastian, Carl and Paul told.

The ride was like nothing Ian had expected. It had actually felt like flying to him and he wanted to ride it again but the large line changed his mind. Andy found them when they sat in a shady spot with ice cold drinks. He asked what rides they'd been on and then told them all about Demon and Vertical Velocity. They told him that they planned to hit those two eventually but as soon as they were finished with their drinks they were headed for Viper.

Viper was fast and jerky, but Ian loved it. They were all charged up after the ride and headed back to Yankee Harbor to join the line for DeJavu. Andy followed them and added his voice to the chorus of laughter and joking as they made their way through he park once more.

From Dejavu the went to Vertical Velocity. The two coasters were boomerang style and they loved them. They met with the rest of the groups at the right time for check in and then off to Demon they went. Ian liked the coaster but he liked The Dark Knight better and after a short argument from the others he got his wish to return to the ride once again. They stood in line for what seemed like an eternity but it was worth it to Ian. When they walked away from the ride each of them admitted that it had been worth the long line.

They stopped to eat once again as the sun started to go down. Ian found it hard to believe that they'd been in the park all of that time already. They talked about how time flew when they were actually riding the rides and seemed to drag when they were in the lines all the way to Iron Wolf. The stand-up coaster was a hit with the five boys as they went back to the beginning of the line to ride it again.

Three rides later and it was time to head for the group again and get back on the buses to the hotel. Ian was still pretty hyper and imagined that he'd be up half the night. Andy seemed to be just as hyper and twice he'd slipped and hugged Ian in front of everyone. Ian had looked at him strange and the others had just shrugged it off so he didn't think it was anything they would ask about later.

On the ride back to the hotel Andy talked about the rides they'd been on and the ones he'd been on without the group. Ian felt sorry for him when he learned that Andy had been roaming the park alone until he'd found them. He wondered why but didn't ask. He didn't think Andy would appreciate it if he did.

Back at the hotel Andy let Ian shower first. Ian thought about how Andy had paraded around the room naked and wondered if Andy was teasing him or trying to get him to start something. He decided to put it to the test as he got out of the shower. He dried himself and then walked back into the room naked. He didn't look directly at Andy but he could see that the boy's eyes were on him the entire time from the corner of his eye. When he told Andy the shower was all his he heard him clear his throat before he thanked him.

After the shower Ian's muscles were sore. He supposed it was from all the turning and twisting he'd been doing on the rides that day. He also noticed that his face, neck and arms were very well tanned. His legs were tanned as well. He thought he looked kind of funny though. He could clearly see where the shirt and shorts had been by the contrast in skin tones. He decided that he'd go to a tanning salon when they got home. Sebastian and Carl talked about the one they went to all the time. They'd kept their tans all through winter and Ian had asked how. He thought about it as he collapsed into the bed.

Andy came back out of the bathroom and Ian glanced at his naked body before putting his head back down on the pillow with a moan. His muscles were really sore. He thought about filling the bath tub with hot water and climbing in for a good long soak.

"You're muscles hurt too?" Andy asked as he sat on the edge of the other bed facing Ian.

"Boy do they," replied Ian with another moan.

"Well I tell you what," he said. "I'll massage yours if you'll massage mine."

"Deal," Ian said after a long moment of thought. With a groan he got up and walked over to the other bed as Andy lay down on his stomach. "I don't know how good at this I'll be."

"Anything would be an improvement to the way I feel right now," said Andy. "My muscles haven't been this sore since I was in gymnastics."

"I don't think mine have ever been this sore," replied Ian.

Ian had no choice but to straddle Andy and sit on his ass. His dick was hard as soon as his skin touched the smooth mounds of Andy's ass but he ignored it and leaned forward to put his hands on Ian's shoulders. He began to squeeze lightly and manipulate the muscles slowly. He got a loud sigh for his efforts so he continued. He could actually feel the muscles loosening up under his hands and he decided to move across Andy's shoulder blades working his palms into the tight muscles.

"You're good at this for a beginner," sighed Andy. "That feels great. Don't worry about the wet stuff. With this much body contact it's expected."

Until he'd mentioned it Ian hadn't noticed that his dick was leaking precum all over the small of Andy's back. Andy had said it was expected but somehow Ian didn't think it was. He tried to ignore it as he worked further down Andy's back, sliding off his ass slightly as he worked. That put his hard dick in the cleft of Andy's ass and it felt so good that he nearly shivered. Andy didn't complain so he just continued to massage him. When he got to the slippery precum covered section Andy handed him the towel that he'd been resting his head on.

"Sorry about that," Ian said softly as he wiped up the spoils.

"That's nothing compared to what you're leaving in the crack of my ass," laughed Andy.

"Sorry," he breathed.

"Don't worry about it," Andy replied.

He massaged Andy's now dry lower back and then moved off of him. As an after thought he wiped the crack of Andy's ass with the towel. He felt Andy shiver and jerked his hand back. He was off the bed in a flash and his erection wilted from fear. He didn't even know why Andy shivering at his touch had caused that emotion in him.

"Your turn," said Andy as he climbed out of the bed.

Ian saw that Andy's dick was hard and there was a wet spot on the blanket where he'd been laying. Ignoring it he climbed onto the bed over the wet spot and lay on his stomach. He was very aware of the warmth and the wet spot under his hardening dick.

"You know what I didn't think of?" Andy asked suddenly. "I have a bottle of massage oil in my bag. I've had it since my gymnastic days. I'll grab that. It'll make this a lot better for you."

Before Ian could even think of protesting Andy was climbing on top of him with the bottle of oil in his hand. He sat on Ian's ass and Ian sighed when he felt him settle on him. Then he could hear Andy rubbing his hands together. The next thing he knew those slippery hands were on his shoulders. When he applied gentle but firm pressure Ian nearly gasped. He kept working the muscles and the pain became pleasure fairly quickly and Ian sighed and relaxed.

"That feels awesome," he moaned into the pillow under his head.

"The oil makes a big difference," replied Andy as he continued to work.

Ian just moaned again and let the boy work the muscles of his back. Andy's hand glided skillfully across his shoulder blades and then moved down his back once those muscles loosened. He felt Andy's precum on the small of his own back and smiled into the pillow. Andy had either been telling the truth or he was just as turned on as Ian was.

Then he felt him shift off of his ass. When his oily hand slid down the crack of his ass Ian turned over. He nearly knocked Andy off the bed when he did it. He crawled around Andy and got to his feet. Andy had said he wasn't gay. There wasn't going to be any sexual activity with him. Ian shook himself as he stood there to rid the feeling of sexual awareness from his body. It didn't work but then he had to take another shower to get the oil off his skin anyway so he wasn't worried.

"Thanks," he said, turning and going into the bathroom without letting Andy reply.

After an intense orgasm that nearly buckled his knees and a long hot shower he returned to the room to find Andy sitting on his bed with the cover over his legs but not his crotch. His dick was standing straight up and he watched every move that Ian made. Ian wasn't going to do anything with him. He just wanted to go to bed and turn off the light.

"Night," he said as he crawled into his own bed and reached over to turn off the lamp on the table between the two beds, plunging the room into darkness.

Ian wasted no time getting dressed in the morning. He gathered all of his bathroom items and packed his bag before Andy was even out of the second bed. He was closing the door to the room behind him as Andy got up. He heard the boy say his name, but he just walked down to the elevator where he met Paul Tate and a boy he didn't know.

"Morning Ian," said Paul with a huge smile.

"Morning Paul," he replied, smiling back. Andy wasn't going to make him think too much that day he decided.

They were the first ones to the lobby so they sat on the couch and waited for the others. Two teachers came to the lobby next and they smiled at the boys for being so prompt. Ryan and Jason came down next and they were laughing about something as they came into the lobby. It wasn't long before all of them were in the lobby and Ian avoided looking at Andy. They boarded the bus and when Andy sat in the seat beside him Ian smiled at him.

"Sleep good?" he asked.

"Yeah," Andy said, turning his face away from Ian's.

They rode to McDonald's in silence. Ian tried hard not to think of how it had felt to have Andy's hard dick leaking precum on his back the whole way.

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